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Videos / Re: Another Day - diabolo video
« on: August 02, 2017, 10:51:15 PM »
Woah !! Amazing quality and images. You guys used the drone in a way that fits the video and not like "look what we got" (and film everything with a drone), I appreciate that. ;) And about the diabolo :-D, great as always! And when i say what the highlight was for me, it is again an insult to all your incredible tricks, but 2:22 - 2:32, damn !!  8)

I think the meaning is clear, the 'to join what?' could be the question, but to me it is clear it means 'join the community'.

Or was your problem different? Keep in mind we will define goals afterwards...

Yes, "portraying us as an inclusive and friendly community's" it not clear to me how we will do this, but you're right, problems for later maybe...

and about the 'skills' of course we want that in, but now it reads like "skills, and yeah creativity also". While if you say "creativity and yeah skills also", this is a different accent and I think people doing diabolo for fun only, are more likely to accept in the last order... :-)

Sounds good Wis! (happy you didn't choose option 1 ;-) )

about the visions, I would like to discuss a bit about the 3rd vision because this one isn't clear for me:
"To present to the world the highest level of diabolo skill and creativity whilst simultaneously portraying us as an inclusive and friendly community's. Also, inviting others to join."
First I think it is better to switch 'skill' and 'creativity', or just skip the 'skills': "To present to the world the highest level of diabolo creativity."
Second, "...whilst simultaneously portraying us as an inclusive and friendly community's. Also, inviting others to join." what does this mean? If I should vote I don't think this would be clear to me... so I think we have to make this a bit more clear/specific, before opening the poll.

Also, can people change their mind and vote again?

"I say we get one more 'option' and then open a voting forum? Once we get a vote, we can move onto deciding the details for next years video etc."
“I am just saying than the final goal, might be more subjective than rational, there may be people saying "any submission should be in", I hope they are not majority.”
Indeed that’s why voting maybe isn’t the best solution :p If everyone who’s subjective feelings are hurt by this collab, is voting for including everyone just for their own happiness this could be the wrong vision on the purpose of diabolo on the long term. I think we have to be rational about that.
People that are saying to include everyone didn't gave arguments for it, maybe voting is too easy and not rational enough...
I'm just saying, I'm just saying... don't want to thwart your plans... :)
What I would do is this: ask for argument pro or contra for any of the proposed options... I think we can find the best option by that, and then I mean the best option for diabolo and for the community.

“Maybe the issue here is that you keep repeating unique and creative because you think people are not getting your point, but I believe it is actually you the one is ignoring what other people are saying is their goal of the collab. They just have a different opinion.”
I’m surprised you say this… I’ve followed the discussion closely and responded to a lot of comments…

I think it’s important, and that is what I tried to do with my responses, to lift up the discussion out of the range of ‘opinions’. Everybody has his own opinion about this, that’s a problem, so what we need are arguments to come to a consensus. I don’t think we will agree by just saying what your opinion is. Giving your opinion with reasonable arguments allows others to build up a thought construction.
I don’t see how we can build if we have no fundament. (you just gave a new possible fundament:
"using the collaboration as a promotional video for diabolo around the world"
this is the first time anyone mentions this I think? Before you said:
“I want more people to enjoy diabolo, both by practising and watching.”
now it is more clear to me. I'm curious what other people think about this.)

I just try to find arguments from you to understand why it’s important to have gender, nationality and age as selection criteria. The collab as 'a promotional video' makes it more clear to me.
I already gave arguments why I don’t think these are good criteria.

6 Collaboration Video / Re: Re: Diabolo Collaboration Video 2016
« on: November 28, 2016, 10:44:56 AM »
“i just wanted to say that we should trust in the editor to make choices. at leat we voted for clement to edit the video, so we should be good with the decision he makes.  ”
True :) but this is what we need to agree about: are there guidelines needed (and I think most of us are willing to accept guidelines if this avoids unhappy people) and if so, which one? Of course the editor eventually will be the executive power but we as a group are the legislative power.

