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General / Tips for 3D with bearings
« on: July 14, 2017, 07:04:40 AM »
I've been doing 3d low for years, with standard bearings. I got a set of 3 Sundia Evo G3 with bearings. I am really struggling to get a shuffle going with a wrap or hover start. Without the friction of the standard axle, the 2 spinning diabolos tend to collapse togeather as I am trying to wrap in the third. Even when I get them going fast they tend to hit together when I unwrap the third diabolo to start the shuffle. Is there something I should do differently? Does anyone have any tips to make 3 diabolos work with bearings? I love using them for 1 and 2, I would prefer not to switch back to standard axles to do three. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Tricks / 3d low to High
« on: August 16, 2010, 05:58:30 AM »
I can do 3d low and 3d high., but I can't seem to make the transition from low to high. The rhythm and timing seem to be off.

When I see people do it in videos, they seem to "just do it" but I don't seem to be able to copy the motions. Does any one have any tips? If this is already on the forum could someone direct me to it. Thanks

Tricks / 3d low to high
« on: September 19, 2008, 05:45:15 AM »
I have 3d low down well with a few tricks and I can do 3d high 20-30 throws. I am having trouble going from 3 low to 3 high.  I don't seem to be able to get the timing.  I searched the archives but didn't find anything.  Looking for advice.

General / String Theory and Time
« on: August 01, 2007, 06:26:22 AM »
    I've been doing diabolo a long time (22 years)  I have recently put some serious thought into some things I have been doing intuitively for years.  It has do do with the string timing and direction.
This won't be new to most of you, and I am sure a lot of you have been doing these things for years without thinking about it. I haven't seen much posted about it so I thought I would share what I learned and see if any of you have discovered the same things.
    When I was working on 4,2 with 3d low I kept throwing the "4" too far to the right.
A friend of mine commented that I was throwing too late. He was correct.
I never really considered time on the string having to do with direction of the diabolo.
If I wanted the diabolo to go to the right I would "aim" right, if I wanted it to go left I would just "aim" left.

    Thinking about what he said, I started to play with two high. I just observed what I was doing. I realized I wasn't really aiming as much as I was changing the time on the string.  If I wanted a diabolo to go far to the left I was instinctively throwing it much earlier than I would if I wanted a diabolo to go far to my right.  It was a surprise to me because I was physically doing one thing while cognitively I thought I was doing something else.

    I never realized I did this.  Try it. (for right handers making a regular catch near the right hand stick. Right hand slightly higher than left) If you catch a diabolo and immediately bounce it off the string it will travel to your left. If you wait as long as possible to throw it as it travels along the string toward your left hand it will fly off to the far right.
   Stated another way, When a falling diabolo hits the string, the downward momentum is shifted to the left. As it travels the half circle created by the string the momentum is shifted to the right  A diabolo thrown from near your right hand stick will go to the left.  A diabolo thrown from near your left hand stick will tend to go to your right.

Is this useful?  It was to me.  For me thinking in terms of "time on string" rather than "aim" dramatically  improved my accuracy with 2 and 3 high and tricks with 3 low.  It has also sped up my progress on learning many new tricks.  After breaking it down I found "aiming" or tilting the string had very little to do with the direction of the arch, it was almost all TOS  (time on string)

This applies to excaliber tricks as well, only sideways.

I would encourage you to experiment with this if you haven't. This may not be a revelation to many of you, it might even be old news. But it was fun for me and has helped me be more accurate.

    I also realized The length of the sting can also make a big difference.  I was practicing three high (I am trying to get 100 throws by best is about 30)  I was throwing to far to the left. (early)   So just for fun I shortened my string by about 6 inches. This meant the diabolo had less string to cover. It got to my left hand quicker than it would have with a longer string. The end result was that I was throwing later and my pattern moved to the right.  If I wanted it to go to the left I had to throw way early.  I put a longer string on using the same timing, and of course the diabolo tended to go to the left.

    I am not advocating changing your string length every time you want to change your throw, but the theory is the length of the string with could correct certain tendencies.

    We all have different string lengths we are comfortable with, this may have something to do with our natural timing.  We tend to use a length that fits with our individual throwing style or innate timing.  Just a theory.

I am curious to see what you think.


Tricks / Vertex Darkside Mini genocide
« on: September 28, 2006, 03:40:22 PM »
Hey Crew!
I came up with a new trick, By new I mean I haven't seen anyone do it yet, Including me. I can't get it consistently, but I wanted to share it with you. I'm sure all you vertex junkies could land it in a heatbeat if you haven't done so already. My camera is in the shop. (Knocked it right off the tripod with a henry's Circus. If I get the film out of it I'll post it.)

Here's the idea:

From a vertex position diabolo near right hand stick, unwrap the diabolo and quickly come around it putting it on the "back of the string or darkside" This has to happen very fast. This sends the diabolo to the left side. Do a stop over on the left side. (Remember your arms are crossed right hand in front of left.) Swing back to the right, release the right hand stick and grab the string with your right hand.  (This is where I get smacked) the string does a small circle around your finger (just like a regular mini genocide) catch the diabolo on string let go of the string, catch stick unwrap...........................................and it's just that easy. I landed it once and couldn't get out of it before dropping.

I am very new to the vertex stuff, ( I can only land a regular vertex genocide once in ten tries)  but I am excited about the trick and I sure a vet could do it.

If anyone else has this on video I would love to see it.

General / Genocide, Suicide, Homicide
« on: May 17, 2006, 05:02:54 AM »
I was listening listing to a documentry on the horrors of real genocide in Germany, Africa and the Middle East., and it occured to me that "Genocide" might be a lousy name for a such a cool diabolo trick. I used to say to **** 'em if they can't take a joke. Is it a joke? Now I am not so sure.

    I used to think "Suicide" was cool name for the trick. When people first started doing them it seemed difficult and a little risky. 15 years later its a basic trick and considered easy, hardly worth a deadly name.  Some of us have friends that have committed Suicide. Is it a good name for a diabolo trick? I don't know, but I do know when I teach young children the tricks I call them "Let goes, Fly aways, or stick releases", I got tired of having to explain to the parents later why there children are doing things called genocides or suicides.  :oops:

I think people most people understand it is just a name for the trick. And we mean no harm or offense. I have used the terms myself for 20 some years. I am not particularly offended by........................ well, much of anything.
On the other hand if someone named a trick "Date Rape" or "Woman Beater." I would not be amused. Yet is Genocide less of an offense than date rape?

I would be interested to hear the community's thoughts on this.
Does it matter?
Does anyone care?
Have you encountered someone in the public that was offended?
As a growing art, what do we want to present to the world?

By the way if Donald Grant changed the names and reprinted his books, I would still buy them all over again.

Love to hear the debate.


Tricks / Thank you for 3d help I fnally got it
« on: May 12, 2006, 03:15:57 PM »
Hey, everyone! I just wanted to say thank you. I got 46 throws with 3d low sync pattern last night. I have been working on it for about a year and it is finally starting to click. It's the hardest trick I have learned (after juggling 20 years that is saying something) My point is through the frustration , confusion and long nights of crying myself to sleep at night due to lack of progress, my only light in the darkness of this 3d world was this forum. I relied heavily on this forum for advice, wisdom and encouragement. Thank you for your postings, videos advice and insights. This is a great community and I am happy to be a part of it.

Now, I have some 3d corrections to practice

Thanks again

Mick Lunzer,
Dew Drop Jugglers

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