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[Diabolo Classroom] Zhuan-zhuan Suicide Tricks
« on: December 10, 2013, 03:21:17 AM »

Hello everyone,

We just finished a tutorial project about  "Zhuan-zhuan Suicide".
All  tutorials are based on "Zhuan-zhuan Suicide".

All the videos speak Chinese. 
I'm not sure if that will be useful for you.

I am not sure how to name this trick.
We often call it "Zhuan-zhuan" in Taiwan and Malaysia, I just call this trick  "Zhuan-zhuan Suicide".
"Zhuan" means rotation in Chinese.
We hope someone can help us to name this trick.

There are 10 tricks and 1 routines.
We designed this tutorial from easy to hard.

The first video is an introduce to beginners.
But if you can't listen Chinese, don't try, please.  ;)

We hope you like it.   

-Shiny Diabolo Classroom

enjoy ! :)
Always welcome to correct my English grammar! :)


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