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Hi guys!

Since I started to do Diabolo, a long time ago, I never liked too much the diabolo sticks that could be found in the market. So I tried to build the sticks for my own.

I did a lot of models and tests, before I got to the sticks version that i use nowadays. I built them on 2009, and I'm still using those.

A pair of handmade sticks can cost from 4 to 7 euros... it depends what and where you buy the stuff.

About this model:

It doesn't cut your rope on the top.
You can achieve different weights depending on the material that you use (from 40g to 110g each pair of the sticks)
The sticks stay straight for years! I juggle with the yelow ones with an orange rope for 6 years and still straight! (you can see them in the photos)
             *I have a friend that found the yelow fiber glass bar on the floor of EJC 2009, from a broken tent. He also juggles with sticks like these, and we never had problems. Thanks to the guy who left that broken tent there.*

If someone finds colored fiberglass, please tell me because I never found it anymore. Nowadays when I need diferent color sticks for the performances that I do I put laminated adesive PVC "aironfix" around the stick.
Here you have a tutorial video that shows you how to do them.

On my website

or directly on vimeo

Here you can see some of the sticks that I use nowadays

Old ones... that you can do if you don't find latex or silicone.

If you want  you can use fiberglass sticks for kites, those are less resistents but lighter.

I hope that you like it and try to do your own juggling material! If you do it i would be really nice to recieve some feedback at
You can also contact me if you have any doubts or suggestions.

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Re: Diabolo Sticks Tutorial by [Assaig i Error .]
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2015, 01:57:33 PM »
Wow! Such an amazing post, complete and full of passion. Thanks for taking the time to prepare this!
I did play with these ones and I love them. I managed to get the perfect combination for me of weight, but I forgot them when I visisted Chile. I intend to make a new pair and now I know how.
Another person I know that used these sticks and wes very happy with them is M4U.

Thanks Dídac!
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Re: Diabolo Sticks Tutorial by [Assaig i Error .]
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2015, 09:22:52 AM »
Let me put a couple of videos of these sticks in action
Also used here
And of course all the videos in Didac's vimeo page

Finally, I will bring with me around 3 different pairs with different weights to the EJC so eveybody can try them out.
"The string...the inertia...the hours"

Graham Milligan

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Re: Diabolo Sticks Tutorial by [Assaig i Error .]
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Are you making some Wis?
I'm interested in making some but done have the equipment. I wonder if its possible to have a workshop at EJC?
Some Craic!


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