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Cant do suicides well...
« on: August 26, 2015, 11:45:12 AM »
Hello, I'm new to the forums.

I recently bought a new diabolo and sticks. It is a Juggle Dream Bearing Diabolo. The Sticks are Henry's Carbon Handsticks.
I am having trouble doing the chinese suicide, and other suicides. When I throw the stick (Chinese suicide), It wobbles left and right, making it very difficult to catch...  :(

I wonder what is happening, and since I cant find anything on the internet, I figured I would ask on

PS: I have checked, my string is long enough and every should be fine.  ;)


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Re: Cant do suicides well...
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2015, 01:37:48 PM »
1- suicides are very different with fixed axle and bearing diabolo, this probably is not helping you if this is your first bearing diabolo
2- probably your problem is that you do not release the stick properly. The stick released should be perpendicular to the normal stick position. I like this picture, look at the right hand. The stick should be in that position before being released

The reason is that this is the final position the stick tends to have when doing a suicide. So if you put that position from the beginning, the stick will just move in that position. If you release the sticks in the fashion as in the picture below (randomly taken from Internet), then the stick will try to adapt the natural position, wobbling, until it stabilizes, this never happen in a single suicide turn, so you will have to catch the stick that is wobbling.

Hope part of this helped
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