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General / A discussion on sharing progress
« on: February 15, 2018, 12:18:21 AM »

The following post is dedicated to my grandfather, who sadly passed away earlier today. His passing urged me to reflect upon many decisions I have made, not the choices I made that resulted in something bad but rather the opportunities I failed to seize when it was truly needed, the good moments I never had rather than the bad ones that I did experience.

For an extended period of time now I have been communicating with many daiboloists and sharing my progress with 5 diabolos and other aspects of diabolo, both online and in person during conventions. Notably, I have been talking to Guillaume and as with many other diaboloists we discussed the topic of sharing our progress and the impact it has on the worldwide community. As with everything in life it would be nice to be the first at something, to take ownership over something, especially after you have worked incredibly hard at it. With diabolo we have come to do this by working in private and releasing videos of our progress on the internet. These pristine videos have many unique tricks executed to perfection, all spliced together in a video file which has a clear date of upload, that way we know when somebody is the first to discover something new in the world of diabolo.

Unfortunately, while here in the west diabolo is often a fun hobby that a select few take up as a full-time job, the diabolo community in Asia is completely different. I dot mean to say that people do not take diabolo to be something enjoyable (if it wasn't fun nobody would bloody do it!) however the many competitions going on in Asia often have a negative side effect that I believe is overlooked, people hide knowledge from each other in order to outperform their peers. In theory this can be constructive, people working harder and harder to be better than one another, yet it is often overshadowed by a certain form of isolation and a lack of creativity.

"Sharing videos is incredibly beneficial to the community as a whole." This statement is true for most tricks, however 5 diabolos is not just another diabolo trick. Mastering 5 diabolos has been a dream of mine for many, many years. I record every session I practice this 'trick' and I've have amassed over 6TB of data over the years. To this day I have been very secretive about my progress, this is because I wanted to showcase 5 diabolos only once I have mastered it, I wanted to take full 'ownership' of it. I didn't want to release a forgettable diabolo video, I wanted to shock the world with something completely new, I was going to give it my all or nothing at all. Unfortunately real life got in the way and something that I could have learned from start to finish in a matter of weeks/months has turned into a 4 year ongoing project of self-improvement. While it would be tempting to say that the fault lies just in things getting in the way, it would also be a lie. A large part of why I hadn't learned this skill long ago was been the fact that nobody has done anything like this before, or so it seemed back pre-2016.

Before 2016 the landscape was completely unrecognisable, nobody dared to be stupid enough to spend such a large part of their life on something that seemed, quite frankly, impossible. The idea that an indivicual could consistently start 5 diabolos on their own seemed ludicrous. Then on January 5th 2016 the diabolo world, and particularly my world, got turned upside down. Pen Zen (彭湛) set the bar so high you'd need binoculars just to see it. Not only did he get over 50 catches of 5 diabolos, he did so unassisted! Immediately I thought to myself that had I seen that video a couple months earlier I would have been able to match it or even beat it. This was the first time I really found out how much help a single video can give. From one video I could extract how long my string should be, how big the shuffle could be, how high my arms should be, how fast my hands need to move, how fast diabolos need to be spinning etc... I felt somewhat fooled and that only drove me to even more secrecy. I was working on the hover at the time (as I have been for the past 4 years apart from a small break at the start of 2016 where I tried the hover-stall start) and I had to make sure that nobody knew about it. I thought to myself that had Pen ever found out he would have an upper hand on me and I didn't want that to happen. My own ego crippled me, instead of being an honest person and working with him for the betterment of the both of us as well as the community I found myself working against him. This is how I feel many competitions in Asia make people feel (and if this is not the case then please correct me as I may be misunderstanding a lot) and it is why I am so resentful towards the idea of them.

Not to worry however because in no time Terry (as I am informed 廖旺旺 likes to be named) started appearing. It started off with a couple of videos here and there of a young diaboloist doing tricks with 4, then he started uploading pictures of the 5D hover and now he is zipping away doing 5 diabolos and tricks with it like it's nobody's business. This is another person I saw as an opponent and another person I thought I had to hide my progress from. It turns out that he had a similar idea, which is why even to this day he has not uploaded a single clip of himself running the 5D hover. It's only in retrospect that I realise how damaging that was to us and the diabolo community as a whole. As it stands I am walking blindfolded in a dark room looking for a black cat that I KNOW for certain is there but have no idea how to find. I have no idea if my progress with the hover is fast or slow, whether I need to practice the hover more or whether I should practice the opening, whether I should open into 5 or whether I should throw 1 or 2 higher and then try opening (etc...).

