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Gear / Faulty evo charger for my finesse...
« on: April 02, 2006, 07:22:09 PM »
Hi there,not sure wether to stick this here or in the diabolo bit.

Anyways a while back (October/November) I put a message up (on firetoys) saying that there was a fault with my light kit. One side was dimmer and losing its brightness a lot quicker than the other side.

More recently (past week as I have started diaboloing again)and have noticed that the lights on my green diabolo have appeared to be faulty.
Having noticed this I marked each side of the light units(4) A/B and the splitter A/B. After this I ensured that both diabolos were fully discharged and charged each one up fully.

I then waited....
One side on each diabolo clearly diminished a lot quicker than the other so I swapped batteries around (one set to another) and re did the same tests. As ever the same side went down quicker.

I then re-charged....
As ever one side dimished a lot quicker but this time one unit fully discharged and wont charge at all!! I tried puting it on charge but it would not charge and would not even come on when switched on while chargingI swapped the batties with another unit to make sure it wasnt a broken unit however it did not come on at all.

So I assume it is the splitter that is the problem. I shall test them some more over the next few days. Changing the combos AA, BB, AB, BA and see what happens. Its mind boggling that one group of battiers has totally died.
These batteries were also in the newer unit.

I'll be phoning firetoys in a few days to see about it but has any one else had this problem??

L8rs all


I'm New / Diabolo going super sonic!!!!
« on: April 02, 2006, 07:17:52 PM »
Hey all,hope y'all is fine.

Well today I've been diaboloing, just the usual and i thought 'hmm I wonder how long i can get my diab to grind for. So i got this up to 58 seconds and on the next attempt something amazing happened...
I got transported into the next dimension  haha not really but close..

I was doing my power thrusts as hard and as fast as I could then suddenly   VRROOOM VRRRPPHHH. The diabolo was ossilating wildly and was blured with each cup like a /\ diamond. This scared the bejezus oot o me so naturally I tried to do it again.

And wow!!  I got it to the stage where it was spinning so the sticks were vibrating then I pushed her a bit further and it happened again :D

I was doing this with finesse g2's with wide axels.  I also got it to happen with my henrys jazz. Its great fun and looks stunning. I'll try to get a recording of the sound. Wooo!!!

Sadly on my last shot with the jazz it went out of control and shot up the string nailing my wrist and thumb. The crazy thing being the string snapped on both handles at the knot (carbon longs)

So who else has got it to time warp :D


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