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Videos / Best diabolo battle you should watch it ;)
« Last post by Milek on Yesterday at 01:36:06 AM »
i find it on youtube it is really good!
a year is not to long to practice three diabolos. most people take 1-3 years to learn it.
i think what helps most is learning the hover start. the hover accelerates the third diabolo to a point where it has the same speed as the other two, this will help a lot with the shuffle.
feel free to film yourself and post a few tries here, it's easier to help you if we can see what you are doing.
I started attempting triple diabolo about a year ago and have been practicing it on and off. I've been spending a lot more time the past few months trying to work on it but I've made absolutely no progress. Does anyone have any tips or advice from their experiences learning this? What corrections or adjustments did you make to help you master it? What is your equipment situation (diabolo type, string length, and string type)?
Videos / Re: My new diubulo viduo!
« Last post by Wis on January 13, 2021, 04:48:57 PM »
I think the video, its tricks, filming, the routine building, the light choreography, and execution-style all together, provide the nicest string watching experience in diabolo history. I think that am truly honest when I state that.

Crackers must be recorded this properly at least once.

Is that Sundia thicker string?

Videos / My new diubulo viduo!
« Last post by samuli on January 04, 2021, 04:53:50 PM »

please like and subscribe
The acro/floorbounces! 5:29! 6:56! The old-timers back for one last blast! The crazy 4>3>4 combo! The black box filmers! A bit of Rauli magic!
Vertax is awesome. (Steady on, Void, at least don't use an exclamation mark for that one... ;))
Love it, you're all stars.
Thanks Rauli for getting us all together one more (last?) time!
I miss the text with names as it is always. But really like it :) Thank you
super nice! thanks for participating everyone! <3
Community & Events / Re: [Ready!] Collab 2020 - [b]´The big bangér theory´[/b] - by you
« Last post by Wis on December 23, 2020, 05:20:51 AM »
Bam!! Super nice to watch, thanks a tribimillion!

And thanks for the all capitals in my name, prestige :P :)

[I've split the thread from to frontpage it, first time :O]
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