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Rumpel Books 4 Video of my 24 & 25 hr EJC Shows 01-05
« on: November 20, 2005, 08:34:17 AM »
Rumpel books in exchange for video footage
of my epic shows.

Greetings from Rumpel!
I'm sad to say that i'm still
looking for video footage of my 24
& 25 hour shows at the EJC 2001 (Holland)
& EJC 2005 (Slovenia).
It's been virtually impossible
coming up with much & would
be most happy if anyone has any footage
of the last 2 hours of my show at this year's
EJC in Ptuj (Slovenia).
Also any footage of my 24 hr show would be
totally appreciated.
I seriously want to make a 'Rumpel' dvd.
It took me over 2 & a half years just to get 10
minutes of video footage of my 24 hr show in Holland.

I will send the whole 'Rumpel' series book set
(3 books in total. 40 pages of illustrations & funny quotes...
in each book) to anyone who sends me worthy video footage of the
last hour or two of my 24  & 25 hr shows. I will even sign all books
& draw a funny picture in them.
I will send a book for 10-20 video if it's any good.
I particularly want the last 30-60-120 minutes of my show.
Would be most appreciated if you could get back to me asap!
Any video from my marathon shows in Torino (6hrs), Rotterdam (Schiedam) 24 hrs,
Karlesruhe (8 hrs), Bremen (7 & a half hrs) would be most appreciated!

I'm currently rehearsing with Cirque Du Soleil on a new show
which will be in Las Vegas next year!
Sorry! I won't be able to do another EJC until perhaps
2008 when my contract runs out!

Here is a postal address you can send video/dvd/vcd or mini-dv tapes to:

8333, 2nd Avenue
Montreal, Quebec
H1Z4N9 Canada

There were quite a few people in Slovenia who filmed my show,
but it's a shame it's so hard to get a hold of footage.
I would gladly apprecitate photos of the show sent as e-mail attachments aswell.
Unfortunately it's a bit expensive sending books & all, so can only send 'Rumpel' books in exchange for video.
I have my fingers crossed i manage to get something!

My e-mail is:

All the best with everything!
Best regards Rumpel!


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