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Trick archive
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I just learnt to... Bragging rights or just a place to tell someone else
Coolest flukes
What's that called? Trick name thread.
Do I  have a new trick?

Bit of a work in progress folks... PM me with any suggestions!
One Diabolo

Basics /  Beginners
The next step? got a few tricks? where to go next for ideas and help
A question of spin... how fast should a diabolo spin?

1 & 2 diabolo starts over sixty 1 and 2d starts

Gaining speed
How do you speed up your diabolo?
Tricks that add spin
Circular accelerations

Rubber wrist?

Active sun motion: Yufi's video
[Help!] Leg sun

Knots, magic and otherwise
Knots (magic)
magic knots .. am I missing something?
double stopover magic knots
underwhip tutorial (slack whip/japanese)

Arm Moves
Inverse arm orbit figure of 8
Under arm throw query
1D Arm Combo ronnie2tone, long combo of arm moves, monorails, inverse 8's etc.
2d around both arms
Over the left arm orbits. Help!
Takashi Monorail variation
Video of the week: November 6-12, Martijn Martijn. 1d arm combo
My first "advanced" trick (armcombo)
wrist stall
Rubber wrist?

Body Moves
1d Body Moves
Jim asking for your help (Garrote)
diaboloumberto tutorial thread]

Leg Moves
1d leg orbit tricks
fig  8 through legs  (Erics diabology trick

Behind the back / neck
Behind the back
Around the neck combos

Strangest grind surfaces/objects
link to grind video

Finger Grinds
Finger Grinds

Basic Whipcatch
underwhip tutorial (slack whip/japanese)
[video]Some tricks by Luke Behind the back floor bounce whip catch. Several unusual tricks.

Regular Umbrella

Eric's Trick (Integral Suicide to infinite suicides)
Double Duicide
[trick] Infinite Suicides
Unwrapped (chinese) infinite suicides
Video of the week: November 28, Tom Tom Derrick, Tomicide
Mega Cracker problems
Antisuicide fan entry video
Priam Vs Donald Grant (page 5)z
Suicide catch, suicide catch and so on (Slowcide help) slowicides and infinite slowicides
Video of the week: February 28-March 6, Norbi Norbi, 2d, Armstall Suicides (Barnesy style)
Dont know if this trick exists or not...(suicide variation) backside suicide with a handswap (Darkcide)
Slowcide -> Mini genocide (with video)
Loopicide or mini duicide
link to suicide video
whip duicides and kicked mini-g, Norbi
infinite  Chinese  suicides
  duicide  behind back  catch
Infinite Manipulation tricks involving infinite suicides by Kapis
Thumbcide & Anti-thumbcide
Leg  Integral
double duicide
Cross-Planal Suicides Discussion concerning suicides that leave the normal xy plane.

1d Genocides
[trick] Genocides - Mini Genocides
Nice little genocide variation (floor bounce)
Slowcide -> Mini genocide (with video)
japanese whips and minigenocide... Elmeris combo
Trick to share (stick grind genocide/suicide?)
whip duicides and kicked mini-g, Norbi
Autogenocide by Jojo
bounce minig
continuous mini -g

Yo Yo related
Yo-yo tricks for the diabolo
Slack string tricks
Web by trash
Japanese Whips by Diabolumberto,
japanese whips and minigenocide... Elmeris combo
Video of the week: May 2-8, Nick Nick, Eifel tower variations and crosshand coffegrinder
World Yo-Yo Contest videos you must watch!>>> amazing diabolo with huge crossover potential

Style and linking tricks
Active sun motion: Yufi's video
[WJF] Eric and Antonin's 1 diabolo workshop

Two Diabolos
Starting 2d
Starting and correcting 2 diabolos
1 & 2 diabolo starts over sixty 1 and 2d starts
learning 2 diabolos, keeping the shuffle going
2 Diabolos: first tricks and things to consider
2d Chinese Whips

Stopover/trapeze with two
[tricks] stopover/trapeze (was 2 Diabolo Tricks)

2d stall on string with video

[trick] Standard 2 diabolo sun
Left sun/Left C-Fan (difference) tutorial

Back wraps
Backwraps every pass
Late backwrap exit (& dealing with unwanted BW & FW's ) Barnesys method of dealing with unwanted backwraps and also the frontwraps
Speed wrap tutorial A tutorial by Tijn about accelerating 2 diabs (look out for  second video later in thread)

Hyperloops / Sprinklers
The 4 sprinkler entries: a short tutorial including general tips
old Takahiro freestyle, with hyperloop! example of a shuffle over here as well.
Quadruple Sprinkler
Sprinkler Exits
Stick Grind Sprinkler Variations Alex Z video
Sprinkler/Hyperloop variations
Triple sprinkler

2 Diabolo "Feeding" Tricks
Video of the week: December 19-25, Priam Priam, feed the sun 2-3

[video] New fan tutorial on
[trick] Fan done by Priam
Fan 180 or more> How to? (plus what is a fan/s fan/ c fan/ ac fan)
[Video] 360 Fan tutorial: Tahia
360 Fan tutorial
Stick suicide fan entry video
Ideas on fans...
Swinging fan
Left sun/Left C-Fan (difference) tutorial

