Author Topic: Henrys fiberglass/carbon stick problems  (Read 36269 times)


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Re: Henrys fiberglass/carbon stick problems
« Reply #80 on: August 05, 2009, 11:00:13 AM »
I used henrys carbon sticks for 7 months now today is the first time the knot slipped through the hole. I drilled a hole in the top for both sticks, and it preety much looks like henrys alu right now, problem solved and less string is used :D


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Henry's Carbon handstick knot problem
« Reply #81 on: January 24, 2010, 01:50:29 PM »
This has been discussed before but this is how I solved my problem.
The knotted end of the string had pulled through inside the handstick but the other end of the string broke off so there was just a little ball lodged inside the stick (actually, this was not me who did this. I am a merchant and was called upon to perform the repair).
There was no way to grab the string and pull on it.
I used a cheap wire hanger that I got from the dry cleaners. Once cut and opened up it is small enough to fit into the string hole of the stick. I pushed the knot to the very end of the stick (where the string usually comes out). Then, still pushing on the knot with the hanger, I used a small, pointed hobby file and slowly and laboriously filed away at the knot. This took about an hour but eventually I filed enough so that the string broke up and fell apart and cleared the hole.
Hope this helps.


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