It's only today that I finally realise I need to grow a backbone, a pair of testes and make my contribution, because this trick is not for me to own, this is something everyone should be able to enjoy and I would never wish on anyone to feel the pressure and isolation that I felt due to my own self-inflated ego and selfish tendencies. As mentioned before I have been spending a bit of time recently talking to Guilaume, sending each other attempts and analysing every aspect of what may or may not be going wrong. Not only did I find that thanks to our conversations he was able to progress to a level in weeks/months that took me years but I also found that I was enjoying the process of sharing and am improving from our discussions to this very day. As he progressed I will admit to having a certain small feeling of discomfort, a feeling that all my work is being undermined by someone else, that somebody is working off the back of years and years of hard work. This feeling subsided quicker and quicker each time he sent me a video to the point where it is completely overridden by the amazement of getting closer and closer to an incredibly difficult skill and the excitement of what the next step could be. I feel that the only next step it to make my contributions more frequent and make this situation more open, the only reason I felt that nagging feeling weas because nobody has any idea what I have managed to achieve! This is a simple answer yet I managed to closet it from myself for years. I no longer feel that I will fail myself if I do not become the best in the world at 5 diabolos, I will only fail if I let this become something unenjoyable, something that is destructive rather than constructive. I will only fail if I continue on this path of secrecy who's rewards is far outweighed by its damage. As a results I have attached a link to my contribution, one of my best all round attempts at running 5 diabolos on my own. I am in a position where if people take this and run with it and exceed my level then I will only be excited as it will give me an opportunity to learn something faster and with more enjoyment. I'll be helping not only myself but another person, and I think that's a really good thing.

Videos / 5 Diabolo Evolution: April 2013 to August 2015 (to be continued)
« on: October 15, 2015, 11:38:02 PM »
Hi guys,

I filmed this over the last 2 years and after realising that I will only be able to practice 5 diabolos assisted once before EJC 2016 I decided that I may as well post it publicly, the video ends abruptly to symbolise how this is a work in progress that is to be continued (or because I had this video and I couldn't be asked to edit another one better, whatever)

I hope people appreciate the music which I chose, it might remind some of you of a certain other diaboloist for whom Folkert threw diabolos in *cough* Dodson *cough*
Also, sorry the the quality of my personal best, it's a GoPro Hero 4 (I promise!) but it was filmed at 120fps so the horrible lighting makes the image very grainy when played back at 30 :-|

Gear / J-Sliding sticks grip
« on: June 30, 2015, 06:12:55 PM »
I was really excited when I saw the J-Sliding sticks and since I recently lost my grip to one of my Deos sticks I thought I may as well go and buy one of the J-Sliding sticks and see how they go. They arrived promptly however withing half an hour of using them the handle untangled itself like this:

Is this a common problem? If so how do you fix this? I must say I was expecting a bit more from sticks that cost this much  :-|

Videos / Just shuffle to hover...
« on: February 03, 2014, 10:27:44 PM »
Not very pretty, a bit out of shot, but hey it's there!

Back to Hover

Videos / Interesting Munich video...
« on: January 06, 2014, 10:27:13 PM »
So along my ventures today I found this video, it was uploaded ages ago but unlisted, now it is back again so enjoy!


Videos / The Black Sheep
« on: October 11, 2013, 04:34:13 PM »
I don't think a simple 'enjoy the video' is enough...

The Black Sheep

Videos / 4D or 3D?
« on: July 07, 2013, 12:06:10 PM »
So I just remembered my phone has a 3D camera built in, and I can do 4D, soooo.....

