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Tricks / Re: Starting and correcting 2 diabolos
« on: April 25, 2012, 02:37:54 AM »
hey guys :) i just started 2 diabolo about a week ago  i can spin them, grind, high throw and 1 up sun's , learning sprinklers and S-fans,  i was wondering if somone could advise me as how to straiten out my diabolo's ( both leaning outward and off center ways) i can do it with 1 , moving the string back and poking the cups however it doesnt work with 2 !!
any simple advice would be awsome :)
thank yous

I'm really surprised you can do all those tricks before you've learnt to correct the diabolos! Are you using fixed, or bearing axle diabolos?

Essentially you can't correct 2 by moving the string back and forth, like you'd do with one.

Instead, all corrections have to be done by touching a diabolo, usually with your dominant hand handstick, in specific places.

There's lot's of tutorials on how to do it, but, you can learn which places have which effect, by using one diabolo, get it spinning fast, hook your dominant handstick over the other, so the diabolos held up in a loop of string, then experiment with altering it's tilt and angle, just by touching the cups with your dominant handstick.

For example, touching the top of the near cup will turn the diabolo without altering the tilt- touching the top of the far cup will turn it in the opposite direction: touching the side of the near cup (at ninety degrees to the top) will tilt it, and touching the side of the far cup will tilt it the other way: touching anywhere between the top and side, will both turn and tilt it, proportionate to it's proximity to the top/side.

Getting one diabolo doing leg orbits is also excellent practice- by adjusting the tilt and turn of the diabolo purely by touching as described above, you should be able to sustain the leg orbit indefinitly.

Tricks / Re: 2D string wrap question
« on: April 25, 2012, 02:24:02 AM »
I'm pretty sure it's not a string gripiness issue- I'm using Henry's yellow and always do the soap trick with new string; also, I often use the string so much that it gets too grippy for a lot of tricks.

I know I've tried to grab and hover with every stage of string, from newly soaped, right through to 'in desperate need of replacement'.

I had a go tonight and part of the problem is with the other (non wrapped) diabolo- I'm finding that if I don't apply much force to the wrapped one, it drops down the string, but, if I apply more acceleration force to the wrapped one, the over one gets thrown off the string.

So I'm guessing you have to consciously do something to ensure the non-wrapped diabolo doesn't get thrown off?

Tricks / 2D string wrap question
« on: April 24, 2012, 08:39:45 PM »
My progress with 2 diabolos is being held back by an inability to accelerate them to high speeds- I've got a solid collection of moves that don't require high speed (leg stalls, figure eight suns, one-handed suns, suicide, various grindy things, a very quick and short sprinkler etc) but some of the things i want to learn, i think, require faster spinning diabolos.

Most diabolists seem to have the ability to do a dominant hand wrap and hover the diabolo while it picks up speed- i just can't get anywhere with it- when I wrap, it immediately starts to descend down the string and then messes up.

Bizarrely, when I do the wrap start, i can easily hover it as long as I want- but I can't pull one out of the shuffle and keep it hovering.

I know that someone's going to suggest doing quick wrap/unwraps on alternate diabolos, then gradually try to extend the time it's wrapped- I have worked on that, and will continue to do so, but a) my tolerance for practicing it is pretty low cos it tends to work fine some of the time, then randomly just tangles up & b) I've had zero progress in actually extending the hover time- that move for me only works if I wrap then immediately unwrap.

Clearly, there's some technique necessary to keep the hover going, and, unless someone can give me some indication of what it is I'm currently not doing, I'm wasting my time practicing it.

Can anyone help?

General / Re: Bearing diabolo
« on: April 24, 2012, 08:23:37 PM »
Bear in mind though, that the sundia fly single bearing ones make a real racket (noise). I'm primarily a fixed axle user, but did get a couple way back and barely use them, just cos I don't like the noise.

The triple bearing sundias seem well thought of, and, I believe, are much quieter: downside is they're very expensive, but, if I do get a bearing diabolo in the future, I'd get the sundia triple bearing.

It'll be a shame if the forum dies out though. I know facebook and youtube have become prominent, to the point where even I have started, over the past year, to use them regularly.

But I totally fail to see why forums should start to die out, as, as far as I can tell, facebook/youtube in no way are that good for facilitating the kind of discussions we see on these boards.

Youtubes good for vids, facebooks good for events, setting up meets etc, but neither seem usefull for structured mature discussions and a searchable archive of years of posts/discussions.

I really think there's a chance that if forums are kept running through these difficult times, in the near future more people are going to realise what's being lost, and, then the remaining forums come come back into their own.

