Author Topic: Arvi will be performing at FDC2014, here's his video: Impact of Creativity  (Read 18137 times)


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Best video I've seen in a while. Can't wait to see this live  :)


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That was fantastic. Really wish I could come to FDC.


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Been waiting to see some more from Arvi! Met him last year at the FDC, a proper Finnish diabolo beast!

Hoping to scrape together the money for another FDC this year!

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awesome stuff, especially that 2d infinite mini genocides :P.


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Tipper, Would be fun to have you here again. Hope you can get the travels sorted, we sort the festival fee. ;) /


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really nice stuff, looking forward to seeing more :)


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Freaking awesome!I love the continuos 2d geno!


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This video is just amazing all that stuff. every single shot had an awesome trick in it. respect


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Those 2d tricks were especially fantastic!


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The intergrals.... 2D tricks... and the 3D this is scary, Just how darn good you are...
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wow. really nice tricks. I love the 2d minigenocide and the 1d combos. i want to see more :)


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That was amazing! Loved all of it.
I was working towards that continuous 2D mini-gen the other day (Long way off) Didn't expect it could look as beautiful as that though. Definitely going to keep learning it.


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I can't describe in words how good this is.


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Woww! Every trick in this video blowed my mind  :o Looking forward to meet you at FDC!

PS: Jarle is now so depressed that he refuses to come to FDC.
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It made me said "Wow!" at loud many times. Really impresive stuff.
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PS: Jarle is now so depressed that he refuses to come to FDC.

That made me laugh really hard :D


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Amazing! Good job on getting video out with an excellent material on it! This is worth of watching many times over again!

@Jarle, I hope you get over the depression soon ;) i usually get depressed during FDC...
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lol, I get depressed watching everyone and anyone.

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very good and fresh, make more please!!!!!
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