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Videos / Long Series on Diabolo
« on: October 29, 2010, 06:04:33 PM »
It's amazing to see new talent around you. I just saw this video from Timo and Jalmari and decided to share it with you since I liked it quite much. 

Long Series On Diabolo.

Videos / Official FDC 2010 videos
« on: August 18, 2010, 06:08:38 PM »
Every year we try to film stuff with other organizers. This year Samuli and I filmed quite a few dv cassettes of stuff. I'm slowly trying to work my way through all the materials out here. Now I'm at the point where I can say that we will be putting out more videos of Finnish Diabolo Convention than usual. Mostly because the trick jam was huge success. I'll publish one video here every other day, starting from today. We have videos from many things and not everything we filmed will be published (Galashow etc.). I hope you like what we provide and we wish to see even more faces in FDC next year. You're more that welcome to our festival.

Videos listed below:

FDC Trick Jam part 1, [noembed][/noembed] [noembed][/noembed]
FDC Trick Jam part 2, [noembed][/noembed] [noembed][/noembed]
FDC Trick Jam part 3, [noembed][/noembed] [noembed][/noembed]
FDC Trick Jam part 4, [noembed][/noembed] [noembed][/noembed]
FDC Trick Jam part 5, [noembed][/noembed] [noembed][/noembed]
FDC Trick Jam part 6, [noembed][/noembed] [noembed][/noembed]
FDC Allergy Twins montage, [noembed][/noembed]
FDC Trick Jam part 7, [noembed][/noembed] [noembed][/noembed]
FDC Trick Jam part 8, [noembed][/noembed] [noembed][/noembed] (audio disabled on youtube vid)
FDC Trick Jam part 9, [noembed][/noembed]

Also to get all to one place, while waiting for other official videos, check these out:

Jumpers FDC2010 videos:

General / EJC Live - No-Spin diabolo by Marko and Tommi
« on: July 27, 2010, 11:50:52 AM »
Hey all, you might have heard about this yesterday. We are going to broadcast diabolo workshop live from EJC. We did one workshop of this yesterday but didn't have it broadcasted. We will re-run the whole workshop just for guys. Official start up time is around 18:00. But we won't start the workshop before the special stage show (starting 17:00) has ended, due to the hall being too dark to film our workshop.

So if we aren't online 18:00 sharp don't worry, have a cup of tea and wait for it. ;) We'll get online once Nathan and us are ready. Workshop will be given by Marko and Tommi from Finland and will contain some really interesting stuff. 

On top of this we will have a competition for online people so if you want to win some yo-yo products sponsored by Circus Rubberduck (Aaro and Marko) get prepared to do some facebooking or tweeting during the episode. We will go through how this works during the workshop. See you tonight online friends.

General Info

Every year Finnish Diabolo sportsmen gather up in one town to settle once and for all who is the best with diabolo that year. This tradition has started in 2009 and now we were happy to fight 3 full days to decide the who is the king. The system works like this, there's no point in arguing who is the most artistic. So contests we have strong emphasis on technical skill which is clearly less subjective and can be measured easier. I'm here to give you full results of 2010 nationals and also to share some videos which were recorded. Please don't start the endless debate of who might be better, we know there are many talented diabolo jugglers who did not compete this year. It's useless to speculate how they would have placed if they had competed. Thing is that they DID NOT. Even thou we think sharing videos online is good thing and should be encouraged one can hardly measure the skill level when there's no knowledge how many takes it might have needed. Videos we will provide here are all filmed live at the contests. Please note that all the tricks you see here are done in front of panel of judges and with crowd no less that 100 people. As you might imagine there's pressure and other things that competitions bring. So please respect all the tricks and understand the drops. Drops and mistakes are not edited away from these videos, this way you can really see how good people really are. Finnish Diabolo Association welcomes everybody to come, compete and have good time with other diaboloists again in 2011. I hope we will have more people helping out organization and even more competitors to make the game more interesting.

