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Gear / Re: 5" diabolos?
« on: June 25, 2011, 12:35:06 PM »
edit: also, can you do 2 diabolos with a one way bearing diabolo?

Surely it is possible to do 2, or even 3 with a bearing diabolo. Here are some examples:

And most of the videos by Jem are using bearing diabolo:

Videos / Re: Soul D diabolo crew in malaysia
« on: June 23, 2011, 07:09:48 PM »
Some information in the video's description:

The stick is called 'Acrylic Clear', produced by the Malaysian juggling company 'Eeissa Juggling Malaysia'. The company invited the team 'Soul D' to film this promoting video.

It said that the company will send the products if you are at Malaysia, so don't know whether we can buy it or not :P

Searching for more information...

OMG I have just found a juggling company in Hong Kong, which has the same name. And its location is near my home! :o

Videos / Re: 3d is getting better (runs) + Bonus Sun attempt
« on: June 18, 2011, 08:51:30 PM »
I can even be a tutorial video for me :)
I'm also working on 3d but my situation is quite poor :-|

Maybe you can try to slow dowm the shuffle a bit? I think it can help to reduce the tension and the tiredness of the fast movement ( it is not a professional suggestion! :P)

Performing / Re: Break a leg........ or (string)
« on: June 12, 2011, 07:39:35 PM »
I think the grippy feel of standing on the string and pull it across the bottom of the shoes is not as good as the grippy feeling of using the string for a while, as sometimes it may get to grippy and the feeling is unnatural :P(I have tried this before because I usually use Sundia's string but one day when I was practising in my school, the string broken and I had no more Sundia's string for replacement, so I use Henry's string and then step on it :P)

Same as  seán, standing on the string is not my first choice, I suggest it to be just an emergent solution. :(

Sorry guys, i was quite busy before. And here comes the translation:

From 1:06-1:37
Q: The reason for starting diabolo?
A: When I was still in primary three or four, there are clubs in the school. At first I joined the Tae Kwon Do club and it was popular at that time. Later on some quota had to be cut down as so many people joined the club. My name was cut down and I was arranged to the diabolo club. I didn't think for so much at that time. I thought that I should play it properly as I was arranged to the diabolo club. It was just a destiny and then I kept on playing until now.

From 3:56-4:31
Q: The hardest thing when you are practising?
A: The hardest thing is that whenever I am practising for a new trick, it may get fail and I have to pick back the diabolo. It is tiring if I need to do it continuously. Especially when I first trying 4d low, after starting the third one and I started the fourth diabolo, they collapsed and might roll far away. I think this is the most tiring thing. Maybe you have practised for one hour, and there are about thirty to forty minutes are picking up the diabolos. So the hardest thing is to successfully learn a trick.

From 8:01-8:29
Q: The person who is the most you want to say thanks to?
A: Thanks to our teacher, Miss Wen Shou Zhen. She keeps staying with us when we were small, she works hard with us until now. No matter the budget for travelling out of Taiwan, or some competition, she will pay part of the fee. Thanks to her. If she doesn't stay with us, there will not be a team called MHDdiabolo.

From 12:24-12:49
Q: Future's dream?
A: I had never thought that I can stand on such a large stage by playing diabolo at before. And now diabolo is standing on an international stage. I want to bring diabolo to the whole world. And so as my dream, and Taiwan.
'You are not working hard for the others to see, but is to let other to see you are working hard'

At the end he is holding a magazine that talking about the new one hundred lights in Taiwan. And the seventeenth is talking about him. The sentence under his name is 'An earnest attitude is produced by playing'.

I was so proud for being an Asian :)

The interview was talking about why he plays diabolo and his dream of his future. Maybe I should translate the interview into English tomorrow :o It is midnight at Hong Kong now :-(

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