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Videos / 2006 Videos
« on: October 28, 2008, 11:58:48 PM »
2006 (in order of appearance)
My 2nd Video... 7th Lord (french style)
"Sur le fil" by Eric & Antonin (with trailer) Eric and Antonin show trailer
best of 2005 EJC etc
Matt Hall & Ryo Yabe diabolo workshop!
Silver Creek Jugglers Matt_, Dracodragon, Matt Hall et al, lots of good stuff
Video of William! (from WJF)
school talent show Bens routine
Abe Ziamehr video
Ypres 2006 a convention video edited by Martijn and RoB
Diaboloescence R-one cool video
SanderP's first video
Drop it like its hot :: Spink, Ginger Tom and sean_
2 cups 2
Diaboloists on Taiwanese TV WJF winner William
Buskonature video of Busk, summer 2006
NK 2006 DVD trailer of the Dutch Juggling Championships 2006 DVD
Langley's Devils Diabolo an awesome yoyo-influenced style video by Stephen Langley (LaNgErZ), definitely a must-see
Sunny Dayabolo Diabolumberto's summer 2006 video
NK 2006 Fatboy Slim Remix Remix of the Dutch Juggling Championships 2006 on "That old pair of jeans"
Perhaps I can 2 new videos by Captaine Buisson
Better Together A video by Arjan, Ceri-Anne and Martijn
"Fil et Refile" A video with the highlights of Eric & Antonin's new act collaboration video 2006 The forum collaboration video, edited by Martijn and Pieter (g0t)
Crawley convention A video starring Zack, Marc, Chris, Josh and Pete, filmed at Crawley
Bordeaux 2006 convention A convention video by Aurélien
Jordan's Summer 2006 video
Diabolo Freshman a video by Josh and Matthew
Diabolo in the 21st century by Dekel Azulay
Electric Drill Diabolo Start
Taiwan Yo Yo Contest 2006 Diabolo Demonstration
Notre diab de paris a video by Captaine Buisson, Tahia and Petit Lu
Taiwan diabolo video collection
Jordan's Extention to Arjan's Integral Genocide
Nate and Jacob Sharpe - Circus Smirkus 2006
Diabolocamp No 1 Convention Video 1 a convention video, edited by Flo (sparx)
Diabolocamp No 1 Convention Video 2 a convention video, edited by Flo (sparx)
3 diabolos feed the suns by dekel azulay
A short video by Zack Turner 3d madness like usual
Bit of E&A's Sur Le Fil on YouTube (direct link available as well)
William's streaming videos A few videos of William
Zack Turner Crawley Performance
Finnish Diabolo Convention
Chris, Ben, and Matt at Berkeley 2006
Imperfect Cirquel Collaboration video of Italian jugglers, including Busk.
M4U - Excalibur Games
Priam: Diabolord New video of Priam's performance, wearing a special costume
The three dutchmen Video of Sander, Bas and Gijs
Chestnut diabolo man Autumn all over the place!
Sharpes: "Wheels" Simply outstanding - a must see
Quebec's Convention 2007 Promo!
Video of a spanish forum [url=][/url] Collaborative video from a few Spanish diabolo players
2006 Session A video from Le Raton Laveur
Introducing Flow
An Even Shorter Video - Zack 3d 3d btb + double armstall
Ryo Yabe in Taiwan

