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All videos are here and all instructions are written for right handed people.

1) 8 rings for 16 catches.
I actually thought this was only 14 catches, so i kept trying for about 15 minutes becuase i wanted to it 16, after killing my hands i went home and looked at the footage, turned out that the '14' catches was actually 16, crazy. (completely off topic, but impressive none-the-less i think.

2)whip* duicide to behind the back catch.
Ok, firstly just download the Diabolo comp from any lutkus mirror and watch Ryo's routine (here's where i got it ) it includes every whip-duicide you might need (except the whip double duicide caught behind the back straight into 2 diabolos!??!?! But you can see that on the WJF DVD [i am not affiliated with Jason in any way  :wink: )

I actually catch different from Ryo, i think my way is easier (and they are barely noticably different unless you know) Ryo catches with his right palm facing backwards and his thumb down, this makes the catch a lot smoother so you can get straight out quicker. I catch with my palm pretty much just straight up, and i catch the string and let it slip down to the handle (i do aim for the handle, but catching the string is easier, and looks no different at full speed [much]) The left hand catch with palm up, like a reverse backcross. The right arm should be straight and preferably pointing upwards a bit. The left hand should be completely bent with the left hand in the middle of the back. Oh and the music rocks.


3) Leg-kick mini genocide. (Da L-kick mini-G  8) )
Do a regular suicide and catch the string a couple of inches away from the right stick. Swing the stick around whilst holding the string. As soon as it has made 1 complete rotation lift your leg and let the stick wrap around it and back again, to change direction of the swinging stick. AS SOON as it has hit your leg, hop the other diabolo just off the string straight up. Bring the right stick over the top of it, inline with the axle, so it wraps around. To get the accuracy, almost touch the axle of the diabolo. Once it has made contact with the axle, immediately let go of the string and move your hand downwards quickly to catch the stick as it wraps around the diabolo.

For added style points, swing it twice before recapturing it, and let it wrap around twice afterwards. This version, the basic version and the warm-up move (or the 'Tijn' Style move) are on the video.

Hope those random ramblings help anyone with anything.

Peace out...

Videos / new Norbi video (number 4 i think)
« on: May 17, 2005, 08:36:06 PM »
Inspired by Tijn's new vid, i decided to get out my camera and film some stuff.
The sticks and string were hard to see at full res, after compression its more a case of guesswork. I tried to get a nice filesize and good quality, but with with my basic oldschool iMovie twinned with poor old camera, it was not to be (newer cam and newer iMovie [or even something like final cut {if only}] would have helped a lot [even in .mov :wink:])
As requested by Tijn, i put a few 3d attempts in there, and yes i know they are pathetic, i am aware that my left hand should by lifting not pushing, if i concentrate it starts and runs a BIT (well a bit better than in this vid anyway) so dot comment on how bad my 3 is.
Also, i managed my longest ever fan aswell after working seriously on it for the first time (10 minutes devoted solely to fan, woah!)

Anyway, maybe i should just let you see the video instead of make up excuses about every trick.

Enjoy (all 38Mb of it)...

As with every vid, comments and anything are most welcome (unless you are going to tell me to bring my left hand out after the start and lift with it, in which case, shhhhh)

Tutorials / [Tutorial] Arjan's 2 diabolo mini genocide, by norbi
« on: February 26, 2005, 03:11:30 PM »
So here it is, for all your guys (and girls) that wanted to see a clearer (well at one point it isnt too easy to see the sticks, but not impossible) video, and/or learn how to do it. I will first do a quick (yeah right) walkthrough, followed by a video, enjoy... p.s. sorry for the essay, i like to be thorough

1) always learn the fundamental basic moves for the bigger trick, in this case a knot and a mini genocide with 1 diabolo, as explained below...
1.5) 1 diabolo - right handed backwrap, unwrap it into a stick trap, swing it into the string and around to another sticktrap (you are now in a classic magic knot position if you didnt already understand that [i believe its called  a fritz release])
1.5.2) then line up the string with the left hand side of the axle and fire the diabolo into it from the knot position, this wil cause you to end up in a cross handed position. (this knot and release is shown in close up on the vid)
1.5.2.i'm not sure where this is going) then swing it to the right and do a mini genocide (see here for help on that. Then do all that in one motion, the firing of the diabolo out of the knot actually does make it swing back the other way if you do it right.

