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Preparation for performance
« on: March 10, 2014, 11:05:33 PM »
Hey josh m just wrote a blog on our site about preparation for performance with diabolo . Thought everyone here would like the read.
heres the link

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Re: Preparation for performance
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2014, 11:11:15 PM »
 thought id also post the blog here if you want images then you will have to visit the website
Preparing For Performance : Diabolo

March 10, 2014
So this week we will be covering preparing for a performance, to start off we will cover a prop close to my heart Diabolo.

Firstly I want to mention a bit of personal hygiene. Before your act wash your hands!  This is not necessarily for hygiene reasons however, but for the grip on your sticks. A tiny bit of chalk on both the sticks, and on your hands, will also help you have a good firm grip but will not hinder you when performing complex suicides. Never (in my opinion) use Rosin, the sticks become extremely sticky and will force your releases to be later than you expect also making complex finger grinds impossible. Accidentally using Rosin has ruined  a show for me in the past and I would hate for it to happen to you.

Its important to check your kit just before you go on, tighten Both ends of the diabolo. (to do this attach a mole clamp or set of plyers to each end of the diabolo and twist them in opposite directions. Be careful when tightening 1 and 3 way axels as over tightening will break your diabolo).

Spares! Have spares everywhere. Picking up a diabolo that's rolled off stage or miles away from you makes it look like you have no control, it is better to be prepared for this eventuality. I learnt this the hard way during one of my first performances when I dropped my diabolo and it rolled off stage and under someone's wheelchair. I then had to then crawl under the wheelchair with 200 faces staring at me whilst I retrieved the diabolo to enable myself to carry on. Safe to say I have never forgotten spares since then! Store spares on both sides of the stage and don't feel bad for getting one if you do lose a diabolo.  Don't keep your spares on stage though, if your audience sees them they will expect you to use them.

Inspect your sticks. Aluminium sticks for bends, carbon fiber sticks for cracks and flexible sticks (my personal favrioute) for cracks or weaknesses towards the tips of the sticks. (you don't want a stick breaking on stage. trust me on that).

Check your string. Check the string isn't going to break by running the string between both hands in an arch and seeing if any part of the string comes to a point. Better yet replace the string a couple of hours before and wear it in by running  the string round the underneath of your shoes. Below I've attached some photos of what the string should and shouldn't look like.

Costume. I once experience problems with body paint, the paint rubbed against the string when I was doing body tricks and caused the string to become grippy making certain tricks impossible, and caused for some very quick improvisation. I guess the same could be said for certain costumes, stains etc, so just be aware of this potentially causing issues.

That's all for tonight, I'll be covering different props and specialisations each day this week so be sure to check back tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, Josh M


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Re: Preparation for performance
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2014, 02:32:53 PM »
Some good points there. You should probably also point out the need for spare sticks, not just diabolos. Protecting string from everything and anything is really important as you said, i have done a show with string that was completely soaked in water few minutes before and it was not an experience i could recommend to anyone.

Just as a side note, i looked around your website and could not find a clue where your company is located. If someone who wants to book you happens to wander to your website, this is one of the first bits of information they would like to know...


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