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Hi, guys!

1st. I will try to be short and pragmatic.

2nd. I started to catalogue my tricks. I'm thinking on doing it for along time, now is the time.

3th. I divide it on groups and a long etc... that I can explain after.

4th. I started to record some tricks and upload them on Youtube. [I try to upload short clips]

5th. I did a DATABASE in Wordpress with custom taxonomies to get the videos organized. [] I'm still working on the design...
6th. I'm was thinking to do it only for myself and get it local [only on my computer].

7th. But I thought it could be better if more people record and catalogue their own tricks.

8th. I will try to post different kind of tricks the next months, and see how the catalog change.

9th. I think it would be good if more people start to do it, and we discus how to catalog the tricks, to make easy to find them again.

9th. If the project works I was thinking on open a discussion about how to catalogue and other stuffs, but i think is better to do it here. This forum works GREAT. [The future will say].

10th. I decide to do it on my website, because it start as a personal project, but if it grows I will try to be open minded.

11th. For sure I miss to tell a lot of stuff. But we can keep talking down.

12th. I would love that people take a look to the site and tell me what you think about it... ❱ []

13th. Also if you want to participate on them fell free to contact me, and we talk how to do it.

Thanks for your support...

Keep Juggling
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