@Wis I think I see your point but I think this will lead to trouble… :) If you want representatives for sectors in the community, where will this division end? The sectors are endless…
Does it matter there is no female equivalent to Etienne? It’s not necessary to have a collaboration video full with beasty moves, they have to be “unique” and “creative” (sorry I keep saying this, but I have a bit the feeling nobody is picking up these criteria, and for me they seem the most general, less discriminating). There is no single reason why a girl or any person from any nationality can make a creative shot.
To talk a bit more about uniqueness and creativity ( ;) ) :
“I think ensuring that the best clip sent from a girl to the editor makes it to the final cut is a good way to help to have better level in the future.”
I have the feeling your aim of the collab is showing skills? (at least that’s what I read between the lines ;) ) Let Etienne do his unique beasty moves and let the girls do some creative stuff, no reason the exclude any of them. But including a girl because she’s a girl, seems to me a wrong selection argument.
Does it matter for the purpose of the collab if there are a few or a lot Spanish diabolo players? :)

About the two videos: just thinking about that gives me already the feeling of disunity. True there will be no perfect solution but we have to find the second best, and I think two videos isn’t the second best… ;)

Making a poll doesn’t seem a good idea to me either… like you said: a fraction will vote. And we all know where voting leads to, before we know Trump is editing the next years collab… :D

“So what we have here is a subjective decision to include people in a collaboration video based on the quality of the clip and the quality of the trick on the clip.”
The selection will always be subjective, but do you agree we have to find guidelines or criteria, which are ok for the community, to make it less random?

“Atleast in my mind collaboration video is not supposed to be some red bull d**k waving contest, but a representation of community.”
Ok this is your opinion, can you tell us why, because now it is just an opinion… Have you read my thoughts about it, where do you disagree with me? :) I already gave some arguments why I think the collab is not just a representation or presentation of people doing diabolo. I also gave arguments why the collab shouldn’t be a ‘high skilled’-selection only.


7 Collaboration Video / Re: Re: Diabolo Collaboration Video 2016
« on: November 25, 2016, 04:26:41 PM »
I’m happy a lot of people shared their thoughts about this.
Here are some replies I would like to give:

“I don't think we will find clear answers to our questions. I don't think we have to. In the end, it has always been the job of the editor, and, it has to be said again, they have all done a great job always, and this one is no exception.”
OK, but maybe this is the problem right now, that a lot of people think there is a problem with this system. It’s not because ‘it has always been the job of the editor’ this is a good/unchangeable thing…

@Aldair Espinosa
“The most important thing is not the quiality of a video, it's how we are togheter like a community.”
Do we agree? This is still the basic question we have to answer in my opinion.
The forum is the way we are together as a community. The video we make each year is a collaboration of people from this community, and this should be a quality collaboration.

“It's interesting to see that a lot of people say that the focus of the collaboration video is to show the rest of the world what can do.
I'd like to ask the question: why is this a priority?”
I don't see what's the point of a collaboration video if we don't share it with the world. I think most of us know eachother from videos, being in one video together can't be the only purpose of a collab? Clément did some advertising like "do you want to be in the video with ****?" ok, that's just teasing people, but that isn't the reason we make the video, is it? It is a collaboration video, not a presenting video.

“Also I don t think that views are important, is more about have fun doing a video wich each member of the comunity than have thounsands of views.”
Yes that’s true, but that doesn’t mean the output doesn’t have to be good quality. Otherwise we should stop uploading this video to youtube, because this is the way you present a video to the world nowadays. Otherwise we just post it on and make it a 'members only' video. (Everyone who’s saying we make it for ourselves, think about this! Is that really the reason?)

“-At least 1 person per country if possible, again depending on submission.
-Wider age range, more kids, perhaps more middle aged/senior citizens?”
"- Presence of female diaboloists"
I don’t think these are valuable criterions. Nationality nor gender can be the reason to include a submission. We don’t discriminate in the diabolo community, so in my opinion nationality nor gender are things we have to discuss about here.
@Wis, I don’t see why this should be selection criteria. Can you tell me why you consider this as important?

