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Technical / JTV problems AGAIN
« on: February 28, 2013, 05:29:09 PM »
I wanted to go on JTV and this message came up
Could not connect to mysql! Please check your database settings!
I checked if it was just my computer and checked on my Ipad and camew up with the same message,
is it just me or is this for everyone
I cant even get on to the home page

P.S I cant fine any "Database settings" on my computer

General / Is tim the grindman marko??
« on: February 25, 2013, 07:58:28 PM »
The subject is the question, I had a quick thought about this when I was making the top 20 diaboloists video
I've already put a section from this video on to the edit but I'm now having second thoughts, so is tim the grind man marko?

General / any videos with thomas chauzy in???
« on: February 24, 2013, 05:24:13 PM »
as you may know i've started the top 20 diaboloists march 2012
and i couldnt find any with thomas chauzy in (mainly because i dont know who to look out for)
can anybody link me to a video with him in and tell me when he is (for e.g,2:33)
thanks rob

Videos / Skill toy mania
« on: February 22, 2013, 04:42:06 PM »
This is my series of skill toy mania
Episode1 new tricks and skills: my fave tricks at the time, I wast very good at vertax, my 2d was awful
skill toy mania, episode1: New tricks and skills
Episode2 a new tutorial: a tutorial of the inverse trapeze, ringabolo and a rather bad 2D tutorial
Skill toy mania, episode2: a new tutorial
Episode3 modifications: variations on the inverse trapeze, ringabolo tricks and a 2D shuffle tutorial
skill toy mania, episode 3: modificatiions
Episode4 the ultimate skills guide: some things you may not know about the diabolo
skill toy mania: episode 4- the ultimate skills guide
Episode5 the finale: PLEASE WATCH THIS ONE! yes my 2d isn't great but this video is for everyone
skill toy main, episode 5: the finale

Videos / Guide to making a good diabolo video
« on: February 13, 2013, 10:13:21 AM »
This is my quick guide to making a good diabolo (or any skill toy you want) video
There are 3 main things you need to consider: the tricks, the filming and the editing
This guide will cover all 3

the tricks
Always practice you tricks so you can complete it, at least, 1/5 times
Also make sure you can show people your trick(s) if you drop it more often practice more and more
the "right" trick
You always have to consider if the cameras will see it, if you move around to much and you want an up close shot, it will be essential to practice more and more so you move less and less!

the filming
Don't splash your cash on a high quality camera, use what you have. I use my iPod and iPad as they have a camera in the front so when your filming by yourself you can see what is being recorded. Try and use a tripod if you have one as the video becomes much more stable and there great when filming by yourself
If possible try to go to an interesting location (preferably outside), yes you can film in your garden, but at least consider going somewhere else. Changing location also makes the viewer more in to your video
the weather
If the weather is rainy use this time to practice or film a little bit indoors (not recommended by me), if it is rainy people might think that your desperate and that you just want views for your video, (you may be thinking "more videos = more views" this is wrong as a good quality video = more views)
angles of film
If yo use lots of angles it makes it easier to edit and shows the viewer what is happening from your perspective, for example. But always look after your equipment, especially when your doing shots from below!
battery life
These are my few tips to save battery life during filming
1 Try to charge up the battery in your camera before you film, this is always a good thing to do
2 don't look at what you filmed, you could be doing more filming and using up the battery on that, but it is still probably best that take a few films of your trick
3 turn off the film as quick as possible as you could be wasting battery unneserseraly
4 don't delete, if you delete things this just wastes battery, and you could use some of the bad points in a blooper (see later)
5 carry spare battery's with you (this is optional but recommended)
extra bits of film
If you take extra bits of film (preferably with your spare battery life) it can turn your whole video in to a viewing experience not just a demonstration of your tricks, a good example is purple clock white prop by guillaume Guillaume Karpowicz - Purple clock, white prop. - juggling videos hosted @

the editing
This is my favourite part of making a video but there are more things to consider...
Like the camera don't spend to much on your software, start of with some free software, I used to use windows live movie maker, it has all the right things on for a beginner but not enough for "advanced" editors, after your "too good" for your free software upgrade to whatever you think is right, I now use "cyberlink power director ultra 11!"
Always trim your videos down to just the trick or combo. You don't want the viewer to see you walking towards the camera to press the stop button, you don't want the viewers to see you celebrating and you knocking the camera to a rather nice shot of your garden fence
slow motion
If your doing a quick trick ,for e.g. Trashes web, it is a good idea to use slow mo as the viewers can actually see what your doing! If you don't use slow mo the viewers may just say "what the hell was that thing!"
speed up
Sometimes you have to use speed up, but not as much as slow mo! Use speed up when your doing something repetitive, for e.g. Accelerations, viewers don't like seeing you do acceleration for half the video so either trim it out or speed it up, the choice is yours!
I normally don't use effects but I see a lot of people use black and whit for slow motion and a blur for speed up
Try to get a piece of music with no lyrics as that can be distracting to the viewer, also try to get a piece that is between 2 mins to about 7, definitely not to long though
At the end the end of your video add in the credits of who was in the video, who edited the video, some people put in who filmed the video, and who the music was by. If your publishing on you tube you may also want to put a subscribe screen on to your video
If you had a good fail or 2 put them at the END of your video after everything else, make sure that it has NO music, just the original sounds, but always separate it by putting a second of a black screen to show that is isn't part of the video
you tube editor
If you did put a subscribe screen on you should go on to you tube, video manager then annotations, select label annotation, drag it over where you want your subscribe link to be, tick the box to show that you want it to be a subscribe link type in your Chanel name and also tick the box so it opens in a new window, as the video may not be finished

Sorry for the lengthy post but I hoped this helped a lot


General / Fave diaboloists
« on: January 27, 2013, 03:27:25 PM »
Who are your favourite diaboloists
I  was going to make a complitation of the's favourite diaboloists
You can only vote for 10 diaboloists and I will tell you when the voting closes later, (As I am still working on a video)

Please try and spell there name properly and (I will remind you again) only vote for 10diaboloists!

