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Gear / Illuminated diabolo sticks!
« on: January 29, 2006, 02:45:11 AM »
yes, alu-tips are missing in my list- i just forgot 8)
there are replaceable tips for some sticks but i dont know cause i always used selfmade sticks, maybe the easiest way is to use them - please date me up!
does somebody know how the tips fit into the stick? I think this could be the weak spot.
my idea is to screw and glue - some industrial glues should really bomb things together - if anybody knows a good glue for metal to plastic materials, let me know.

@ jimbo
Might be helpfull if you describe what exactly broke, where the weak part is. I want to make the lit part as long as possible:).
thanks, you'll get a special price 8)

@ tye
I think the button-off-trigger is the best way cause switching on while grinding 2 lit diabs on one lit stick would look supreme(when i figure it out finally) and its more free than it would be with the ball as trigger, which would be to fragile too i think. But its technicaly a really interesting idea!

@ ztt
Is this the only pic of them? they remember me a little to the ones from MB diabolo folies II video(brutal old fashioned). are they availible anywhere?


P.s.@ Tye
crazy would be to make an airwrap with 2 separate diabs :shock: !!! the poi people stole the sprinkler and called it airwrap, now its time to steal it back! I love this friendly pingpongstealing with other juggling diciplines!
would it be possible to make an airwrap with a partner?

Gear / Diabolo light kits (Ev. 4, Vega, Diabglo...) DANGER
« on: January 29, 2006, 12:40:01 AM »
I got 2 rainbow colorchange kits on mine and they really look superb, but only for 20 minutes, then the blue and the green light becomes weak very fast. The red remains about 1 hour.
The leds are colorchanging, they are not only 3 different colored leds -
so when the bat is low, in the changing interval the red ligth remains and when blue or green should be lit, the diabs are nearly dark :cry:  - really sucks!
I dont know if the 3 akkus are working together or one for each led, do you? gonna swap bats, then i'll know.

think i'll get me some not colorchanging kits too...
thanks for information

Gear / Illuminated diabolo sticks!
« on: January 28, 2006, 02:40:58 PM »
Would be great if other people who read this thread, share their ideas too and maybe start collecting them here!

My plan(referring to the video linked by Tye):
Handsticks of clear tubing max.14mm diameter with a photon slot-in or a photon built-in
Hope the photons are small enough to fit in, without reducing durability too much. Maybe i'll find some tubing which fits over the other to stabilize where the photon is placed.
Material: dont know exactly maybe plexiglass?
Length 35cm if durability&weight allows...
Weight:What would be the perfect stickweight for a finesse2 with wide axle and evol.kit 4? I haven't weighed them out yet.
It would be awesome if its possible to place the leds at the end of the sticks, while having the switches where the thumbs are!
I think the the "contact point" is a really good idea which isn't very difficult to realize, just need to interrupt the electrical circuit, maybe with a little bendy sheet of metal.
I wonder if the UV photons are strong enough to light up a neon string, would be great with the on/off option, so the string is only visible when performing knots or similiar.
No griptape or similiar would look best i think, so nearly the whole sticklength is lit.
I hope its possible to mod the tranparent energys, this would really reduce the work & research progress- but i haven't played them,so i have to search the other threads to find out their pro&contras.
I'll go shopping on monday, i wonder where i can buy photon microlights in vienna, maybe in a outdoor or electronic shop.

If anybody got ideas for lighthandsticks please SHARE!!!!!!!

hope my english is ok, so if there is anything unclear, let me know.

P:S:: i got a nice "new" poi-based 1d trick; swinging the right stick on the string like a poi and the diab like the second poi, making big suns around my body - dont know the name of the poi trick, but its like repeatedly crossing the arms while spinning and turning the body 360or whatever! Think would look really cool with photon sticks!

Gear / Illuminated diabolo sticks!
« on: January 28, 2006, 02:44:33 AM »

WOW!!! I'm really exited, seems i'm not alone dreaming of lightsticks!
This photon keychain stuff just seem to be made for this purpose! :idea:
I have a vision of handsticks that easily can be switched on and off(don't want to think of that strobomode or swiching colors, which really would knock me out [-o< !
Tye, thank you!!! Your ideas sounding great & the links just came right!
Do you have played thoose clear sticks from MB, i think they should not be so heavy, maybe ideal for the finesse!
If they would work the thing is done very quick, just have to buy the components and fix the things inside.
I know what i am doing the next week(and maybe the next week too): Damn long shopping tours, i know this after dozens of prototypes of alu handsticks, fire staffs, pois and more! finding the right ingredients is always the hardest part! if i know more, i'll let you know.
maybe i'll start a new thread.
If you know more-feel free email me!

so long,

P.S.: i read this thing with the crossover neckwrap, i figured it out for myself last month and thought i found something new :roll:

Gear / Diabolo light kits (Ev. 4, Vega, Diabglo...) DANGER
« on: January 27, 2006, 11:05:42 PM »
Many questions at once! :?:

Does anybody use the Evol. Kit 4Rainbow with recharger?
How long should i recharge them - till the indicators stops blinking at all?
Is it better to let them run out of batt. before reloading them?
is it normal that the red LEDs last longest! how long can you play with full brightness?

I'm thinking of changing to the normal Evol. Kit 4(without colorchange), does any body know which color is th brightest and how long the akkus will last? I got 2 finesse diabs yellow/orange mixed - are the finesse moon more translucent?
are there any handsticks with leds?


Gear / The ideal diabolo
« on: January 27, 2006, 08:58:41 PM »
I think, or i even know, every diabolo can cause serious injury! I have a pretty burn on my nose right now;o)
its true that the cups of finesse diabolos are very grippy but that can be quite useful for wall/floor/ceiling/girlfriend(it really wasn't my intention :oops: ) bouncing!
For me the finesse is the best choice, because of the possibilities given by the wide axle mod and the low weight, which really reduces danger.
I know people who broke their fingers making whipcatches from a great height, not to talk of burns. the lower weight is also great when you play longer time, especially with 2 or 3 Diabs. I think Popeye the sailor plays Circus, just look at his forearms! The weight of a finesse with the LED Kit is appr. the same like a normal circus, it is no problem to play finesse diabs with LEDs together with circus diabs.
I have to say that since the release of the new finesse (wich got a fatter rim) and the new light kits(which are protected now) finesse is a really good alternative, for me the best!
The wide axle mod(Evol. Kit No.1) is the greatest thing, you can start a grind, give the sticks to your brother order a pizza, come back and the damn thing is still grinding - up to 1 minute no problem!
Really hard is to use neon string together with 2 wide axle finesse, because of to less friction. Maybe working if you can make a double wrap when doing the wrap acceleration - i can't.
If you want to buy finesse diabs make sure it is the new version(the only difference is the rim of the cups which is fatter and shifted inside a little in the new version, the rim of the old one is flat, little difference great effect) some dealers still selling the old ones!

wow, this post became longer than intended :roll:
sorry for my english, greetz from austria

P.S.: I am looking for the holy grail of illuminated diabolo sticks!
Ok, it hasn't to be that holy, just to survive more than one failed genocide.
Nobody sees my fine stickwork in the dark, including myself - so if YOU know some thing PLEASE TELL ME!!!
If you theoretically invented something good(durable, maybe rechargeable and not heavier than a ton); I'm a good handworker, maybe i'll make a pair for you too!

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