“i think we are making ourselfs way to much thoughts about this one.
clement had the job of editing the collab, so he sat the rules. next year it may be someone else editing the video, and that person will set different rules. that's how it's always been, and that's how it should stay.”
Ok, this is a bit like saying “women never had the right to vote, ‘that's how it's always been, and that's how it should stay.’”

Maybe this forum has got too big to let one person decide about a project that is close to a lot of people’s heart…
Two videos definitely won’t solve the problem! Next year the discussion will be about how this and this person should have been in the other video and vice versa… This will easily lead to the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ collab… (exactly what @Furlisht said! (
“To create two collab video seems to me like a bad idea because every trick and person is different, and nobody would want in my opinion to be relegated into the "second video". To me it looks a bit like the misfits videos, in the shadow of the proper collab!”
The idea of people who want to do the task of editing, presenting there thoughts about it, seems a good idea, although this still can lead to unhappy people…
also: I don’t think this is a topic we are spending too much thoughts on nor that it will solve it self.

And I stick to my point: be “unique” and “creative”! this should be the selection criteria we need. (and in my opinion gender and nationality should not be on the list of @Wis selection-criteria…) In my opinion Clément didn't used "technical skills" as selection criteria. There was fun and creativity in this video. And I think there were some nice tricks/clips a lot of people can do, for example: I don’t think it’s very hard to land a diabolo in your nuts while lying on the floor under a diabolo, this is no technical skill, but only Nino has the balls to do it, which resulted in a comic nice clip everybody enjoyed. The same with the trick at the end: a nice collaboration trick of four people and only one need a diaboloskill to whip the diabolo at the end, a lot of people could do this funny thing… remember the guy embracing his mom in a previous collab: not very technical skilled, but oh so funny…  :)

8 Collaboration Video / Re: Re: Diabolo Collaboration Video 2016
« on: November 21, 2016, 11:12:22 AM »
Do we actually want a video that doesn’t exclude anyone except for camera quality? I just ask because we’re now discussing the collab’s fundaments. I think this is some interesting material we have to think about as a community, certainly because this is about how we, the community, represent ourselves to the world in a video each year.
For me the collab is a video we present to the world showing what we are doing with diabolo all around the world.
If we say: ‘anyone who sends a clip in HD will be in the video’, we have to think that through. I don’t know how many members has, but if every member sends a clip this will be a hell of a long video… of course this will never occur, but with the ‘no excluding-rule’ this is what the video will and should be.
I don’t think the collab should be a video that is just presenting people who do diabolo, I think it has to be a video about diabolo and people who can do “original”, “unique” things with a diabolo. In my opinion this should be the aim of the collaboration: showing the world what we, the diabolo community, can do with a diabolo.
And with this purpose in mind I think it is reasonable to select clips. And don’t get me wrong I don’t say it has to be the top of the best diabolo people around the world, the clip has to be original and unique and this doesn’t have to do with technical skills. People who can do an infinite suicide as their best trick will not be selected if they film this in their backyard (sorry but what does that bring to the video/community/the world? we have seen that thousands of times, it's just not representing diabolo as it is today) BUT if you do this trick on the top of your house with a spectacular sunset behind you and fighting a bear in the mean time, this could be a very interesting clip to include. So in my opinion skills can’t be a problem for not being in the video, but if you’re not skilled there has to be something else that makes it worth to include your clip.
I think it doesn’t have to be too easy to be in the collab (just ‘doing diabolo’ isn’t enough), we have to put a bit of effort in it. Those who are really skilled can do a beasty move in their backyard and be in the video because of their skills (and their effort was in the hours/years of practice it took to manage this beasty move). Those who don’t have these skills will have to put effort in something else: amazing location, creativity, humour, etc.
So the collab has to be about the best clips (not about the best diabolo players), and I think it is necessary to ‘select’ them.

Ok, so that was my opinion about it, I would like to hear your thoughts. Maybe you don’t agree with my basic premise about what a diabolo collaboration is, or should be. If so let us know your thoughts about it, I think this is the first thing we have to agree about before making up rules…

Videos / Re: Thread for diabolo random-videos
« on: September 15, 2016, 09:19:00 AM »
EJC endurance! Congratulations, Pieter!