Videos / 2005 Videos
« on: October 28, 2008, 11:58:28 PM »
2005 (in order of appearance)
Sharpes and Bates, Circus Smirkus, 2005
Thank you
T.S.T!! my new vidéo Tahia awesome 3d tricks as well as 2d and even some 1d ;)
Czech Freestyle competition Ladronka 2005 edited video nice 1,2 and 3d
Drop And Change Diaboloumbertos excellent video
Shirtless Man Doing Diabolo by Jacob Sharpes
Trailer for Lena and Priam Show
Convention Bruxelles 2005 including Thierry vertax
Diabolo Division@VHYC2005
"when the large tuft meet the bush!!" Tahia and Capt Buisson
The Best of Circusplanet 2005
Leeds 05 show
Gunn High school video! (boxes, diabolo, balls, clubs!)
Matt Hall ditches WJF for high school talent show!
Busk: benvenuto in mia casa
Seán_ Leeds 05
Tempei Leeds 05
Vux Leeds 05
The Matt Hall & Ryo Yabe Show!
Diabolo movie for the heck of it j j777
Convention in Ieper (Ypres) + video's several videos, look through the thread be sure to find Noitbicarts video with plenty of Anonin
Ryo Yabe at WJF video that you will want to watch.
A little excalibur video artistic video of ecalibur on a drum and bass tip
Snowday video the Sharpes brothers debut video.
Firing Squad, by Ifrit Irfrits first video, 1d JiBe-esque style
Makky video Makky from Japan, his routine for the FEDC. fast and smooth 2d.
First video Of Xam ! Great video, slow and stylish 1 and 2 diabolo. video includes a great quad sprinkler.
Tetsyas back two more great videos from Italian diabolo maestro
my diabolo routine Assaf on stage
1D Arm Combo ronnie2tone, long combo of arm moves, monorails, inverse 8's etc.
Kumiankka's educational video anouncement of new educational DVD
FEDC02 Results & video Japanese Diabolo competition. great diaboloing with Makky (2d) and E-da (1d)
4 Brussel Sprouts Ti-tom, Gaëlle, Martin, and Diego young amazing diaboloists
Bungay Balls Up, UK convention video
"Diabolos Night" Act Priams beautifull and technical UV and light diabolo act.
trick of the week ... the french side sveral innovative 2D tricks by God_is_a_DJ
FEDC02 routine Fariu (Takashi) performance competition routine from the FEDC02
IJA 2004 vid (and Lutkus Mirroring) infamous Diabolo_comp vid, Ryo, Hall, Takeshi, Burrage etc, all 1d variety of styles
Nantes Convention
Jacob and Nate (Sharpes), 2nd video
Diab à Palawai great video, more of a short film than a traditional video
israeli nike video! great take of the famous nike football battle adverts
Double antisuicide to sprinkler to swinging sfan Mad combo by JGherkin. also one by Norbi with transfers instead of sfans
Davvid video #2 Lovely 3d and 1d
Sean giving up on 3... a little 1d practice lovely 3d synch and asynch, plus great 1d
new Norbi video (number 4 i think) Sweet video, tons of transfers and minicoloumns etc.
Some of my diabolo videos. videos from Dracodragon
I'm bored Yahikomibu video
The result of Isolation Ifrits second video, lovely stylish diaboloing and poi, well edited
Tout en finesse video from Jojo
NJF (Dutch Juggling Convention)
Diabolo-Day in Mechelen, Belgium including some records by Trash and Tony
"Smile", by Sean & Kris great video 1,2,3d passing and moves
Diabolos from Spain 2d arm moves a plenty
The Leeds Lot Video 2nd Leeds video, 1d 2d and multilevel
[video]Trailer diabolumberto video
Jonas Zeller fast oldschool renegade  video
Cleveland  Jugglers video
Prague convention (mfp etc)
jojo's video
a couple of matts  video
2 cups and an axle The twinsx2 get bullied into relesing a  trick  packed  video
Fred 2005 amazing video 1,2 and 3 with tricks
Ryo Yabe WJF promo
Norbi WJF promo (juggling)
"I have a dream" and a video bonus Yahikomibu vids
Diabolocam video what happens when you attach a camera to your diabolo.
diabolicatessen Capitaine buisson video
Cleveland Jugglers: Old Performance
Vertical Reality in Russia !!!
WJF box/diabolo trailer
Klíma on holiday
Shopping at BJ's J_J777's first video
Feel Good Inc. Dai and Bertrand, innovative diabolo tricks
videos & photos - czech juggling convention 2005 lots of vids including Antonin
FEDC03 results (and Makky, Saito & others videos) Japanese top notch diaboloing
Monregi´s New Video
The lost video of Norbi (FOUND!)
Video to celebrate the 10000th post! Arjans excellent video with Ceri Anne