4D in 3D test 2

4D in 3D test

Tricks / Loop trick
« on: June 27, 2013, 10:39:54 PM »
Hello! We had Sports day at school yesterday and I won the Javelin competition however we had no warm-up so I pulled a muscle, because of that my arm really hurts and I try not to move it. That combined with the fact that my diabolo string broke made me really reluctant to do 4 diabolos, that being said I had to do diabolo so I made a loop for fun and did some loop diabolo, after a while I tried to be a bit more creative, I do not see that many people doing loop diabolo which is sad because of all the possibilities! Anyway here is a small creative clip I did, it is in no way a proper video but it might be some food for thought:

Loop vertax thing

Excuse my "sloppy" style but that is the effect of combining loop diabolo with triple bearing diabolos  ;)

Performances / My BYJOTY 2013 Performance
« on: May 21, 2013, 09:45:39 PM »
So this is by far not the best performance, I was rather disappointed when I looked back on it. However I have to post it because I need help, I will be doing pretty much the same performance for the OJC (Oxford Juggling convention) and I have to know what I need to improve:

My Performance at BJC 2013

I am no master at integrals (if you don't know that by now then where have you been? O.o ) but I am not usually as bad as I was here, my hands were so sweaty and I was so scared, this was the first proper performance I have done and the audience was rather big. Anyway excuses aside, let me get to the point, I know I have to slow it down a bit, my tricks were not smooth but this is because of how stressed I was and I had many drops, I have much longer string since then so I will be more comfortable. Any other improvements people can think of? Be as harsh as you want, I don't mind :P We only learn from our mistakes. Any ways to make someone less stressed on stage would be awesome as well!

Videos / 5D (more than a) flash at BJC 2013
« on: May 15, 2013, 06:54:40 PM »
So since I see it it being posted EVERYWHERE (or so I have been told :P ) on facebook I decided that I might as well make it public and show it here:

I was going to save it for a BJC 2013 video but there really was not that much diabolo and others did a great job of doing some so I think I will give up on that.
Of course how could I miss out the fact that without Folkert this would not be possible, a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....uuuuuuge thanks to you! I will practice my throw-ins as best I can for EJC!

And Wis, I kept my word! Here is the video:

Achievement Unlocked!

Tricks / 3D - 1 hand - 1 minute
« on: May 13, 2013, 10:31:13 PM »
So I decided to beat my old record of 20 seconds and this was the result, it is pretty late so I think tomorrow in the day I may double this:

3D - 1 hand - 1 min

Practice / 4 Diabolo Hover
« on: May 03, 2013, 06:06:23 PM »
Here is my video of the hover start, I finally made it public since Alistair didn't want me to before he did:

Here is a cleaner version that I filmed half an hour ago (and with music!) :
4D hover (cleaner)

Thanks to Folkert for showing me his concept, it would take me way longer to learn otherwise!

Alistair learned it first, there are different ways of starting the hover, I would be glad to hear any of your propositions on new ones!


Practice / 4 Diabolo evolution
« on: April 09, 2013, 10:20:36 AM »
hey guys, finally after 9 months I have managed to learn 4 Diabolos! Here is a video showing my progress:
4 Diabolo Evolution - Full

I would love if this video got onto the front page, 9 months of hard work have payed off!
I forgot to mention that I want to thank my friend Nicholas greatly for throwing in the 4th diabolo in Poland!  :-D

I have uploaded it purposefully 1 year after I learned 3 diabolos, exactly 1 year :P

Community & Events / BYJOTY 2013
« on: March 16, 2013, 05:45:17 PM »
Hello everyone, as you may know in a few weeks time BJC 2013 will be taking place, at 17:00 on Thursday there will be the British Young Juggler Of The Year competition!
I am creating this thread to inform you that there are still places and around 1 months time to create an act so if you, or anyone you know, wants to enter then you are welcome to!

One important thing, registration closes Sunday 24th March 2013 so this is your last week to sign up!

The following link gives you information about the competition, rules and etc:

If you (or anyone you know) are interested in taking part, then send an email with your name, age, area of the country, and what you think you'll perform with, to:

Videos / 4 Diabolos @ Bath Upchuck 2013!
« on: February 27, 2013, 08:29:51 AM »
This is the result of 2 different 4 diaboloists meeting, enjoy!
Bath Upchuck 2013!

Videos / Got a new camera...
« on: February 20, 2013, 12:55:44 PM »
So as you can probably tell from the title I got a new camera, the Nikon 1 V1, do not get this confused with my dad's camera that cost A LOT, this camera is just a DSLR for me, I realised today morning that it has a slow motion feature so immediately I checked it out with my 4D start, or in other words, the Robin 4D start :-D I captured this in 400 fps, If I would record for however long I wanted I would take my time but this camera only does 5 second bursts, in those 5 seconds I had to start the camera, start hovering and do 4D. This is a video mostly showing the start not the actual shuffle, if I get someone else to start the camera then maybe  I could film some awesome stuff like a 53 :-D for now though I guess this is enough, enjoy!

