Author Topic: DIABOLO JUGGLING CARDS [DOWNLOAD THEM!!!!] only Asinch Transitions for 2,3,4,5  (Read 4451 times)

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Hi again Geeks!!!
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You can see some examples about what I found here ->

Download the simulator here ->
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This last month I was working on something that I think is very interesting. Transitions in between states for diabolist.

I have done some virtual cards, to carry on your smartphones, to help you to practice 2, 3, 4, and 5 diabolos everywhere.
With these cards you can understand how to go from High to Low, I say High to Low because there are more than one high or one low, you will see it.

I was practicing all the transitions with 3 diabolos, and it works for me, but please try them, and if you find some mistake I will be glad to correct it, together we evolve.

People who have solid 4 and 5 diabolos, it will be and honour for me that you try the transitions that I made for you, and if it works, let us know.

I hope you find the cards usefull, for me it's a treasure.

Keep Juggling


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interesting approach and reasearch!
thanks for sharing  :-D.


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I'm printing then right now so can use them at the EJC. Thanks a lot for the hard work!
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Thanks SebiHausi and Wis, I hope you use them!

Yesterday I was training rythms to achive 4 diabolos "high", and I found some patterns , that can help us to traing more diabolos that we do, here you have some examples.

Educatives with 2 Diabolos

75B0000 useful for 3D

9003B00 useful for 3D

b00001B useful for 4D

b005B0000 useful for 4D

Educatives with 3 Diabolos

d5B0000 useful for 4D

f003B00 useful for 4D & 5D

f005B0000  useful for 4D & 5D

h00001B  useful for 5D

Educatives with 4 diabolos

j5B0000 useful for 5D

I will post some high tricks soon!

Keep Juggling!!!

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Very interesting, good job with the research and card making!

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Thanks TheSpinForce.
I really appreciate your reply.

I hope you enjoy it!

Now I'm starting a new project cataloging tricks, I will post a thread about it soon, but if you want you can check it.

I will try to open the project with another jugglers.

Keep Juggling
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