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Gear / Re: (large post) homemade handsticks
« on: November 08, 2013, 08:23:09 AM »
someone make these

General / Re: Looking for a name : Alexis's double plan shuffle
« on: November 08, 2013, 08:20:02 AM »
multi axis shuffle

Gear / (large post) homemade handsticks
« on: October 01, 2013, 09:27:15 AM »
ingredients for luke's ghetto sticks

for sticks                     
10mm x 1mm x 1m aluminium tubing            
metal file and sandpaper         
hacksaw/other metal cutting instrument         
2 or 3mm drillbit                  
8 or 9mm drillbit
epoxy resin (selly's knead it epoxy putty or other brand)
permanent marker
long wooden dowel(30cm+) that can easily slide down tubing

for grips
heat gun
cheap, yucky coloured electrical tape
shrink wrap (16mm or 20mm, shrinking to half)

finished product compared to babache extremes =

recipe for sticks
1 - grab your favourite sticks, line them up against the aluminium tubing and mark out how long you want your new sticks to be (around 31-32 cm for me) allow room for mistakes if needed
2 - cut the aluminium tube and sand any rough edges. make sure the wooden dowel still fits through the tubing.
3 - get a drill bit or other sharp instrument and scratch the inside of the tubes in the ends that you want your string to come from to make the putty stick better (doesn't matter which end)
4 - go somewhere that is well ventilated e.g outside and read the instructions on the epoxy packet. this stuff smells like all hell and just isn't very nice in general
5 - put some gloves on. get your epoxy putty and snap off a piece big enough to go into the tube about 3-4 cm. jam the putty in the scratched end of the stick, stand the stick up straight so the putty is at the bottom and ram the wooden dowel down the tube a couple of times to flatten the end of the putty and to make it stay.
6 - take the dowel out and wash your hands. wait for the putty to dry (refer to packet again for time)
7 - once the putty is dry, find your drill and both drill bits. drill a clean hole down through the dry putty with the 2 or 3mm bit, then soften the opening of the hole with the bigger drill bit by twirling it around with your hand

recipe for grips
1 - fetch your roll/s of electrical tape. wrap the tape around the grip end of the tubing, but leave a small gap between the edge of the stick and the end of the tape. this forms the actual part that you hold, so try to make the wrap as rough as possible for maximum comfort.

2 - get the shrink wrap (hopefully in a bright colour) and cut a length long enough to cover all of the taped section making sure none of it overhangs off the end of the sticks (bits can fray off and get stuck in the tubing)
3 - slide the wrap on the tape and heat gun it until it has a nice hold.

picture of one that i cut the grip end off after the shrink wrap was put on (to stop the metal ends hitting my hands)

thread string and decorate with more tape/sparkles etc

customize your own colours/lengths         
extra street cred for making your own gear   

will bend at some point
string knots can get stuck in the tubing and putty (toothpicks and paperclips are useful)

please post if anything is unclear


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