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Tricks / Finger Grinds
« on: January 18, 2005, 08:24:04 PM »
Inspired by Diabology, I thought this deserved it's own thread :)

The variations I have tried so far are:

1) Left magic knot, bring up to hand and pull the string away. Throw and whip catch (anywhere you like  :D )

2) The one that Eric does a lot in Diabology - throw and grind the diabolo on your finger, holding one stick and letting the string swing. Throw back onto the string and catch the stick as it suicides round the diabolo (once or twice), unwrap and carry on.

3) Same as above, except batting the diabolo down into the floor after grinding it and then catching it on the string.

4) 2d - put one diabolo in some sort of stall, throw and grind the other, then throw back on the string (treating it as some sort of version of (2) with an extra diabolo on the string). Unwrap both diabolos and resume shuffle, with big grin on face. (Actually I just sort of made this one up from vague memories of other videos I'd seen - maybe I've got it wrong, but it seems almost possible).

Those are just the ones I've tried in the 2 or so days when I've actually been able to do the finger grind at all. I can do (1) and (2) but the others present a slightly bigger problem - I've done three once and never done the fourth one. The main problem I have with the third one is losing speed - I don't have a finesse, just a regular circus, so this is obviously part of the problem. I can't seem to get enough sideways momentum on either the string or the diabolo to be able to make the stick suicide around after it lands (I can only swing the stick left then back again once before the diabolo loses all speed). The fourth variation is just plain hard.

I know there's loads of other stuff that you can do, this is just a starter. I know Arjan did something in his Christmas gift thing, which foolishly I didn't save, thinking "I'm never going to be able to do that!" :D

Any other thoughts, tricks or tips would be welcome!


Gear / String wrapping up
« on: December 09, 2004, 01:37:31 PM »
Hi all

Whenever I try to wrap the string around my diabolo (wrapped orbits, firecracker suicides etc.), the diabolo always wraps up in the string. This is starting to really annoy me now - has anyone got any tips on how to avoid this?

I tried rubbing soap along the string, this worked for about 10 mins (and I was really happy) but then it went back to wrapping up again.... I put new string on my sticks, but it still happens.  :(

I use Henry's Circus, and Henry's basic string. Help please!


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