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Videos / Diabolo Dance Theatre: The Game of Diabolo Dance (2005)
« on: October 24, 2016, 05:04:29 AM »
Hi guys, I've been lurking here for a very long time, finally decided to post.

If you guys aren't familiar with Diabolo Dance Theatre, they're a diabolo performance group based in Taiwan, founded in 1986.

Around 2005, I saw one of their shows streaming on satellite TV, so I recorded it on my VHS Tape. It's a 6 Act show, but I've only got 4 of those Acts recorded. Video below is the last Act. As for as I can tell, the video of the whole show was never released and not available. I've asked Diabolo Dance Theatre, and they don't have it. There's a theatre archival video I've come across, but that only features about 30 seconds of show material.

So here I present to you, a rare video of an old show. The style is very traditional, featuring few "complicated" individual tricks, but the overall group choreography is superb. It is definitely a great watching experience. I did see this particular show live back in 2005, I still have the ticket stubs back home :).

If you guys are interested in the other acts, I can see if I can upload them all somewhere. Those acts uses copyrighted music, so not included here.

Anyway, Thanks for reading. I'll be posting about my diabolos sometime soon.

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