I think from feedback on this thread, that a good thing for this forum, would be to encourage more input, and video contribution input, from those of lesser skill levels.

Firstly, get tough on that minority who post offensive youtube style dissings of videos- make it clear that offensive insulting posts of any kind will lead to a ban.

Secondly work on ways to encourage vid contributions that aren't necessarily world-best, technically.

Perhaps a beginners video section, where beginners can post anything they're working on and get advice from other beginners, or, any advanced players who care to look in.

After all, diabolo-ing is as much about individual style as actual tricks, and, relative beginners are at least as likely as anyone, to come up with a new stylistic twist.

How about asking for people to post actual routines- putting together a decent little routine involves a different approach to just pushing tricks, and, many very nice routines often consist of relatively basic tricks.

Gear / Re: Which Diabolo
« on: April 20, 2012, 07:13:45 PM »
I don't think sundias are in the list above.

If they were an option I'd definitly choose them over henrys circus- or get Glary Tiabolos which are just as good as sundias IMO.

henrys used to be the main choice, but now many have switched to tiabolos/sundias, which seem to be better balanced.

Additionally they come out-of-the-box with very nice wide axles and require no mods/extras to get them up to scratch.

As far as i know, most places sell Henrys with the old standard hubs? which means if you want a wide axle, it'll cost extra.

Worse, the standard Henry ships with rubbish poms, and to switch to decent teflon ones will also cost extra (or at least that used to be the case- maybe Henry's have sorted out that issue now?). The non-teflon hubs are not only overly heavy, they also get damaged very quickly if used with metal handsticks.

They are a couple of positives for henrys over sundia/tiabolos- the cup material is very tough and holds up better if used over concrete, and, they make less clatter when dropped: the only time I drag out my henrys is if practicing late at night in my flat- they're a lot quieter when dropped.

A lot of the old lot are still around even though no longer posting. There are people like Tahia, -Fred-, onewheeldave, Rusty, Eltharion, Susannah, Ceri Anne (still posting), Arjan (occasionally posting) and Barnesy (all of who are amongst the first 200 members to join .ca) that have logged in within the last 24 hrs. Some of these stopped posting before the majority of members joined but still find reason to come here.

I rarely find that I have a reason to post to the forum these days though I try and post if I think it can help. The last time I tried posting something of substance (about running workshops) I hoped it might have turned into a useful discussion but it pretty much just sat there. I've seen the same for videos people have submitted and tutorials, which has to be disappointing when people have put work into a video given freely to the community. Maybe people are hitting the thanks button rather than commenting these days.

edit: 'Youtube-esque' I see there are several views on what this means. The way I personally see it  was more that as the .ca/ votw presence on youtube grew we started to see comments there along the lines of 'that trick sucks... no way should that be a votw' and then we found people were becoming similarly abrupt actually here on the forum, not the supporting way posts on the forum used to be. Whereas the short replies we used to get used to get sometimes could be sometimes annoying they were preferable to negative postings.

I've been looking in recently as I've been running a couple of regular school workshops over the past couple of months where we've gravitated towards diabolo being the main prop- also cover juggling, poi and loads of other props, but, in the main, diabolo is by far the most popular.

For that reason I've actually been trying to progress mo own diaboloing and so checking in to the forum.

For some time I've had a one-diabolo routine and a 2 diabolo routine consisting of mainly old-school moves that I know i can pull off pretty much 100%- that's what I've always used as the basis for my workshops: I never did get the hang of all the new stuff like genocides, fans etc.

I think part of the problem for the board is that diabolo skills levels went through the roof- a lot of the stuff seems a bit inaccessible unless you're willing to dedicate substantial portions of your daily allotment of hours to diabolo-ing.

So, relative to this board, i feel like a bit of a newbie- despite the fact that my skill level with diabolo is pretty high- just not high relative to this board.

Also, and apologies cos this is probably going to be seen as a criticism, I find it pretty difficult to actually find relevant tutorial stuff for someone of my level.

In the past I've made several attempts to teach myself fans, for example, and hunted down tutorial vids, yet never have i got close to doing a fan :)

That's partly me- I'm not a natural diabolist I guess: certainly I find it much more straightforward to teach myself juggling or poi stuuf that I'm sure are as, or more, difficult than diabolo fans.

But at least, there are some fan tutorials- more recently I stumbled across a one-diabolo move that I thought would make a really nice addition to my one-diabolo list of tricks: I believe they're called 'integrals'.

I've seen a good few videos of people actually doing them, but all my efforts to find a decent basic tutorial, either video or text, have turned up nothing of use.

I have used the search function, but found nothing.

I'm not sure what can be done to make it easier to find stuff like that, but, if one could be found, I'm sure the place might get a bit busier.

