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Tricks & Routines!
« on: January 14, 2015, 09:34:42 AM »
Hi Everyone, So I have a load of questions to ask, and I wish for all of your advice, because i've scoured this forum (for months now, I think it's been 7 months now:D), and practiced alot of different tricks, however there are quite a few things I need to ask, because tricks like, The Vertex, Genocides, and Intervals are still out of my reach. I don't know why or what i'm doing wrong but, I'm going to list out a few things, don't feel obligated to answer all of them if you reply, just the things you may know about it.

I cant even seem to start this trick, without it flying off my string, I've read the trick archive forum and watched numerous tutorials from sites like, and a diaboloclassroom on youtube, however i'm just not getting it. So what am i doing wrong?
-Is it my string?
-Is it my Diabolo? (Henry Circus unmod)
-Is it my lack of understanding? From what I know, one does chinese acceleration, and you slowly turn the diabolo until its vertical, and then whip it from ur hand and turn to the left. It seems pretty easy, but It always right off when I do it.

I actually have this trick down fairly well, however I have this bad habit of hitting my sticks against my head. I think maybe its because my strings are to long, however I have no idea. The way I measure how long my strings should be, is from the ground to my shoulder. Though this may be wrong, I've never had any trouble with this method until now maybe... But is this the reason I keep hitting my head, or am I just really bad at hand eye coordination :/
sidenote: If anyone has any tips on was to do continuous mini-genocides, this would be much appreciated. I've worked on it, and am having quite the hassle with getting my string to be straight on the axle, without it cirss crossing.

I have not found any good websites on this yet. I've watched the Japanese diaboloists do it (and me being Japanese), am like really fascinated with them. I really wanna do some of their cool intervals, like interval A, (i think this is what its called ._.) But I can't find any curatorial, explaining the tricks in order, or in fact on how to do the tricks in the first place. The look like a lot of suicides, but continuous?  Not entirely sure

Diabolos & String?
I'm buying a Sundia Diabolo, feeling that its time to graduate from the Henry, to something a little bit more professional, since the henry is so dang heavy. However, i wanted to know, what kind of string u should use. I have some Braided Fishing Line, that I got from a friend, and its been working ok, however its 2 years old, and i', not even sure if its the right size for diaboloing. So I wanted to know if
-String affects certain Tricks
-Diabolo's affect certain tricks
If they do, that would explain why I cant do some tricks but can do other's easier i suppose.

On that note, I will put this question forum out there. If their already links to the answer im seeking, plz just link them if u feel that they explain the info well. However the problem im finding is that alot of sites don't :/.

For some of the Intervals im intrested in, the Beginning, and the Middle 2:09


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Re: Tricks & Routines!
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2015, 10:42:00 AM »
I assume the typical response you will get to this post is: We can't really help without seeing what your doing. Maybe get a camera and film something (even if its crappy angle/quality, its better then nothing)

Vertax: If it falls off the string before the diabolo starts turning: then theres a problem with your Chinese whips. If it falls off part way up, its probably because you aren't turning or turning too much. "Then whip it from ur hand and turn to the left." You actually turn as the diabolo is tilting. It will be difficult at first to get it 100% vertical, but that comes with practice.

Genocides: I assume it hits your head just after the diabolo hits the string? This would most likely be due to the plane that the stick is spinning while in the air. This probably has to do with your release (I assume) try throwing the stick forwards or backwards and see what happens.
Continuous minigens:

Intervals: I assume you mean 'Integrals'. There should be some basic tutorials around I'd imagine. but Ive found alot of it you either need to just figure out yourself or talk to someone about. I found it very difficult learning these just watching a vid and trying it, but I think that's probably the way.
diaboloclassroom is very good for integrals through I have found.

Diabolos & String?
-String affects certain Tricks - Yes
-Diabolo's affect certain tricks Yes
Cant really be bothered going into this at the moment sorry. Any conventions nearby you can attend to try things and see what you like?

Hope it helps.


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Re: Tricks & Routines!
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2015, 06:35:02 PM »
Ok I don't mind uploading something, I'll have my brother record me when i get home today, and try that out. And yes I did mean intergals, ty for correcting me.

Moving onto the thing about diabolo, and the line, what should i use? I looked at and they have a nice Q&A section about it. However, its very vague when they say "braided nylon #18 mason line." I googled it, cant seem to find what they are talking about. Does anyone know the circumference, of maybe the Henry Line? I'm trying to find the specs, and haven't been very successful, maybe because I live in the States, and alot of its in Metric, and i'm having some trouble converting the units (I'm terrible at Math). I'll also post a close up of the line I use so people can get an idea of what i'm using.

If its not to much trouble for people, I'm trying to make my routine for my cultural festival, and I already have an idea of what i wanna do, with things such as
-Fast Paced, Suicidal, Genocide, Vertex
-Slack Whips, such as J-Whip, into whip Catches
-Behind,Front,Underhand Whip Catches
-2-3 Magic Knots

The trouble I'm getting is not knowing how to combo them together. Intervals seem to be the answer to my problem however.

Ty, JT for Responding and helping me. I'll look into your videos and watch them. Sorry for more questions (>x<)

Edit: No Conventions that are rly close, I Live in Cali, and am a current part time worker, and full time student. Alot of the juggling seems to be based in other places of the world. However, I started a juggling club as the president, and as a guitarist/mixer with stage performance, im teaching inspiring jugglers the art of performance with their juggling. Currently I have a Luna Sticks user, and a Yo-Yo User. The club use to have more people, but we didn't have any where to perform so it died out. The Cultural Festival is happening Feb-March, so I'm just trying to get prepared


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Re: Tricks & Routines!
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2015, 11:57:22 PM »
Without getting too crazy into breaking down each individual part of your posts, as mentioned by JT even a potato tier quality recording of anything you need help fixing will be better than nothing, and it seems like you're on it. Once you get a picture of your string most people will probably be able to ID it at a glance.

With February to March as a deadline,  learning, practicing and building a vocabulary of sequences based on all of those tricks you're interested will be achievable to incredibly difficult. If you're going to take that seriously, write down everything you want to work on, and then drill them every day. Once you can do a trick on its own, figure out other ways to get into position for it and into another afterwards, because learning a trick in isolation is virtually useless.

Magic knots are pretty versatile and can be thrown in pretty much anywhere. Slack whips all put you into variations of trapezes which can be used for magic knots; magic knots themselves can be used to set-up the entire genocide tree of suicides and by extension integrals. If you haven't learned many figure out how to do open suns between your arms as the directional flow can lead into knots and suicides quite easily.

Regarding performing all the advice I can give you is not to forget the audience you're performing for; if you're going to get up on stage for a ****load of jugglers it's understandable you may want to focus on technical skill but there's no sense killing yourself trying to perfect a 3 minute integral-genocide-mini-geni-duicide combo when muggles get their minds blown wide open by a simple feckin' elevator.

Relax, smile, have fun, and yeah, not having a community to support you can kinda suck. Here in Ireland there's only 5 active diaboloists and we all know each other. Two of them live hours away from me and the other two are on the other side of the bloody country; just keep at it, be friendly and encourage people who are curious about your work to try it out.

Learning to juggle and spin poi and other crap like that will give you ideas on how to abuse your diabolo as well as offer you a way to show, teach and hook people who might not be interested in learning diabolo (Most people hate learning diabolo and I can't really blame them) into sticking around and creating a community.
One of the Irish people lurking about.


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Re: Tricks & Routines!
« Reply #4 on: January 16, 2015, 08:37:52 AM »
It is very cool that people jumped to help here. I may add more in another moment, but for now, about the string, this post may be very helpful
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