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Practice / Re: Few month progress
« on: August 27, 2011, 11:49:47 PM »
"If you want to perform, learn the fairly basic tricks elevator, high throws and whip catches- these always amaze people who dont know that they're not that hard at all."

Yes, I can do these 3 tricks. I can do wipe catches most of the time, on some days almost all the time :) elevator and high throws are very easy for me now, not sure if elevator is "a trick" at all, as the only thing one need to learn is to spin diabolo up for it to work. A VERY high throws can be a bit tricky: My Sundia is kind of heavy and when it comes down from a very far above it hits string quite a bit :) I would not like get it on the face for sure  :)

Practice / Re: Few month progress
« on: August 27, 2011, 11:41:53 PM »
0:32 was it a backside? Yes, I think I have problem with that. I notices when I run in backside it slows down :) I should switch hands, right? I do not think I even knew how to do backside on first video so ... I had no idea what so ever (before I watched Ultimate Diabolo DVD)

Practice / Few month progress
« on: August 21, 2011, 08:45:39 PM »
I am getting better, but progress is slow and became some what staggered. I still enjoy it, but would like to see more results ;)

Summer 2011 practice snapshot

Below is my older very beginner video for comparison  One of the first Diabolo videos of mine

I can surely toss Diabolo very high now (almost like Koji Koji - my inspiration ;)) and have no problems with wraps and orbits as I did before. My chinese wipe is not as smooth, but I can almost do Vertex (not on video and it is not yet working well). I pick two diablos from time to time, but it is not going far, so I probably need more 1D practice and getting smother. I used up a few strings already.

I need to watch DVD's again :)

It would be cool to have a Diabolo "forms" like in martial arts :) as just one trick after another is less impressive and looks a bit boring. Anyone can tip on a nice "performance" form or two  for beginner that would look cool? :)

Practice / Anyone have a good Diabolo POV videos?
« on: August 21, 2011, 08:08:35 PM »
This is my first silly attempt to film my Diabolo practice "POV style". I used Looxcie and video sucks on several levels :)

but if you want to see it anyway, here it is:

Diabolo POV filming attempt that totally sucked ...

General / Henry's Circus Marks.
« on: June 09, 2011, 07:13:56 PM »
When I got a few embarrassing marks from some plastic toys on my shiny new crystal suns I tried many things, but simple Isopropyl Alcohol worked really well.

General / Daily Diabolo Discoveries
« on: June 01, 2011, 07:57:06 PM »
Video?! :-) I was thinking about this combination. Some one should do it :-)

Performances / 2010 StreetPerformance in JAPAN KojiKojiMoheji
« on: June 01, 2011, 07:53:54 PM »


Performances / Diabolo after 6 months
« on: May 24, 2011, 06:49:11 AM »
Thanks :-) I work on several skills in parallel, mainly 1D, but I do include some 2D: throw start and catching second diabolo. Per these are skills that one need to develop anyway and it takes time: I progressed from not being able throw start one to few 2D shuffles (when I am lucky - not as on this video :-)), so I think it pays off. It may not be 6 month but I will get there ;-)

Gear / How many diabolos?
« on: May 23, 2011, 07:42:26 PM »
2 Dancan Phoenix - Red and White - my first diabolos. Now mainly for outdoor. Fixed, as one way on them is a bad joke.
1 Arlecino - spots - kids like it, heavier than Phoenix !
3 Orange Cristal Sundia Sun - fixed - awesome - my primary gear now.
1 Sundia Shining Yellow crystal - triple bearings - awesome, but not used much

Total: 7 so far :-)

Performances / Diabolo after 6 months
« on: May 23, 2011, 05:50:56 PM »
Love 2D starts video! This is super impressive. Only 6 month?! I play for like couple of month but I am nowhere near the level of fluidity and 2D starts just amazing: how did you learn? Both DVD I have and 2diabolos web site does not tell me much about what I do wrong of course, but one of Tim's own YouTube video reveals that wrap start (the one from Ultimate DIabolo DVD for 2D) was not the first he mastered, so I work on throw in and considering rocket start (but I can not do it right yet - Diabolo fly in wrong direction and damage things and hurt bystanders :-) here is my typical 2D fail start video: can you give me a beginner to beginner tip how to overcome this and start shuffle ? :) I like the first video a lot as well, but 2D starts really stroke the point I am working on now. Thanks!

Hi Koji Koji :)

Surprised to see you on this forum, but it makes perfect sense, of course :)

Your show was a lot of fun (I was a dude who asked you about your bagpipe)

Thanks to you I added Diabolo to list of my crazy hobbies. :)

Diabolo bug was dormant for a few month (I was very busy after my trip)
but after going to Circus De Soleil's, Quadam show with amazing Diabolo Girls, it woken up and I now have 7(!) diabolos and practice  every day.

I do not have much skills yet and while I can toss very high and catch consistently, as well as do some of standard beginners tricks, my 2D shuffle only goes for a few rounds, assuming some one will throw me a second diabolo :)

So, I have a long way to go :)

I will send you original, uncompressed files if you like to do anything with it and thank you again for Diabolo madness!

