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FDC2017 High - Low - Goal - Crush - Bane
« on: August 22, 2017, 08:41:01 AM »
After FDC2017, I figured I might as well do the old "High - Low - Goal - Crush - Bane" thingy.

      - A great venue for the festival.
      - That our headliner guest stayed in Eräjärvi from very late Wednesday till Monday. thank you so much Etienne and ,Théo
      - The whole freakin gala show, and especially Viljami for his new yoyo work, Huge love for him. Just Awesome!  Theo and Etienne were really amazing as well. Just superb gala in every sense.
 - Sauna and the lake... nuff said.
- and all the concerts!!! Jukka Nousiainen, Juha Rautio, The Everybody Knows and Second Hand Apes= massive party <3
- Thursdays hike in the forest with all the mushrooms and berries... So good.
- Harri's seitan workshop <3

      - Completely missed hanging out at the gym and doing diabolo, and getting/ learning new tricks. I had no time for this.

      - stay alive for the festival. I think I barely managed in this, but just barely.  Get the new wave on running the festival with idea that everybody helps to make things happen and it worked so well. Everything was clean and done before 7pm. on Sunday evening.

Crushes: Seeing this all come together for 12th. time. Yes, this is something really special. I got crush on FDC!

      - Some regular FDC people skipped festival this year and now I am the only person who's been on all the FDC-festivals. (I really would have loved to keep this not happening but now nobody can defeat me and I alone am the Legend! ;)) But that's life, so no worries.

We had great festival and I hope we'll have this again at 2018

Here's program from FDC2016
Thursday 17.8.
Hike in the Woods of Eräpyhä, Nunnakirkko,
Party at the sauna, all evening.

Friday 18.8.
15:00 registration begins.
18:00 Runosirkus -performance
19.20 Trick jam!
20.30 Dinner
20:00 Quiz at the local pub!
22:00 The Everybody Knows concert at Sauna
23:00 Second Hand Apes concert at Sauna
00:00 Music jam that lasted for late.

Saturday 19.8.
10:00 Breakfast
15:00 Sirkus Supiainen performance at Rönni
19:00 Gala Show at Seuratalo
21:00 Diabolo sleeper test at Erälinna
22:00 Juha Rautio concert at Eräpub
23:00 Jukka Nousiainen Concert at Eräpub
01:00 -06:00 dj Pasi Fist at sauna

Sunday 20.8.
10:00 Breakfast
11:00 Diabolothon contest at Urheilukenttä
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Cleaning
14:30 award ceremony for diabolothon and od contest at Erälinna
14:50 Festival ends, and cleaning continues

Etienne Chauzy (FRA) Théo Scarito (FR), Johan Juslin, Viljami Erkkilä, Veli-Pekko Häkli, Onni Toivonen, Markus Nivala and Antti Nerg with host: Olli Vuorinen /


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