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Gear / Finesse G3 cold weld production fault
« on: July 19, 2007, 08:51:58 PM »
my new G3s arrived today. I fitted them with finger axles but while i was doing so, I noticed that on the one side counter-cone (the black disks with the nuts that you screw light kits etc. into) there was a crack running from nut to nut through the axle hole on the side that touches the cup (side facing centre). This crack is present in both of the diabolos i bought, but only in one of the counter-cones of each diabolo.

My initial thought was that i'd broken them during a drop, but when i asked my dad (who is "in the know" about injection moulding and polymers he told me he thought that during the injection process, the plastic had met in the middle and not stuck together properly before cooling. This means you get a weak bond where the plastic meets and it cracks when the plastic shifts during cooling.
The most worrying thing is that the crack is very similar in both diabolo's counter-cones.
It could be that the two counter cones are moulded in two seperate moulds for one diabolo, and one of the two moulds has a fault.

I rang Pete at to tell him about my problem. He said he was shocked that there was a fault with the counter cones and there was no problem replacing them for me. He said he would check through some of his stock to see if this problem has recurred, and if it does; whether it is just this batch with this problem.

I sincerely hope this isn't a fault with Babache's moulds, as it could mean bad things for the company's release.

If i could ask any G3 owners to check their counter cones for cracks anywhere, not just between the screws, as a cold weld could happen anywhere technically.



Tricks / UFO balance
« on: November 29, 2006, 10:08:04 PM »
Hey, i was at the local juggling society thing on Sunday, and i was fiddling about with vertex.

I finally decided to see if i could sit down doing vertex, and it worked.

I went into a UFO grind whilst sitting down, and i had a far-fetched brainwave.
"Can you balance a UFO grind on your chin?"

I can't, but i gave it the organizer of the society who is a bit of a balance "guru".
He couldn't do it either, because the stick follows the diabolo, not the other way around.

Has anyone here tried/succeeded with this?
I think it'd be quite fun.

Community & Events / Diabolo in Cambridge
« on: September 21, 2006, 07:56:56 PM »
Anyone around Cambridge doing diabolo and/or other circus skills?
I've been going to the Cambridge Community Circus for about 4 months on and off. It's run by a professional (or maybe semi-professional?) juggler etc.  and generally the atmosphere is really good, and everyone is happy to teach you and nearly always wants to know other ways of doing stuff.

Their website is Hope to see you there!

Tricks / Gravity grind
« on: September 05, 2006, 11:34:30 AM »
Playing around with carbon sticks and a G2 with finger axle produced a strange new grind that i haven't found anywhere else (but please correct me if i'm wrong).

I've only been able to do this trick with long carbon sticks, though i think my old energy moon sticks would do it too (alu sticks didn't work).

Step 1: Get as much spin up as you can.

Step 2: Go into a grind and allow the diabolo to go down to the foam handgrips.

Step 3: Rotate the stick with the diabolo grinding on it vertical (so the string is coming out of the top.)

Step 4: Let go of your stick, and grab the string instead.

The diabolo should use it's frictional force to stay stuck to the handgrip.

After this, you can do basically any out you want. Let go of your left handstick for a suicide wrap out, or finger grind off the stick, whatever you want.

I'm gonna see if i can get a picture of it now...

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