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Practice / See you at the EJC in Poland
« on: July 19, 2017, 03:50:22 PM »
Anyone else going?

Do you want to make your tutorial in French, German, Dutch, Finnish, Chinese or another language?

No problem - just turn on English subtitles in YouTube:

1.5 months to go before entries close!!!

Videos / Re: Summer Spins - video by Chloé
« on: July 12, 2017, 10:12:21 AM »
Very nice!

Tutorials / TopGrade Tutorial Competition - Promo Video
« on: July 10, 2017, 04:58:06 PM »
Hey guys,

There's still 1.5 months left to enter this competition!


Tutorials / 2 Low Introduction. 4-Part Series
« on: June 18, 2017, 11:41:42 AM »
Check out our 4-part tutorial series: Introduction to 2 Diabolos

Part I: Assisted Start

Part II: Self-Start

Part III: Perfecting Your Shuffle

Part IV: Correction


Just to make it easier, here's a ToDo list that you can follow, if the instructions look too complicated.



And a page with all the required information in one location:


Hey guys,

Here are the judges for the TopGrade Tutorial Competition:

Also, here’s a link to all the information you might need for the competition (English and Chinese):


Nice one mate!


My replies below:

1. We are to show singular tricks? Or combos (with loop some stuff is combos leading into single picture tricks for instance)? Cool to show many tricks in a single tutorial (the competition is fun and prizes are extra motivation but I basically want to share the only thing I've somewhat kept up on the past years. Follow up question to that are these later publically listen on Youtube or website only)? Can it be a "category of tricks" crammed into a tutorial (limit of 3 á 15 minutes is not very long) or would that not be in depth enough?

-   Singular vs. combo tutorial is really up to you. However I would suggest that each trick/section is broken down into enough detail so that someone can easily follow it.

-   All tricks need to be made publically available after the 31st of Aug and may be added to (part of the goal for this competition is to increase the amount of tutorials available to the public.

-   It’s really your choice as to how many tricks you can put into the tutorial – if in doubt, I would suggest doing less tricks.

2. Does it matter if the tricks/combos are dependant on certain props (have a few which pretty much requires short axles, bearings etc only to work)? Does it matter if they "require" gloves (they kind of don't but it would suck not having) and if so does it also need to show how to make them ("anything else you think might help someone learn this trick") or can that just be explained quickly audio only?

-   Again, up to you. If you think gloves are a necessity, then I would mention this as part of the tutorial. There are many tutorials around that mention specific props that you require.

3. Among "extra things to film, extra drills or skills" would that include yoyo tricks etc as well as separate tricks (wouldn't know what to do to not bloat any clip endlessly in this case) or acceptable to just refer people to "check youtube" for those? Some movements are "prerequisite" or whatever the apt English word is.

-   I guess you need to make the decision as to what’s appropriate or not – how many people watching the tutorial will be skilled at yo-yo? If you think not many, then I would teach those skills or reconsider the difficulty level of the trick/combo.
-   If you’re going to get them to check youtube, I would recommend including a hyperlink within the video itself. This is something that I regularly do in my diabolo tutorials

4. Is there a suggested difficulty? The advanced section for loop on that website just shows, in my mind no offense to those jugglers, very basic stuff and the basic section already fails to include descriptions on knots etc? OK to provide additional videos as addendums to competition submissions for that later on (once it's finished or whenever)?

-   No, as long as the skill/trick isn’t already shown on as of the 31st of May, go for it!
-   You can provide as many tutorials as you wish, however you CAN ONLY ENTER THREE INTO THE COMPETITION

5. Regarding setting up the camera would it be fine if it differs for loop (giving 1-2 m above the head, ground in front of you and filming from so far away would probably make it a bit hard to see for this category. Some tricks are dependant on knot position)? Is location important (inside VS outside)?

-   This is totally at your discretion and of course will depend on the skill you’re teaching. I included that image in the ‘suggested Tips’ section, because I have seen many tutorials where the diaboloist is too far away or not centered.

6. Do I need to provide subtitles if my English is crap (it is but idk how to edit properly and add subs) or is heavy accent English fine? Do the edits need to be nice looking in any way or OK to just cut to black/next trick? Can the tricks be run at a decent speed and then would text be enough to explain (slowing down videos is not too hard)?

-   Language: You need to decide how clear your English is – if you think the audience won’t be able to understand you, maybe DO put subtitles.
-   I don’t think the edits will matter THAT much – again, this is your choice
-   You said “Can the tricks be run at a decent speed and then would text be enough to explain (slowing down videos is not too hard)?
o   I’ll have to leave this up to you to decide as it would depend on what you’re trying to explain and how you are trying to do it.
-   If you want inspiration for some good tutorials, check out the YouTube channels: diaboloclassroom or (most recent tutorials)


TopGrade Tutorial Competition Rules:

It would be great to see your entry.


Thursday yep!

Inside definitely so you don't need to worry about weather.

Icebox do you have a smartphone?

Otherwise, you have over THREE MONTHS to get this sorted.


The rules for the competition will be released soon.


1000euro in total prize value - announced soon!

Hey Lucas,


Yes, it's open to everyone around the world.

More details to come soon!

And yes, I think I've already added all your tutorials to :)

Heaps of prizes!

Lots of tutorials!

Starting in May.

Get involved :)

Thanks Void


OK, silly question but where is the poll?

Looked everywhere.

maybe it'd be worth creating a separate thread to advertise the poll, considering there's such a low amount of people who've voted in it?

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