I'm sure another factor is simply the ebb and flow of popularity of diabolo- it definitly seemed to swell drastically some years back, so it was always inevitable that a decline would occur.

I think possibly it's part of a decline in interest in circus skills in general: I say that as our sheffield university club ('flying teapots') almost died over christmas- numbers so low that it was obvious we could no longer afford the practise hall.

Luckily a few of us managed to pull it together and managed to find a cheaper hall, but, in addition to the work put in, there was a big element of luck, and, we're still facing a problem if a boost in membership doesn't come over the next few months.

The other side of the coin is that following a decline, there could be another surge of interest- one of the reasons much of my current workshops have a big focus on diabolo is that the interest was already there. In one of the schools most of the kids turn up with their own diabolos, seems to be a bit of a playyard diabolo 'craze' occuring- would be good if it spread to other schools in the area.

Gear / Re: Mister Babache Light kit batteries
« on: March 20, 2010, 09:56:59 PM »
G13, AG13, L1154, V13GA, RW82, A76 = LR44

@onewheeldave, I assume you have moved to the southern hemisphere because if you are still UK based you can get them cheaper without paying for the HOP branding/worrying about the delivery miles :P

I'm still in the UK :)

I'm not a big fan of ordering from overseas, however, some things you can't get in the UK but HOP have them, so, when ordering those I'll also get a bulk order of LR44 as well.

Additionally, last time I looked I found nowhere in the UK which had LR44's as cheap as HOP prices.

HOP also has very good customer service- the only negative is the odd occasion when UK customs make one of their apparently random import charges.

Gear / Re: Mister Babache Light kit batteries
« on: March 18, 2010, 07:23:04 PM »
Does anyone know the exact specifications of the Mister Babache light kit rechargeable batteries?

I find that they lose power after a couple of hours - I would like to see if I can buy some 'regular' batteries of the same spec and replace them in the kits.



'LR 44' (non-rechargable) is what i use. I usually get them in bulk from 'Home of Poi' and then store them in the fridge- I much prefer them to the rechargables that come with the kits

Gear / Re: Finesse Fire Diabolo Conversion Kit
« on: December 19, 2009, 11:35:23 AM »
i think a fire diabolo is better, bacause this kit costs too mutch

I think this kit is geared to those who don't want to use metal diabolos because of the downsides of metal diabolos i.e. they're overly dangerous and easily get damaged.

That's why I've never been interested in getting a metal fire diabolo, but did buy a Gora kit for my finesses recently- unfortunately I've not used it yet so can't give feedback on it.

As anyone who spins fire knows, contact with burning wick material rarely causes damage to skin/flesh- but heat from hot metal transfers in an instant, leading to burns: that's why poi spinners go for wicks without exposed metal parts (bolts etc).

A traditional fire diabolo is all metal- the thought of a mistake during, for example, arm orbits near the face, is pretty scary.

Also, a dropped diabolo rolls- possibly into a crowd of bystanders/audience- bad with both types of diabolo, but worse with a hot all-metal model.

So, for safety reasons, I chose the finesse kit- I'm not interested in using the metal models: not only because of the hazards, but also because many have said that a few drops end up with the diabolo distorted and bent.

Gear / Re: Diabolo Bag by MB?
« on: January 06, 2009, 01:18:11 AM »
So i found some diabolo bags on the jugglingstore, but i think the shipping costs are too much for just a bag.
Then i found out that they sell   that bag in a store closer to me. Now what i wanna know, is because i don't use Finesses, do they hold 2 other diabolo's as well? I use Fly's, does anyone have it? And does it only exactly fit 2finesse's? 'Cause well, Finesse's aren't very wide and all...
Thanks :)

I've got one of those- they'll take two of any of the standard jumbo diabolos e.g. finesse, henry's, sundias, tiabalos etc: with room for a few accessories.

Gear / Re: Babache Performer Diabolo
« on: April 13, 2008, 01:58:14 AM »
Here here. 

Mine's been a workhorse for about 2 years now, still love it for 1d, has a naturally wide axel/hub just from the sheer mass of the thing.  It hasn't suffered any damage either since the cup's a less grippier finesse rubber with the same durability. 

Good to know that they're long lasting :)

On the other end of the Babache diabolo size scale, I've also got a couple of these-

with are very small indeed with a diameter of 2.5"

Trying to do a 2D shuffle with one of these and the performer, is a surreal experience (I've not succeeded yet).

Gear / Re: Babache Performer Diabolo
« on: April 12, 2008, 04:02:51 AM »
I finally got round to acquiring a Performer diabolo- a nice blue one from

Initial impressions are that it's very good- well made and, despite the extra size, I've found it good for all the stuff I normally do with one diabolo.