In short the rules are following, everybody must attend to "most vertax genocides in a minute", "most diabolo one can throw longest", "most 3d 3up pirouettes in a minute". After these everybody can choose 4 freestyles to take part from the following list: 1d, 2d, 3d, 1d vertax, 1d loop, 2d loop, 1d bearing, 2d bearing, 1d vertax bearing, 1d loop bearing and 2d loop bearing. Of course everybody will choose the freestyles he/she is best at. Series are for men, women and young. This year we did full competition with men series. Women and young did only one freestyle (because of the low amount of competitors). As you can see some freestyles (1d, 2d and 3d) you get more points, we like to emphasis what we feel is important skill to have and also to bring up good competition. In obligatory sports only top5 will be awarded. Enough talk, here are the results.

Overall results, women

1stKatri Janatuinen[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals - 1st women Katri Janatuinen[/noembed]

Overall results, young

1stIsac Nyman

Overall results men
1stAaro Kontio51 pts.
2ndMiro Kaiponen38 pts.
3rdMarko Akkanen36 pts.
4thTommi Ollikainen32 pts.
5thSamuli Männistö31 pts.
6thAntti Nerg30 pts.
7thJussi Jaakkosela26 pts.
8thAtte Mattson19 pts.
9thHenry Mattson8 pts.

Winners by categories and freestyles:
(to give more exact info who succeeded in what, if we have videos those are added next to name and place)

1stAaro Kontio10 pts.
2ndSamuli Männistö9 pts.
3rdMarko Akkanen8 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 3rd 1D Marko Akkanen[/noembed]
4thTommi Ollikainen7 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 4th 1D Tommi Ollikainen[/noembed]
5thJussi Jaakkosela6 pts.
6thAntti Nerg5 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 6th 1D Antti Nerg[/noembed]
7thAtte Mattson4 pts.

1stAaro Kontio10 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 1st 2D Aaro Kontio[/noembed]
2ndAntti Nerg9 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 2nd 2D Antti Nerg[/noembed]
3rdTommi Ollikainen8 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 3rd 2D Tommi Ollikainen[/noembed]
4thJussi Jaakkosela7 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 4th 2D Jussi Jaakkosela[/noembed]
5thAtte Mattson6 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 5th 2D Atte Mattson[/noembed]

1stAaro Kontio10 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 1st 3D Aaro Kontio[/noembed]
2ndMiro Kaiponen9 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 2nd 3D Miro Kaiponen[/noembed]
3rdHenry Mattson8 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 3rd 3D Henry Mattson[/noembed]
4thTommi Ollikainen7 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 4th 3D Tommi Ollikainen[/noembed]
5thAtte Mattson6 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 5th 3D Atte Mattson[/noembed]
6thJussi Jaakkosela5 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 6th 3D Jussi Jaakkosela[/noembed]

1D vertax
1stMarko Akkanen8 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 1st vertax Marko Akkanen[/noembed]
2ndSamuli Männistö7 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 2nd vertax Samuli Männistö[/noembed]
3rdAaro Kontio6 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 3rd vertax Aaro Kontio[/noembed]
4thMiro Kaiponen5 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 4th vertax Miro Kaiponen[/noembed]
5thAntti Nerg4 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 5th vertax Antti Nerg[/noembed]
6thAtte Mattson3 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 6th vertax Atte Mattson[/noembed]

1D loop
1stMiro Kaiponen8 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 1st 1D Loop Miro Kaiponen[/noembed]

2D loop
1stJussi Jaakkosela8 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 1st 2D Loop Jussi Jaakkosela[/noembed]

1D bearing
1stSamuli Männistö8 pts.
2ndMarko Akkanen7 pts.
3rdTommi Ollikainen6 pts.

1D vertax bearing
1stMarko Akkanen8 pts.
2ndAntti Nerg7 pts.
3rdSamuli Männistö6 pts.