Here are videos I brought from Japanese trip.

Koji Koji Moheji is famouse as I found out. :) Also, Koji Koji is responsible for my Diabolo madness.

He have a web site (in Japanese only) and the Japanese Diaboloist in Wikipedia picture looks amazingly like him :) compare to my photo:

Part 1: Koji Koji Moheji doing 2D starting with a "rocket start" (first one failed :))  There are some very high tosses.

Koji Koji Moheji - Diaboloist and Bagpiper from Tokyo. Part 1

Part 2: Koji Koji Moheji goes 3D from low to high. Very impressive.

Koji Koji Moheji - Diaboloist and Bagpiper from Tokyo. Part 2

Part 3: Koji Koji Moheji fix his Part 2 of 3D performance with 3 catches :) Sugoi!

Koji Koji Moheji - Diaboloist and Bagpiper from Tokyo. Part 3


Thank you all for tips! I already got my third Sun(I want to have Exactly same diabolos for multiple play) and just as I was concerned it IS a different model :-( it came from same Yo Yo Sam and I ordered it just like 2 others, but it has a plastic washers and I think a 240 gram model compare to 260 gram 2 diabs I got before... It looks a bit different. Sucks... So that why I do not think I can just get one more in the future: most likely I will need to buy all over again (especially if it will take me years to master)... need to check may be I can get just same washers ... Grrrr

I also got Diabology DVD and Henry's aluminum sticks that came with some cool two color string that is REALLY slick. Sticks looks better than expected (string goes out from center not side even so goes in from side - cool and outer hole is smooth just like on carbon sticks) and feel more heavy and sturdier than Sandia carbon. Not yet sure what I like better :-) very hard to tell, but probably go with lighter carbon...

I got 25 m spool of Henry yellow and despite that I have a huge collection of crapy wooden sticks with string I can probably salvage, it is interesting to note that my string do not have blue stripes like I expected from post on Henry string types here: this is probably a good thing, as blue striped string in colors look just like white with blue but diyed? Not sure, but it is probably a good string anyway as it is most expensive. May be I should get a spool of Sundia yellow in the far future (I do not expect to run out of string soon :-)) as it only 8$ for 50m :-) or so and I like what I got with Sundia sticks.

Looking forward to this sunny weekend to play with my new Suns on the grass outdoor - my celling is not high enough :-)


Finally I got a better Diabs(Sundia Suns)! And better sticks (Sandia carbon)

Here is reflection

1) better Diabolo wrap less: true for Arlecino and very true for awesome Sundia Sun.

2) new (better?) string wrap less: Sandia's string that came with carbon sticks feels very sleek.

3) technique (no crossing string and no chocking) helps

I was able to run Sundia in wrap for a very long time, till my hands get tired. While I try to watch my technique I think it wobble less and string has less friction.

it is still posable to make Sun eat string :-) I tried :-)

Sundia Sun is just awesome and feels like a real thing being just a few $ more than toy Phoenix.

I got one three way bearing and there is no comparison with one way mode of Phoenix - it makes even less noise than fixed Sun as there is less string friction. It feels just like a fixed mode with magic, not like completely different animal (Phoenix). You cam not do elevator and it slides down in wrap, but it nice and smooth.

Bottom line: beginners life can be better with proper Diabolo and sticks. What come as Duncan Phoenix is not the one :-) I will probably still use it over hard surface outdoor to save my awesome Suns, but it is a toy.

Btw, I got hit by Sun and it is harder than I expected: it is not as soft and rubbery as I expected. I also got it marked when it hit a black plastic toy, and after trying a few things, found that Isopropyl alcohol clean it nice, not sure if plastic liked it, but marks are gone.

As I got two fixed Suns I asked to throw both to me and managed to do shuffle for a short time. It does feels some what like over the leg:-)

I have one more Sun on the way for 3D in the future and my progress with 2D make me think if I should get just one more Sun of same color and model? May be I can progress to 4D high this summer? :-) I can throw start 1D and should be able to get simple 2D shuffle  nailed in some time, I am not sure about doing low 3D but can think about may be high as I can do high 1D orbit till hands fall.

Is this too optimistic ? :-)

Great links! Thanks! I will start to pay more attention on angle and tension, as it is probably main factors. I think what probably triggers wrap in my case is a single diabolo wobble that cross string for a moment or may be  wrap getting a bit too tight on the low part of orbit when diabolo starts to grip it. High speed make it bad and quick.