Oh there is a video  :-D
Thanks Luis! ;-)

Videos / Fascinosum - 'experimental' diabolo video by Pieter
« on: August 15, 2016, 08:14:48 PM »
Hi diabolo people,

Maybe some of you remember the video I made two years ago: 'Desideratum', a diabolo video which didn't focus on the diabolo technical part. Last year I decided to make a trilogy of it. So in February we've had the second part: 'Tremendum' and now there is the third and final part: 'Fascinosum', probably the most atypical diabolo video of the three...
I think the best way to see this, is by expecting absolutely nothing and just watch it.
I hope you like it! ;)

Practice / Re: Some tricks
« on: April 21, 2016, 11:23:13 AM »
Thanks Pieter,

Are you saying I should move my arms less while doing 3 high?

If so, I think you're right. I think I need to settle into the pattern and then focus on less movement.

Yes! There is absolutely no need to, you easily throw a 5 when doing 2 diabolos high with less bigger moves than your normal 3 high...

Practice / Re: Some tricks
« on: April 19, 2016, 08:30:15 PM »
Hi Richard,

I just want to point out the following, look at your arm movements when you do 2 diabolos high at 1:32, and then look at your arm when you do 3 high...  The problem is probably your mindset as you just proved that you're able to siteswap with 2 diabolos with less bigger arm moves than just doing your normal 3 high!  just do it, 'cause you can! ;)

Community & Events / Re: EJC 2016 - Collab Performance
« on: April 17, 2016, 02:19:54 PM »
Hi :D

This is a really good idea ! i can not be in the EJC this year but we talk about collab and other stuff and maybe it's time to prepare a new collab video soon ?
I have the time this year to editing this if it's possible of course ! :D

You have my vote !!  ;)

Videos / 11 Diabolo Passing Attempt
« on: April 12, 2016, 06:23:05 PM »

Past weekend Guillaume was at the Extreme Convention in Belgium, which gave us the opportunity to do some more passing. We first tried 11 for fun, but soon we both saw the potential/possibility to actually do it... We only practiced for one hour and gave the best of ourselves.
This is the result:

Videos / TREMENDUM 'experimental' diabolovideo
« on: February 16, 2016, 04:11:24 PM »

Here's my new video 'TREMENDUM'.
It's the second part of a trilogy I'm making of diabolo videos which doesn't focus on the diabolo-technical part but more on the video as a whole. Some of you may remember my video 'Desideratum' the first one in this series.

I hope you like it!

Don't forget to watch fullscreen, in full HD, and with a loud volume! ;)

Videos / Re: Professional video "Bring Some Colours"
« on: October 03, 2015, 09:13:00 AM »
yesss really nice!! love the editing!

Videos / Re: D u s t - diabolo video by Pieter Slachmuylders
« on: August 31, 2015, 09:36:55 AM »
Thanks guys! :)

I didn't knew the numbers of the siteswap when I did it :p but I think it is 55660660550 !

Videos / D u s t - diabolo video by Pieter Slachmuylders
« on: August 18, 2015, 07:18:49 PM »

Here is my new diabolo video: D u s t.
two contact combo's, two 4 diabolo high tricks and one 3 diabolo high trick!

I hope you like it! :)

Practice / Re: 3 high stuff
« on: July 22, 2015, 03:42:37 PM »
aha, high stuff, maybe I can help you a bit with that... :)
I would lower the pattern, that will make siteswapping more easy.. I think, in general, you throw to high. Look again at your 51's, you have enough (too much) time to do the 1, the 5 can definitely lower even without lowering your pattern.
In my opinion you make very big arm movements (a reason why you throw so high), maybe it's a good exercise to throw a diabolo without having your string above your head (now every time you throw a diabolo your arms go up and the string comes above your head).
so, in short: less bigger armmoves! (probably, untaught, your pattern will be lower by doing that).
good luck! :)

Videos / DESIDERATUM by Pieter Slachmuylders
« on: October 02, 2014, 12:29:49 PM »

This is my new video, I'm a bit in doubt about posting it here, because I wouldn't describe my video as a 'diabolo video'...
But yeah, there is diabolo in it so anyway: enjoy! ;)

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