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LED-sticks, LED-programming
« on: January 17, 2017, 10:22:03 AM »
Hey there :)

in 2016 I had my first request to do an LED-Diaboloshow. First I wanted to do it the normal way just with some LED-units in the Diabolos. Since you might know that I'm quite addicted to integrals, I thought it would be way cooler to have some LED-sticks, too. Due to the fact that there are just a few models which you can buy at the moment and that almost all of them are quite heavy, I thought of a way of building them by myself.
I had the idea during the EJC where I first saw and played the LED carbonsticks of sundia to just plug an LED-Unit at the end of my carbon sticks and suprsingly they work really well.

So what I basicly did I used these LED-Ball units from passepasse:
removed the lid, shortend my Mister Babach carbon sticks and attached the led unit with a heat shrink tube. For a protection I just used some bubble wrap and wrapped it around the LED-unit.
For me the sticks work perfectly. They have a weight of only 34 g each. Despite I thought they are quite fragile, the LED-unit never broke althought I used them for several shows yet and they hit the ceiling or the ground or something else ;) And of course they have a really bright light with different colour options that you even can switch with a remote control by IR-light.

What brings me to my next point. The LED-units of passepasse for the diabolo and the balls which I used for my sticks are controlled by the same IR-remote system. So what I build next was a programmable remote for my LED-gear which can send the signals for the diabolos and the sticks by time. I'm sorry that I won't explain it in detail, as a hint if you want to rebuild it I did it with an Arduino microcontroller ;)

If you want to have a look how it works in the show you can see here the trailer of my LED-show:

I think it is easy to rebuild the sticks, for the programming I want to say sorry that I won't share it with you in detail since it was quite a big project for me ;) If you're really interested you can contact me and I can maybe rebuild one for you!

I also wanted to insert images in the topic but I'm too stupid to do so... :D maybe someone can tell me how to do :)

If you have questions feel free to ask :)
keep on playing!!


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