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diabolo sensations (feeling)
« on: August 17, 2014, 06:11:50 AM »
i just learned how to do 3 diabolos, and i started doing some trick's. and i think the most appealing thing was all those new sensations that it give me. i like that each trick feels similar and at the same time different from 2 diabolo tricks. i like the fact that everytime i do a trick i need to be active whit my shuffle so it doesn't fall apart.

so i wanted to know which diabolo trick you like the most because of the sensation (feeling) they bring? they don't have to be hard trick but just trick that feels awesome to do.

 in my list i could put the fan, the feed the sun, and 1 diabolo integrals.


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Re: diabolo sensations (feeling)
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2014, 03:42:04 PM »
Every integrals are, for me, the tricks that gave me the best sensations  ::) as well as continuous mini-genocides (diabolo seems to be floating in the air). When you combine both you get some nice combos  ;) Vertax gives a great feeling too

By the way, how much time did you spend on learning 3D, because I'm still on it  :P
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Re: diabolo sensations (feeling)
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2014, 12:29:44 AM »
body combos and 3d are probably what I like most, but those are pretty much the only thing I do. I also like the feeling of grind-based tricks a lot, but I don't do those enough.
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Re: diabolo sensations (feeling)
« Reply #3 on: November 13, 2014, 02:35:31 PM »
This is how I explain why I do diabolo to mugglers...the different "feel in the hands" with each trick. That and how just holding the props gives me an excuse to dance (sort of) without my sexuality being questioned...gotta love small towns. :-D

Duicide stuff with 1 and 2D is a favorite. Also feed combos with 3 + 3 in splits (though long time since I did that and then it's just the feeling of being able to do it not the feel of the trick).

Integrals 'should' be fun but with my technique/props of choice most of them don't have the weight to them.


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