I agree that I do not need speed for most tricks I know so far, but I am trying to master this wrap acceleration technique in isolation from other tricks so I will have to work on it more and may be wear a paint gun mask :) There is no way to protect sticks or string so ... :(

Also, I am waiting to get 3 Sundia Suns that should be softer on my face compare to hard Phoenix  (It is already scratched badly and starts to fall apart more and more when it hit the ground - I may put some locktight on it soon). I do not know how long it will take me to get my first 2D shuffle going (I can do a few rounds already with my 2 Phoenixes, but it is not controlled, so does not count), but if I will and start to work on 3D I would like to have 3 identical Diabolos and from what I see, most brands, even Duncan (Phoenix will be redesigned?!) seems to change shape and weight quite a bit so "one more" Sundia Sun in the future may be a totally different diabolo form what I understand. Hope when I will need to move on 4D and up I will have to buy a new gear :)

But what exactly triggers an instant and violent roll on? :)

1) wrap is too tight
2) wrap is too loose
3) angle between left and right string (non-wraping hand is far from body)
5) height of right and left string hands (warping hand is higher? or left hand is higher?)
6) string rubbing on the cap (left or right?)
7) string rubbing over string?

This is probably depends on phase of orbit. On Ultimate Diabolo DVD I saw Tim moves his left stick UNDER diabolo when it goes over top part of orbit as if giving some push, but if I try this, string will immediately tangle.

As I have Arlecino diabolo, that while only 4'' weights more than 5'' Phoenix and standard axel (not wide) as well, it does not behave as bad as Phoenix in wraps:  it is much more stable (may be because of weight or axel design?) and if it snaps it does not wraps all string around as fast and as violent as Phoenix does. :) (I already have a few scars from it ...)

I got much better with wraps and orbit. Can not do a good Chinese Whip yet :-(

I tried to read all I can find about preventing string rolling on Diabolo, but still not sure about what triggers this unpleasant and violent event.

I already broke my first stick, mainly because of Duncan plastic is crap: I snapped one in half with my fingers while playing with Diabolo and today I got a first broken string on new pair of crap sticks (Sundia carbon is not here yet).

The way string broke was scary: as I am getting better accelerating in wrap orbit and Diabolo gain momentum, once some thing trigger it snaps and eat all string to the left, kicking stick out of my hand and breaking it at the same time. I did not got a stick in my face, luckily, but Diabolo hit my hard in the face.

I would like to achieve two things:
1) minimize damage from stick and Diabolo to my face/body
2) minimize damage to new sticks and string :-)

I do left wrap so I hold my left hand higher and my right hand more out. I can do it for some time, but I think it still may snap and roll on string if I do some wrong move. I am not sure what trigger this exactly...and what a wrong move is despite many attempts to find this out.

I do not like bearing mode and would like master fixed.

I also stopes doing rolling starts and switched to throw starts to get ready for 2D :-) but I have to get these wraps under control ...

I'm New / Fixed vs One Way for Beginner
« on: May 03, 2011, 05:28:12 PM »
.., this thread is probably most information one can find on Duncan Phoenix that is not a world famous Diabolo ... Yet :-)

Anyway, I overcome anxiety with bearing noise as I got a bit frustrated by running fixed axel in wrap and untangle string all the time - I know I have to work on this, but cross  string rubbing noise was also displeasing.

So I switched my white in one way and put sticker to make side detection clear: wish Duncan do color coding like Sundia, not small arrow sign they have.

Anyway, here is a short video with results:

Diference is clear even for Phoenix: bearing make life much easier, but you feel that control and your contact with Diabolo is some what lost...

I would assume that Sundia Fly or Shining with triple bearing operates even smoother, but such sites as Dube shop that has crazy demo of it advice against using bearing by beginners :-( so I am in kind of dilema now - should I work hard to master wraps on fixed or just move on cool tricks with bearings (all magic knots and cat cradles became trivial for example)


Gear / Is anything wrong with Duncan Phoenix Diabolo?
« on: May 02, 2011, 09:10:28 PM »
Very good, yes, but heavy or light? Wide or Standard? How much difference 50g make(I think I like heavy more, but why people add 9 gram weights  to Finesses or subtract 45g on Circus going Giant?!)? Will wide axel really make it harder? (I think not, but I never did 2D) well, not much options but to try :-)

Gear / Is anything wrong with Duncan Phoenix Diabolo?
« on: May 02, 2011, 07:36:18 PM »
Update: My Red Duncan Phoenix still holding together and takes the beating :-) Second one I got behaves some what different: it is different color and may be a different run for axel. It may be because this one way to fixed switch that is some what fuzzy. May be some thing got micro damaged on Red that I play outdoor over concreat as well. White is for home play only now and for 2D.

I got Arlecino and while it is smaller it is heavier and does feel more solid compare to plastic toy feel of Phoenix. There is no moving parts. It is very nice.

Strangly, despite the fact that Arlevino has normal axel and Phoenix has wide, runing either in wrap is as easy (or in my case - as hard) and I may even prefer Arlecino feel.

Bottom line: Duncan Phornix is kind of OK, but I would not recomend it: it does not feels as nice and may not last long: mine getting a bit loose.

Now I need to figure out if I would like to get heavier or lighter Pro as my next Diabolo :-) Sundia Sun/Curus/Finesse with or without mods - a hard call without trying, but think no matter what I get it will not be mistake :-)

I like Sundia Nimble green looks, but not sure if I will like light weight - my mini heavy Arlecino have such a nice solid greep on string :-)

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