1D loop bearing
1stMiro Kaiponen8 pts.[noembed]Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2010 - 1st 1D Bearing Loop Miro Kaiponen[/noembed]

1D vertax genocides in a minute
1stAaro Kontio5 pts.
1stMiro Kaiponen5 pts.
1stMarko Akkanen5 pts.
4thTommi Ollikainen2 pts.
5thAntti Nerg1 pts.
Rest were given no points (not enough to reach top 5, disqualified or not attended)

Most diabolos in air for longest
1stAaro Kontio5 pts.
2ndAntti Nerg4 pts.
3rdMiro Kaiponen3 pts.
4thTommi Ollikainen2 pts.
5thSamuli Männistö1 pts.
Rest were given no points (not enough to reach top 5, disqualified or not attended)

Most 3d 3up pirouettes in a minute
1stAaro Kontio5 pts.
Rest were given no points (not enough to reach top 5, disqualified or not attended)



ps.  I have only 19 videos of freestyles. For next year we need one person to film and release all the videos. Anybody can volunteer for that, this year the 19 is all what we have. They are quite randomly filmed and won't always contain highlights.

Videos / Finnish Diabolo and Yoyo Nationals 2010
« on: May 19, 2010, 07:37:00 PM »
Filmed by Jumper. Thank you! I think in time we might be able to put the freestyles online if they haven't deleted the footage. Not gonna lie, it will take forever with my schedule... Meantime, enjoy this video.

Finnish Diabolo and Yo-Yo Nationals 2010

Tricks / Yo-yo tricks with diabolo
« on: February 18, 2010, 08:41:43 PM »
Okay so here's the deal. When some body calls diabolo slacks and eiffels "yo-yo tricks" they are horribly wrong. For instance try asking any yoyoer to do J-whip (underwhip). He won't know what you are talking about.  Yo-yo tricks and diabolo tricks are totally different thing. And you cannot do yo-yo tricks with diabolo like they are meant to do (talking about 1A style here).

The problem with slacks are that people aren't using their fingers enough. In 1a yoyo tricks people use their fingers a lot. In diabolo people limit them selves to only to sticks which could be compared to using only middle fingers in yoyoing. I've seen "double or nothing" done in before. But that really doesn't work at all like double or nothing should work. You can get much more close to the real double or nothing. What helps usually is to think that the stick is our middle finger now you have at least forefinger and thumb free for the tricks.

But to take a trick from yo-yo to diabolo you need to understand some yo-yoing principles first. I have figured out some easy ones for you but please do discover more by yourself. And try those tricks out. If any questions on this i will try to answer. I have a hunch that Nick or Langerz have tried these out before so all the respect for them.

Here's a little tutorial on it:
Yoyo tricks with diabolo - tutorial

Alternative one for Vimeo users:
Yoyo tricks with diabolo - tutorial

General / Diabolo Flash game - based on Diabolothon Vertax Sprint 400m
« on: January 09, 2010, 05:10:34 PM »
Okay so i had to make a small flash game for school. So if I must take time off from my practice time to do school work i might as well do the school work about diabolo. Now this game introduces Vertax Sprint from Finnish Diabolo Association official track & field championships. And yes, you get to play.

I hope this cheers you up a little. I got 700points, i believe you can top that pretty easily. ;)

The bugs/features i already know:
-you can't get back to main menu once you start the game
-songs loop annoyingly
-yea the buttons aren't standard, up and down simulates your left hand so it's pretty logical ;) but pretty claustrophobic. Diaboloing isn't easy ergo the game ain't easy

Videos / Jussi - Unofficial advertising video for FDC
« on: June 12, 2009, 10:56:24 AM »
I can see that Jussi has made new video. The infinite suicides were freaking good last time, now the variations seem to be going towards plain mad. Thanks Jussi for advertising the festival unofficially and creating all those tricks...

unofficial advertising video for fdc

General / Wrap tutorial webpage
« on: May 13, 2009, 01:35:36 PM »
While ago i requested some suggestions for tutorials you would want me to create. All that can be found from this topic: Now it's time to give you the fruits from that. It's not perfect but it's free. Also it's not tutorials in our traditional YouTube form.

The whole web page is about wraps. Feel free to try it out and i hope that even some of you will learn something from it. Here's everything:

-Your friendly neighborhood diaboloman.

