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Random potential busking/stage gear idea spawning
« on: March 20, 2016, 04:37:16 PM »
Becoming increasingly interested in busking (though have yet to do it) I've come to wonder if people have any fun ideas for props that could potentially be used for performance (be it on a stage or street)? Maybe this thread could be of some use for a collective spawning of ideas.

And since custom bids for OP to start these magnets with loops have come to my attention lately:

Very strong type of magnet that I use to hang my keys on. Actually sStrong enough to bolt lighter diabolos on the nuts/axles for carrying/home decoration purposes probaly should they not be of performance use.

Now assume you tie a string to that loop they could probably be very quickly attached/detached to say street lamps for instance for super quick setup. I imagine it could be an ideal busking tool (though their exact uses would have to be explored) but, for instance as an idea, maybe tie the string around a spectator, vertax and then do the stuff that asian teams have been doing for a while but now as a single busker (if it works it would benefit someone like myself who is "forever alone"). Around 3:30 in:

Or maybe lasso the magnet upwards, attach to whatever if you can find some high up, hard to reach place (balcony railing or something) and do an extra high elevator (like Cirque but oustide of a stage environiment). The ending of this video illustrating it:

Or speed a diabolo up, let a spectator stop it from rolling away (one hand enough as opposed to entrusting them with a handstick), speed another one up, tighten string and race them towards eachother "street battle style".

For stage idk...have repelling magnets tied to different colored strings and throw them against eachother maybe? Just don't know.

Also don't know yet if these are actually strong enough to hold the up weight of a diabolo + force from vertical play/tug necessary for an elevator...but it's an idea so am getting some and finding out. Obviously with a partner busker available they might be a lot less interesting to people and, again obviously, just tying the string may be preferable. So yeah what do you forumers think? Do you have any other ideas for fun potential accessories/props?

Other idea would be some kind of reliable foot catapult solution for starting (again for audience participation) though idk how it would work to make that even decently reliable exactly...

And finally cannot resist just randomly adding below as I will likely not get a chance ever again (very slight language warning):

[noembed] [/noembed]

If you have some fun ideas for random objects to be used for busking/performance please share. :)


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