Videos / 2004 Videos
« on: October 28, 2008, 11:55:58 PM »
new videos on handtrap based two diabolo suicides
Niels, 9 year old Belgian amazing youngster (2d) second video within thread, He's getting even better.
MattF, seán_ and Matt_H Diabolo Video Leeds diaboloists, lots of behind the back magic knottery, some lesser seen tricks with two and one diabolos
Active sun motion: Yufi's video long combos
Ofek Shilton another amazing youngster (2 & 3d)
[video] Tony Frebourg - 3 & 4 Diabolo Tricks including 3 diabolo sprinkler
Tomeilon welcome vid
2 videos from AssaF
old Takahiro freestyle, with hyperloop!
JGherkin new video, Diaboloho great diaboloing in a variety of urban settings (also unicycling)
A video to celebrate the RELEASE of DIABOLOGY! Antonin and Eric sublime diaboloing
Arjan's sprinkler, stall, s-fan trick Arjans trick of the week on
Italian diabolo: Tetsuya 1 2 3 diabolo trix
Tony Frebourg TV Performance
Ti-Tom video (great diaboloing...and dancing)
Wes debuts his fisrt edited video plenty of tricks in cluding 3 low and high. some nice juggling also
..Just a trick (1d unamed trick) Itsik Orr performs a one stick whip trick
Loop string video Loop routine by Barnesy.  1 and 2 diabolo moves using a loop

General / Melbourne Juggling Convention - diabolo video
« on: October 05, 2008, 01:04:32 PM »
The Melbourne juggling convention ran over 3 days from the 26th of Sept.

There were 250 jugglers and many diaboloists.

Here's 2 videos showing some of the skills on display.

Needs sound - Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:


Gear / Re: Henry's Circus - Vega light kit - please rate your opinion
« on: March 16, 2007, 03:42:14 AM »
 :P Hmmm.... Thanks heaps for all the responses.

This is what I've gathered from what I've seen so far:

1. The MB light kits are cheaper, lighter and better than the Vega

2. The mounting brackets for the Circus to fit the MB light kit makes the diabolos unbalanced  >:(

3. It would be more adviseable to go with MB G2 diabolo's with the light kits.

What are the moon G2's?  Are they the luminous ones?

Thanks for all your help


Gear / Re: Henry's Circus - Vega light kit - please rate your opinion
« on: March 14, 2007, 11:12:38 PM »
Thanks a lot Will.

Do you think the Babache light kits are better than the Henry's Vega?

Please help - there's so many choices!


Gear / Henry's Circus - Vega light kit - please rate your opinion
« on: March 14, 2007, 04:59:15 AM »
Hi guys,

I've got Henry's circus and want to enjoy the thrill of using light kits without having to purchase Mr. Babche (not cause I don't like them but just don't want to fork out for another 3 new diabolo's if I can help it)  ;D

Does anyone know what the light kits on the Henry's are like?  issues, problems with breaking, unbalanced?

I'd love to have a bit of prior knowledge before ordering.

Thanks in advance!


Gear / Re: Henrys light kits
« on: December 02, 2006, 07:58:31 AM »
Thanks for the advice guys - it seems that the Henry's kits aren't the best at the moment but the Mr. Babache ver 4 kit with the conversion is the way to go.

Are these Mr Babche kits robust and a good buy?  I know we're up to version 4 already.


Gear / Henrys light kits
« on: November 29, 2006, 08:13:59 AM »
I'm looking at buying some henrys light kits but wanted to know if anyone's tried them and what they thought of them:



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