General / In which country diabolo is most popular in? -Finland.
« on: February 25, 2009, 08:09:04 PM »
It is so if you believe in Google trends.

It seems that the country that searches most often word "diabolo"
is actually Finland. When i first saw this in Finnish forum i was flabbergasted.
And still can't believe it.

Here are the facts:

So according to that, the diabolo is most popular here. Compared to other country's that is.
Next is Belgium, then Austria... list continues. Most popular cities would be Oldenburg, Bremen,
Nancy, Helsinki, Brasilia... Quite interesting results.

General / Tutorial suggestions for a small diabolo software
« on: January 08, 2009, 03:18:45 PM »
I thought that i had studied enough computer science to get minor out of it. Turns out i haven't. Still missing on course. Long story short, today i found my self on the lecture of something like "Creating Teaching Environments for the Internet". Surprise surprise. We are going to make a teaching software for the internet. Since i can chose what to make. I decided to create a diabolo software/website/flash thing. Now it is your chance as a community members to request more tutorials, this time in the form of animation, pictures and text. And not too advanced stuff fellas, just something the new people can benefit from. If more advanced, they will have to be quite easy to make ;)

It could be like:

*explanations on different fans / a simulation of different fans.
*string length game for beginners

If you got any ideas i would appreciate it a lot. I don't see why we can't benefit from this more than the points i get from this course....

Videos / Collaboration videos 08
« on: December 28, 2008, 11:24:19 AM »
Before the year ends and new starts i was asked to post these here. is a finnish juggling forum this year it was my turn to edit the videos.
And here they are. Some of you have seen them already, most people probably not.
Three parts including juggling. It's not only diabolo but is has much diabolo there.
Hope you have fun while watching these.

Chapter 3:
ps. Thanks for Lz for giving me the xcon.

Chapter 2:

Chapter 1:

Gear / Finnish Diabolo Kit
« on: December 25, 2008, 06:54:01 PM »
Now here it is finally. Many of you have seen it in EJC Karlsruhe.
It's been tested for a year now and it truly is a worth of it's reputation.
Every single piece of these have been modified by hand and assembled
in Finland. A lovely piece of design and craftsmanship.

What it does? Well it just adds almost 100grams of extra weight which you
don't need. Diabolo becomes little more unstable but it doesn't wobble too much.
But that's now what we are looking for. It just enhances your diabolo experience
and get's you in the "creative" mood with just couple uses.

I will have to recheck the price if somebody happens to want one since i just
can't remember how much i paid for the parts. Lost the receipts while testing the
actual product... Probably Crackers will love it although he already has his own
ways of opening bottles. Enough said check out the promo picture.


Now, i didn't think this would happen. But seems like it did. I was uploading one new card trick clip to youtube and there it was. A new uploading system which checks your audio track for copyrighted music. So they had a claim for my video. First they obtained a right to advertise on the same page. A day later the video was blocked in several countries including my own. Well the same didn't affect my old videos so seems like the check happens with every new upload. There's no big problems in older videos since i've used lots of copyright free music. Of course i have done some copyright violations as well...

Just telling this so you guys know this when you're editing your videos. When you have edited your stuff to precisely to music it's just annoying to do all the work again for another music. This is what i had to do.

This might cause some problems with uploading clips from performances. If people use just any pop music in performance. And even if the copyrights have been payed for the event itself the copyrights won't allow the same music usage in youtube. Or does it? Seems like i'm moving to

Here's a guestion for mods here, does the direct link embedding work for videos or will i have to post code to here in the future?

Currently youTube is the place i use to find music if i don't know which song it is. And it's fast and easy since there's lots of music there. We will see how all this affects to youtube users and popularity of the service.... Here's one link for you,

Videos / Vertax - down-vertax / four points vertax tutorial
« on: July 27, 2008, 03:07:13 AM »
Hi friends,

People ask about advanced tutorials quite a lot and since many of
you people can't attend to FDC (Finnish Diabolo Convention), i decided
to share one of the workshops with you. Here is the general idea,
probably we will start with this concept and see where the workshop
goes after this.