So here are my top 5
Pieter Slachmuylders
Etinne chauzy
Hiroki kamei
Tan kuo li
Pranay Werner

Please don't vote for yourself as well

General / Good music for a video
« on: January 26, 2013, 09:15:39 AM »
For my next video that I'm currently working on I need some music to put over it
Does anyone know a 3-6 minute long tune that good and that has NO lyrics

Videos / Diabolo gangnam style
« on: January 19, 2013, 09:23:03 PM »
Found this on you tube today
Diabolo Gangnam Style
Yes the technical skill isn't that great but the editing is absolutely amazing

General / Word association
« on: January 17, 2013, 05:02:12 PM »
Just a random game that I think will be fun for everyone, the ever popular word ascociation game!
(Incase you don't know it's where a starting word is selected and you have to say another related word after)

Ok I'll start

Tricks / Max hodgkinson's diabolo + club juggling trick help
« on: January 15, 2013, 05:13:49 PM »
I was watching the collaboration 2012 on you tube the other day and thought that maxes trick (that starts at 11:53) looks really easy

So I looked at the trick a good 3 time and tried it for myself, I tried it a good 8 times and still couldn't work out how he kept the diabolo attached to the sticks

Can anyone do his juggling trick and does anyone have any tips


P.s ) I've think that what you do is: do I right J whip, make a cats cradle, but then what???????

Tricks / Contact juggling tricks on diabolo
« on: January 08, 2013, 07:47:23 PM »
Are there any easy contact juggling tricks that I can transfer on to diabolo
I think head stalls look easy or should I start with some thing else

And finally should I learn contact juggling first
I'm already thinking about adding contact to my skill toy collection

General / Good tricks for 3d (3 dimensional)
« on: December 30, 2012, 04:39:40 PM »
In my new video that I'm working on I decided to post 2 versions, one in 2d and one in 3d

So are there any good tricks, that look cool in 3d

I'm New / My arm aches when doing 2d
« on: December 25, 2012, 03:23:45 PM »
Today (christmas) I got some 2 taibolo s so I could finally try 2d

But when I was practicing my arm kept acheing

Is it because I'm doing something wrong, is it because I've been using ball bearings for to long, is it because my string is to long.

I'm no expert, and I need help!

General / Skill toy mania (by me) mini comp
« on: December 13, 2012, 04:47:16 PM »
As you probably DONT know I'm doing a series on you tube called "skill toy mania"
It's a series of videos that are using skill toys
I've done 3/5 videos out of the series

And they were...
New tricks and skills
A new tutorial

And I'm missing from the series
The ultimate skills guide
And showing off

So what I'm asking is, I would like to feature a video from one of you guys, to use in episode 5 using a diabolo, monobolo, cigar boxes, poi, or any other skill toy you want!

If you have an entry can you post it as a reply (you can use Dropbox, media fire etc)

Do's and dont's
no intro e.g don't add a title at the start of the video
No music - as I will be adding music during the whole video
It must not already be on YouTube or JTV, it must be an original video
When you post it as a reply please write where you country is
It must be under 1 minute long (if its over by 1 or 2 seconds its fine)
No pre editing, don't edit the video massively, but you can trim and use other view shots!
And don't be disheartened if your video isn't chosen, I will make a compilation of videos afterwards. But it will only be posted on the forum, NOT on YouTube

The closing date is the 20th of January (uk time!) so that's plenty of time

And finally...

P.s if you want to sub my YT channel it is below this quick message!

Videos / 5 months without votw
« on: December 12, 2012, 05:26:33 PM »
I just noticed on the dcavotw feed the last video (by Pieter) was posted 5 MONTHS ago!

I (and hopefully the rest of would like an update

P.s if spryoyable looks at this post I would like to know why you didn't choose my "kendabolo" video sorry that its in the videos section, I thought it was in general!

Gear / Led Light kits
« on: December 08, 2012, 01:46:34 PM »
I just want to ask with led light kits do (let's say) a juggle dream light kit work on a taibolo

And are light kits still cool looking if you only have them on one side of your diabolo

Another question should I use led sticks and led string

Tricks / 2d infinite suicide
« on: November 28, 2012, 03:59:01 PM »
I've never seen it done but can anyone do an infinite 2d suicicide
For eg sprinkler with suicide exit over and over again like your doing infinite suicide

This may not be how it's done but is it possible to do a 2d infinite suicide???

General / IJA video tutorial contest 2013
« on: November 27, 2012, 05:36:29 PM »
Just asking HOW do you know when the next IJA video tutorial contest is happening
Do they have a site???
Do they have an OFFICIAL you tube channel
Or is it announced on Facebook/ twitter

Does anyone out there have the SLIGHTEST clue!!!!

General / Biggest smallest and BEST grinds
« on: November 27, 2012, 05:27:10 PM »
I've grinded on an iPad worth around 635 Canadian dollars
I've grinded on a pencil around 4cm long
I've also grinded on a washing line at least 4m long
I can also do some EPIC grinds like the cage grind, cup grind and a grip grind (with a flip!!!)

So I want to know what the most expensive, smallest, biggest and most EPIC grinds you in Canada (and the rest of the world) can do (or even beat)

I'm New / I want to make a poll
« on: November 25, 2012, 05:42:53 PM »
How do you make a poll
I want to make a fave trick poll

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