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Which diabolos are best for learning to diabolo with 1, 2, or 3 diabolos?
In general, 5 inch diabolos. Most diaboloists use either Henrys Circus diabolos or Babache Finesse diabolos or Yoho/Diabig standard diabolos or Sundia Fly or Sun diabolos or Taibolo diabolos. Some diaboloists prefer wider axled diabolos while others prefer narrow. Some prefer heavier diabolos and some prefer lighter ones. All of the above are quality diabolos and choice is a matter of personal preference. Having trouble picking which diabolo to buy? Try working your way through these questions.

Which diabolo sticks do people use?
Although some people make do with wooden sticks... and some people even prefer wooden sticks (gasp!) many diaboloists prefer aluminum or carbon fiber sticks. Aluminum sticks are generally cheaper, shorter, slightly heavier, and waste very little string. Carbon fiber (and fiberglass) sticks are generally more expensive, often come in multiple lengths (most prefer the short length), but waste more string. Carbon sticks are stiff, whereas fiberglass sticks are flexible. All are great sticks - it comes down to personal preference. Aluminum sticks can bend (and be bent back into shape), whereas carbon and fiberglass sticks can break.

Henrys sticks have been around the longest and are loved by many. They have a narrow aluminum stick as well as 2 lengths of carbon and fiberglass which both come in black or white.

Mister Babache makes Xtreme sticks (aluminum) and Energy sticks (acrylic). The Xtreme sticks are quite popular - especially with the silicon grips. While very nice sticks, they do require a bit more maintenance than the Henrys. The ends need to be wrapped in thread tape to keep them from falling off and over time the handles will become loose. A bit of electrical tape or glue can help. The foam grips are a bit chunkier. Some people prefer them. Many people find the Energy sticks too flexible and they are more likely to break. Earlier versions of the Xtreme and Energy sticks had ends that were susceptible to breaking. The newest version has largely fixed that, but has a small lip on the end piece that bothers some people. The Xtremes are thicker and heavier than the Henrys aluminums. This isn't necessarily bad, it's all personal preference.

Peter (Olobaid on the forum) now makes some acrylic sticks called Diamond sticks that are on the heavier side but quite popular. He also makes a good quality light up stick. (Peter appears to have stopped production, at least for now.)

Nev carries Sundia and Taibolo carbon fiber and aluminum sticks. These are relatively new on the market, but from all accounts are very nice sticks. Some people have mentioned that they prefer the Sundia carbon fiber sticks over the Henrys.

What string is best?
Some people use braided nylon from a hardware store; however, the Henrys diabolo string is well worth the money. Generally, the white string with blue marks is the cheapest but it wears quickly. The bright coloured string is very slippery at first but wears into a perfect state and lasts much longer. Many believe that the yellow string, in particular, is the best. It's been called "magic", the "secret ingredient of the French diaboloists", and much more... it's nice stuff. Mister Babache and Sundia now also make some florescent string that is quite good. The Henrys fluorescent string is slipperier to begin with but lasts longer. It is also a bit stiffer. The fluorescent Mister Babache string is usable from the beginning but doesn't last as long and is more likely to "wrap up" with imperfect technique. It is also much more stretchy. Both are popular these days, with the Babache string being especially popular with people who do a lot of slack tricks.

Here are many of the quality Henrys and Babache brand strings:
[smg id=314 align=left]

Where can I buy diabolo equipment?
Some people have also offered/requested trades/sales of used equipment in the Trade/Sale Thread

N.b. within this forum there are some great thoughts about many of these topics, these are some of the threads on the forum that might be of use:
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The chances are that if you've got a question to do with equipment it will have been discussed before. So please come back to this sticky and use the search function of the forum before starting a new thread!


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