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Continuous Mini Gen
« on: July 28, 2015, 08:06:34 AM »
I am having a difficult time with continuous mini gens.  I can do a single mini gen with no problem (fixed or bearing).

I am left handed, and starting these releasing with my left (from a crossed position).

I am trying to learn continuous, alternating left hand release and right.  After my second mini gen my right hand will be crossed under my left.  When I try to release the next left, I am getting tangled.  I am able to look down and have been trying to identify if it is wrapped front or back.  I have tried to release both ways (slightly angling the sticks motion in the direction I think the string is wrapped).  I am getting stuck whether I release with the motion of the stick out away from me a bit, or towards me a bit.

Is there a neutral motion that I can use to get this unstuck?  I have tried (from a stopped, spinning position) to release my stick with a slight upwards and outwards motion to try to give the stick momentum hoping that would give some slack or ease the string tension in some way, but that isn't working either.  By my second mini, my catch causes me to stop momentarily, so I am not able to get a continuous motion yet, and need a fix for my stopped position. 

My right is underneath (crossed) with what usually looks like a backwrap.  My left is the hand that needs to be released.

Thank you


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