Slow-Motion 4D

Please note, I release the diabolo on the left (my left) after the others, that is 100% on purpose and that is the difficult part of this start, however I can't release it too late as it would collide with the small 3D shuffle I form at the bottom.

Also, this saturday, 23rd February I am going to the Bath Upchuck convention, Folkert is going there too and I am hoping to do some cool 4D tricks together  :-D so be oprepared for more slow-mo and 4D awesomeness!!!

Videos / Guillaume is deleting videos?
« on: February 01, 2013, 11:11:43 PM »
Something fishy is in the air and I think it has something to do with the planet diabolo project.....

No but seriously, I hope we have all realised that in 2012 Guillaume deleted his video "1 minute 4D challenge" now he mass deleted "white prop purple clock" and "8 tricks with 4 diabolos"!

Now I do not have a clue why this is, I have only 3 possible explanations:
Firstly Guillaume wants to surprise us in his acts, although we all know how good he is so what is the point?
Secondly he is much better than this and he doesn't want people to think he is at that level (even though at that level he is still AMAZING which makes this argument highly unlikely)
Thirdly he wants to keep it a secret for the Planet Diabolo Project (here the same things are applied as in the first case)

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE THE PLANET DIABOLO PROJECT!!!!!!!! IT SOUNDS AMAZING!!!!! One thing that annoys me about it though is that progress in the diabolo world has been going on as slow as a tortoise, it means some people are at a key stage where they could be learning new tricks but they can't as they have nobody to aspire to. And if they claim that they have invented a trick? Well they might be disappointed as the planet diabolo project comes out......

I don't want to offend anyone, I am just dumbstruck that some of the best diabolo (or even juggling) videos are getting deleted!
Mind you I know that it is not only banned in this country (England) as the thumbnail should still be seen on the page.

Nico, we can't wait till may! If I manage an FTS 3-4 before then then (which is possible but I highly doubt) I am sure it will be dwarfed by the contents of the DVD

General / All about the eyes...
« on: January 26, 2013, 11:20:01 PM »
So just recently I have been talking to Folkert, he told me that some people such as him, Guillaume Karpowicz or Jack Chen look at every diabolo as it goes past as they do 4D low which means that their eyes look like their eyes are twitching really fast. Indeed I asked some people if I do this as well and they sure did say yes. Now apparently Robin Spinelli and Dixie Wanner don't do it, I'm starting to wonder who does do this and who doesn't. I wanted to do a poll but only Admins can do it :/ however even then things would be useless because this forum is dying off out of people that can do 4D, I dare say it is because of the planet diabolo project (?)  However I do not want to blame anyone, I can't wait to see the 4D mastery in the PLanet Diabolo project! I am sure that it happens with 3D as well, so people please say, do you do this or do you don't? Apparently people that don't focus on the shuffle as a whole instead of every diabolo.

Videos / New 4D starts
« on: January 14, 2013, 07:51:08 PM »
Ok guys so you have probably all seen the Diabolo 2012 collaboration, If you haven't then I highly advise you do.
Anyway I was inspired by Robin to learn his 4D start, and although it way look simple it is not.
Firstly it was hard to even get something going! In the video below you see my first every attempt at it and at the 4D hover start:
Look in the description ^ ^

Then I did some attempts when I got home from my Holiday:
4D new start attempts

However I knew I was doing something wrong, and that was the fact that I let out my diabolo out of the stall too early (the one on the left from my POV) so I tried a little more:
Robin's start at club

But still nothing happened, finally after a little over a week since I first tried it, this happened:
New start first time

And so I will be continuing my journey, however instead of this just being a topic about one start, how about you, the community, share your idea for a 4D 9maybe even 5D start?

Videos / Just another video
« on: January 13, 2013, 07:16:48 PM »
OK so I just made a video, it's nothing special but I didn't upload anything lately so meh...
My dad recently invested in a 2000 pounds camera so you can expect amazing video quality and more later on  ;)
Also it is extremely cold, I had just half an hour to do something and I didn't want to do something that most people do,
as you know cold temperatures are not good especially if you have worn out string like me.
Anyhow how about I stop rambling on and actually show you the vid heh?
Out in the cold

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