The whole thing is about doing vertax (excalibur) in different positions.
Down and up.  The tutorial isn't the easiest way to learn things so
if there is any questions about this stuff. I'd be delighted to answer them.
So just write it down here or if you're coming to EJC or FDC this year just
come and chat with me.

Concentrate for 10minutes on this.  ;) Here's the tutorial:
(Edit - Sean: Click twice on the video and switch to high quality. It's worth it.)

Experiment on this stuff and feel free to use it. Have a great summer.


Hi friends,

I've been silent for a while. I didn't want to bring the old topic up from the dumpster,
so i opened up a new topic for this. Oh there was much talk about this on last time. Now the articles
have been updated and corrected. Last time you saw them they were all translated by me.
We got great help from Duncan and now you can actually understand what we tried to say in
the essays. Thanks for corrections.

Here are the articles:

So if you haven't tried those yet consider them as a free workshops on knots.


Gear / Names for the each diabolo part
« on: April 06, 2008, 11:45:20 PM »
Okay, i have one small thing i want to get just right. Like discussed elsewhere here
there's many of us who are not native English users. So i would need some help from
you natives over here. And please be accurate on the writing of the terms, because all
the hate mail i'll receive later, will get a reference to these posts here :)

So when i take a diabolo in to the parts, what are the correct names for each part?

And here i start guessing some names:

1. The biggest one is, "Cup"
2. "Hub" is the piece that usually fits to the cup quite well.
3. The big flat thing inside the cup is called "Washer" right?

Actually this is the end of my English on this matter.

4. The small thing inside the cup is?
5. Name for the ring that is the center part?
6. Axle is the long pipe with screw things in it?

Now, if diabolo has the axel part, hubs in one a big piece of chunk
as in Fly's for example. What do you call it then?

How do you define what's a kit?

I think this will do for now, though i think i'll be having some questions
later... :) This language barrier/translation work is sometimes pretty annoying...

People keep asking about subjects to make some tutorials.
Apparently it's quite hard for me to recognize the native
English speakers, so here's my challenge for you.

Make a "tutorial" where you talk and give your opinions about
some of next subjects:

-Creating new tricks
-Numbers juggling (2d, 3d, 4d...) vs. Variety of tricks with single diabolo
-Different ways to practice
-How to create an diabolo act
-Structure of different kinds of diabolo acts (art, variety, for spectators, for jugglers, comedy)
-Busking is/isn't peforming
-How to do street performance with diabolo

Videos / Diabolo training day - workout
« on: March 14, 2008, 12:37:28 AM »
Hi fellas,

Diabolo training season has begun again. Workout and get fit
before summer. This way you can have nice and tight six pack
and just look cool when laying in the beach.

Don't forget that the best athletes will be again awarded
at the end of the summer in Diabolothon championships
in the FDC 08.

Here's some training footage:

Tricks / The Scandinavian knot theory (four essays, some videos)
« on: January 07, 2008, 10:30:57 PM »
Hi friends, this is actually an extension to an old topic. But that's already from
the year 04, so no need to dig any deeper on that. You can find it if you want to
see what it was about then. Anyhow, we did some translating for our web page.
Which included four articles about creating knot tricks with diabolo.

Three articles were published on the subject in Xmas 2004 and one now (based on
the stuff we discovered then). So as said the stuff is pretty old but for my opinion
they belong to basic knowledge of diabolo. And therefore should be translated.
Also there are lots of new jugglers around here and this might be new stuff for them.
Actually there's lot thinking behind it, but if you have explored knots before,
you probably know most of the stuff already. Advanced guys don't get
jumped off. But for everybody, just use 30mins of your time and read them trough.
So this is basically a tool for creating tricks and realizing how they are constructed.

Enough said. I won't paste whole articles to here but all are straight links.
We are also keeping the copyrights ;)

A Theory about the knots: - Basics -

A Theory about the knots: -The Dead points 1-

A Theory about the knots: -The Dead points 2-

A Theory about the knots: -Alternative ways-

Hope there's something for even though the performing is over simplified
for faster learning. And thanks to Aaro, without him this stuff wouldn't be


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