[shameless video plug] S-Fan Exit
S-Fan corrections, stability, tips?
S-Fan Exits: A Video Tutorial (with 2 new exits) Sean gathers together several exits to S-Fans

Vortex and other transfers
[video] New fan tutorial on including vortex entry to fan slo mo of a vortex
[video] Late backwrap exit dealing with unwanted backwraps including by using transfers
Vortex tutorial : Base trick and advanced
Double antisuicide to sprinkler to swinging sfanMad combo by JGherkin. also one by Norbi with transfers instead of sfans
Knot stealing/transfers
Transfer Combo of Martijn

2d reverse shuffle

Applying Siteswap
Two person passing

2d Genocide/Mini G
Norbis 2 diabolo mini-genocide
[Tutorial] Arjan's 2 diabolo mini genocide, by norbi in depth tutorial, with 1d mini G tutorial thrown in for free
Genocide from arm orbit backhand/scoop catch
New 2d minigenocide by klima
New mini-genocide(2d)

2d Antisuicide
Double antisuicide to sprinkler to swinging sfanMad combo by JGherkin. also one by Norbi with transfers instead of sfans

Mini columns
[trick] what's the trick to mini columns?
[video] montage of mainly mini-columns (and other stuff) from Norbi

2d High/In one hand
Two High
Two in one hand

3d and up / Siteswap

3d Starts
3 diabolo throw start anyone?
3d trapeze start tutorial Tetsuya provides an excellent stopover start tutorial
3  high  rocket start

3d Shuffle
3 diabolo asynch shuffle: help!
Any help with 3 sync?

3d Tricks
3 high to 3 low
3 Diabolos Asynch Tricks Tutorial by Fred
Video of the week: January 10-16, Ryo Yabe Ryo Yabe 3d Double sun to armstall
Ryo Yabe at WJF video that you will want to watch.
Learning 3 high
video: 3 diabolo tricks low wes: inside sun, throw start, 441 & 4242
"42" Help!!! (with video)
Steve Arnold, 3low several  long runs
3d suicide
3d sprinkler in async?
3 Diabolo tricks by Davvid, siteswaps, grinds, suns, arm orbits, cascade
3d in one handT.S.T!! my new vidéo Tahia 3d tricks
3d trocks by Smoky
Video of the week: December 19-25, Priam Priam, feed the sun 2-3
3d Suns
3d instants running before you can walk? discuss.
3 Diabolos Asynch Tricks Tutorial by Fred (With Video)
[video] Tony Frebourg - 3 & 4 Diabolo Tricks including 3 diabolo sprinkler
Short of video of Xelo (3 & 4 diabolos)

3d Discussion
"3 Diabolos: In the Beginning" by Sean
(Insane) 3 diabolo low tricks: present and future ideas
Quentin Bancel - 3 Diabolo Juggling lovely video of 3 low with tricks and a discussion on 3D Mills Mess.
[WJF] 3 diabolo workshops
3D guestionnaire

4 diabolo siteswap
DSSS now online Diabolo site swap simulator
Applying a 2D sun to 3 high siteswap, how?

Horizontal / Excalibur/ Vertax
Horizontal videos and ideas?
A little excalibur video artistic video of ecalibur on a drum and bass tip
Excalibur: a basic tutorial
Excalibur, passing exca, reversed exca -noitbacarts- and Diabolix video
theory about 2d excalibur
Vertax / Excalibur Advanced Ramblings
7th lord excalibur video
How long does it take to learn exalibur?
Different excalibur enteries
excalibur/vertax genocides
Busk's btb excalibur genocide
vertax/ excalibur minig
Excalibur genocides tutorial
Excalibur genocides tutorial A tutorial by Martijn explaining the basic excalibur genocide and some variations (both a right- and lefthanded version included)

How can I start 2 Firediabolos Firefli?
Tricks to do with fire diabolo
Problems with the burning liquid for fire diabolos
How can I start 2 Firediabolos Firefli?

Loop string video   Loop routine by Barnesy.  1 and 2 diabolo moves using a loop
2 Diabolo loop
klima's loop string video with 1d
2d loop starts

Diabolos and the general people
I'm performing in a show in a weeks time!! :S
Eeeks... I have been volunteered!
Audience participation

Diabolo records
What trick are you most proud of?
Basics I could not be bothered with[/b]
Silly pickup (ways to pick up a diabolo)
2 diabolo Mills Mess
..Just a trick (1d unamed trick) Itsik Orr performs a one stick whip trick
2 diabolo backside string tricks, do you do any?
Is there a record for High Toss?
Diabolo + Ring?
juggling and diabolo at the same time?
combining juggling and diabolo
diacopter (and "deep juggling")
poi related moves
To save everyone hassle, my real name's Euan! :D


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