I like it enough to have just ordered another one, so i can try with 2 diabolos.

Although, having just had a go with the Performer and a Sundia, I got a hint of just how heavy 2 performers will be; I suspect that the practise sessions will have to be a lot briefer than when using 2 sundias/henrys/finesse :)

From initial impressions, I'd definitly recommend one of these to any diabolist who wants to have something a bit different.

Gear / Re: NEW DIABOLO - Sundia Sun Series
« on: December 07, 2007, 11:34:45 AM »
Buy lock washers at the hardware store.  $0.20 will fix the issue for good; it worked for mine.  You might also have to invest in a metric set of sockets....I think they were 4 or 6 mm acorn nuts....Nev?

That's true- and pretty much what I did, except I got the lock washers off one of my Fly's.

However, this is basically an issue of me recommending diabolos to friends and kids who are on my workshops (I teach circus skills in schools).

Previously I'd generally recommend Finesse (as opposed to Henry's, as the finesse are lighter (for kids) and don't need an extra £8 to replace the poms), partly cos the cup material is so resilient and long-lasting.

But the Sundias are so much better (IMO) in terms of balance and the quality of their axle, that I'd like to recommend them (with the proviso that they could be overly heavy for some children).

However, to recommend a diabolo that will likley fall in half (and, from your post, it sounds like yours have come apart too) to individuals who don't necessarily have a socket set and, almost certainly don't have the two socket sets necessary to tighten up a diabolo- is obviously an issue.

Particularly when the nut is small, black and likley to get lost when the diabolo comes apart (as happened to me, even though I was aware of the ease with which the nut could be lost, I still haven't found the thing).

My friend, for example- it turns out he's damaged his diabolo by trying, the last time his came apart, to secure it using pliers- obviously, to those of us used to dealing with nuts/bolts, it's a no-no to use pliers, but, to those who don't know and who are mid-way through an intense practise session with 2, the temptation is clear.

If I recommed a particular piece of circus skiils equipment, especially to children (whose families may not be equipped to repair stuff) I do put a lot of thought and analysis into my choices- currently, although, IMO, the Sundia is a top diabolo, this coming-apart issue is a major sticking-point.

I think the Sundia is great for those who are equipped with the tools to sort it out and, that probably includes most of us hardcore diabolists who've used henrys, cos they've had to change the poms- but, when it comes to 'civilians'- they're often not as well equipped and I think they have an expectation that, if they pay £20+ for a diabolo, that it's not going to fall apart.

The main thing though, is that, as far as I can tell, it's very easily fixable at the manufacturers end and, if that's done, the Sundia becomes a diabolo that can be recommended, without reservation, not only to diabolists, but to newbies and the growing numbers of children who've experienced a workshop in circus skills and want to get their own kit.

Gear / Re: NEW DIABOLO - Sundia Sun Series
« on: December 03, 2007, 06:09:03 PM »
The Sundia Suns are still my favourite diabolo- I've got Fly's and Tiabolos, but it's the Sundias that I use on a daily basis (much prefer them over Henry's and Finesse as well).

As a little bit of consumer feedback though, I have noticed one little problem- not so much for me as I've got the necessary tools to rectify it when it arises, but, for a newbie it could be an issue.

Basically, at least one of my Suns has fallen in half on several occasions (both mine are blue so I don't know if it's one, or both).

Unlike Finesse, the Suns can't be secured by finger pressure alone, so it's a matter of finding two socket sets of the right size.

The third time this happened, I used locktite, but it 's happened again since that.

The main problem I see here is that a newbie could buy the Sundia, and, if it comes apart, not be alert enough to notice the small black nut- without which they won't be able to put the diabolo back together.

This became apparent when it happened to me- I picked the sun up after not using it for a while and it came apart- the nut wasn't visible and it hasn't turned up since.

Unable to cope with the thought of using a lesser diabolo, I experimented and found the nuts on my Fly's fitted- they're also much better than the small black ones that came with the Sundais.

Checking with a friend who also bought 2 Sundias, he says that one of his has also been coming apart.

If this is a common problem, maybe, as potential solutions, the manufacturers, who seem quite open to feedback, could simply cease using the black nuts and switch to the, IMO, vastly better ones that the Fly's ship with, which seem to have some kind of plastic locking material internally?

I'd like to stress again that, other than this issue, the Sundias are absolutely the finest diabolo I've ever used- I'm not complaining here, just offering feedback.

Gear / Re: NEW DIABOLO - Sundia Sun Series
« on: November 03, 2007, 09:29:19 PM »
Nev- Do the light kits fit Sundai Suns, or are they just for the Flys?

