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Gear / Fire Diabolo: Cops and Fire departments
« on: January 20, 2006, 12:58:25 AM »
Well, for the first time i was trying out my fire diabolo because i have a performance that I am practicing for to do it in and to do it in the performance, I have to nail this thing down with no flaws. So I was across from my house in an open field and it just so happens that the cops go by and see me with my fire diabolo. They freak out not even knowing what it was saying that I couldn't and that I had to call the fire department. So we called and they are like no you cannot do it, and that I was not allowed to even do it in a performance. First of all, these people did not even know what a diabolo was, they didn't even know who Cirque Du Soleil is, which i find pretty funny.
Anyways, they say I couldn't practice this thing anywhere. I have no idea what to do. If i cannot do it in the performance, which i was asked to do fire, then there will be none. Can anyone give me tips on reasoning with the fire department of how to get me to be able to practice.  And also, how are they allowed to do this in performances when I was just told I was not able to? Is there anything like special permits I need and where and how fast can I get them, because I to practice because I don't have time left.


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