2) get 2 diabolos going. Do the backwrap to knot on any given diabolo (but not both) then as you fire it over to the right make sure the diabolo goes in front of the other diabolo and then down below it (exactly like a long vortex/frontwrap transfer)
2.5) as the, now backsided, diabolo comes back over to the right hand side, unwrap the left diabolo which will have ended in a frontwrap (otherwise it winds up or just generally messes up the whole thing [if you do alot of vortices or transfers then this should happen without actually thinking about it {ok, that is another fundamental basic you may want to learn but it isnt required (much)}])
2.5.a million) do a mini genocide with the diabolo that is backsided and swinging towards the right, the timing on this part (when yo let go of the stick and grab the string) is the hardest part, but with some experimenting, you will get it.
3) you should end up in a frontwrap, so for style points vortex out. If the miniG isnt quite right you might end in a backwrap, in this case just do a backwrap. If you are unsure (becuase vortexing a backwrap does unhealthy things to the string) go into and arm stall and see what position you are in, then come out of that in the nessarcary (sp?) way, if dont smoothly people will think its part of the trick.

Ok, if all of that made sense then you wont need the video, if some/all of it did, you will need the video. Either way, reading the instructions and then sort of mentally following them whilst watching the video is the best way i think.

here it is, enjoy...

Videos / Ryo Yabe at WJF
« on: January 11, 2005, 07:43:01 PM »
Ok, you have all waited long enough, here it is...
A montage of tricks i filmed Yabe do on the last day of WJF. By no means the hardest in his repetoire, but a great selection.

Hope you all enjoy it. For now the links are

-The full video
-Just a regular sun, which i forgot to put in the original video, and to prove wrong the people who thought he couldn't do it without an armstall
-And the never  before seen, answer to the question 'how does he start that?'

But if anyone wants to mirror it, then i (and Sean) would be very grateful.


Community & Events / Diabolists in the Berlin (Germany) area...
« on: January 05, 2005, 08:06:45 PM »
I am planning on moving to Berlin later this year (after August, might even become next year, but i am planning on it sometime relatively soon) and was wondering who lives around there. I have heard the scene is good, but what are the clubs like, and whats this i hear about a circus school?

thanx for any help

Videos / old Takahiro freestyle, with hyperloop!
« on: December 09, 2004, 08:33:15 PM »
Ok, sorry to bring an old topic back up (dunno, why i'm sorry, new evidence (although its not really evidence as such) is always good) but i thought it's about time someone looked at these old topics.

I found on my hard drive a vid i hadnt watched in litterally years, but it has a hyperloop on it! That's right, the traditional hyperloop, i just thought some of you might like to see it, its a forgotton trick that needs to be revived.

The video is off of Diarythm (although actually the vid is only linked to on the Japanese version of the site, so get rid of the /e/ if you wanna find it yourself) and is a freestyle (probably at some kind of comp, any help on this would be pointless but appreciated) by Takahiro Sugiyama.
The video is here

Hope y'all like it (and are enlightened to the ways of the hyperloop)

Videos / montage of mainly mini-columns (and other stuff) from Norbi
« on: December 03, 2004, 07:38:32 PM »
As you will probably see from the video, my new favourite trick is mini-columns. This is becuase i only just figured them out about a week ago, so nearly every trick finishes with (or starts with (or includes)) them.
Hope y'all enjoy it. Its 19Mb by the way, but none of you care... right? :wink:

feedback welcome as always

Videos / [video tutorial request] reverse request actually, u ask me
« on: November 26, 2004, 09:35:41 AM »
Ok, i will do one on
-basic mini genocides/genocides
-my leg kick trick found here... yes i'll break it right down into componants.
-getting into and running an infinite suicide (NOT genocides during, sorry i have lost the ability to do these for some unknown/annoying reason)
-something else that u might suggest (if i can do it well). Maybe check out my website and try the movies or suicides page, if you see anything you like (although its all quite old now) just ask.

So it's up to you, get askin'

General / [terminology] pointless thread...
« on: November 22, 2004, 10:45:11 AM »
Are you diabolist, diaboloist, diaboler, diaboloer or a diabolo player*?
I believe that becuase it was a game, player is the correct term. But i use diabolist becuase it sounds best.

Do you go diaboling, diaboloing, or to play diabolo*?
I rarely use any, but i say diaboling when i do.


Just a thought.


*any other name suggestions are welcome to bring into the debate aswell.


Videos / more stuff from me (genocides etc)
« on: November 18, 2004, 05:16:55 PM »
A bunch of suicide stuffs, a couple 2 diab tricks, all thrown into a 1 minute montage. Hope y'all like it.

[Edit by Sean - Here's a temporary mirror]

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