If they don't (fit the Sundai suns), are there likely to be ones available in the near future?

(Incidently- I'm super-happy with the two blue sundais I bought from you at the manchester convention- initially they felt on the heavy side but I quickly acclimatised; the axles are the best I've used and the cups material is very good and seems to be long-lasting).

Gear / Re: New!!! Diamond Handsticks
« on: September 03, 2007, 03:16:05 AM »
I've had my golds and diamonds for several days now and am very impressed with them.

Previously I've used Henries aluminiums, I find the diamonds/golds to work better with stick releases/suicides, seeming to be easier to catch, also surprisingly good for grinds considering that they're quite wide.

I'll still use the aluminiums for diaboling on concrete however, as the diamonds/golds would be susceptible to damage.

In the dark, the golds are very, very nice looking- I got the blue lights and they're both bright and surrealy beautiful- of course they make diaboling in the dark much easier, especially for stick releases etc.

I had one tense moment when, after a 2 diabolo suicide went wrong and the stick hit the floor hard, went out and refused to light again.

However, taking off the end-cap it became apparent that the little spring which pushes the battery up, had become compressed- stretching it out a little got the light working again- I think that the way these are constructed (simply) is a big asset as most things which can go wrong are easy to put right.

In total I got two diamonds and two gold editions- a very good buy and well worth the price :)

General / Re: Genocide, Suicide, Homicide
« on: July 10, 2007, 12:18:24 PM »
Whenever I just mess around, in front of strangers or whatever, I try to explain what I'm going to do so that they can understand it better, and thus, appreciate it more, because I'm not performing, I'm just doing it. So I tell them well I'm going to do a suicide, then I explain which kind and what classifies it etc. and nobody so far has even given the slightest offense when I use any tricks with "questionable" names. I figure they don't care as long as it's used as a noun and not a verb, they just don't realize it.

I don't think that 'causing offence' to watching adults was ever an issue?

It was more about how appropriate terms like 'suicide' or 'genocide' are in the context of a workshop for, say, primary school kids.

Even there, it wasn't that they may be offended, as much as it being that it could cause upset/confusion to a child who'd known either suidice or genocide in their lives.

To those who are saying the trick names shouldn't be changed- again, that's not what's been suggested- it's more about having alternative names for those situations (eg childrens workshops) where the tutor may feel that suicide/genocides are not appropriate.

Luckily 'stick release' and 'Off string stick release' are perfectly good alternatives- any negative aspects (confusion from dual terms) are easily offset by the positive ones of being more descriptive than suicide/genocide as well as the fact that they won't cause upset to any children who've been exposed to suicide or genocide.

I'm New / Re: Problem with 2D wrap start
« on: July 05, 2007, 01:11:45 AM »
Hey guys. This is my first post here hehe.

I've done a bit of research here but I haven't seen specific advice on this problem.

My problem is that when I wrap the second diabolo and begin thrusting it it will either turn right or left. This happens about 4 of 5 tries. I have tried wrapping it near the stick and in the beginning it looked like it would work, but some times it would turn again and other times it would make the diabolo climb up the string. I have tried putting it lower so that the string is less tighten on the diabolo and it also looked good initially but in the end, out of 5 tries, the statistics kept equal.

The diabolos are 2 henry's circus and they're both new and very stable so the problem is me lol. I just don't have a clue what I'm doing wrong since in every video I watch on youtube everybody seems to be getting the 2nd diabolo aligned so easily after the wrap. Am I the only one with this problem?


Edit: Oh, and the string and the sticks are Henry's too, if that's important.

A very common way of dealing with this is to work out which way the diabolo is turning (it should be turning in the same direction every time) then compensate for it by putting the diabolo on turned slightly to the oppostie direction on the wrap.

Then, after you've spun it and are doing the powering motion prior to the unwrap, it ends up perfectly aligned.

Gear / Re: NEW DIABOLO'S - Grand Contenental Diabolo (Tiabolo brand)
« on: July 02, 2007, 07:57:31 PM »
i am always a bit conscious about buying these sorts of diabolos because i always think that they will break when i drop them (as i very often do now i am learning three low and high)
are they a rubbery plastic or just plastic?

I think Nev posted earlier (perhaps in the Fly thread) that the fly's became fragile at really low (sub-zero) temperatures?

But, other than that extreme circumstance I don't think anyone has posted about breakages- my Flys have certainly taken some very hard knocks and are fine.

They do pick up more scars than the softer diabolos (finesse and henrys) but I'm ok with that cos they seem so much more stable and better for corrections.

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