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I have decided to make a short post sharing my experience with everybody. I hope this will show you how much fun and how achievable it may be. You have no experience? neither did I, this is my first time on stage in a battle. Also, after the video audition I was very demoralized so I did not prepare for this at all. I prepared some routines in the airport in Poland.

This is actually an email I wrote to my work colleagues, and I tried to make it quite self explanatory.

My original plan was to have some meetings with the International Diabolo Association (IDA) in Taipei on Saturday morning, and in the afternoon, why not, try my luck in the best diabolo competition in the world, the Saturday there was a qualification for the final, which was on Sunday.  The qualification phase is called Last Chance battle.

When I landed in Dubai to make a scale towards Taipei, Google send to me a wrong boarding pass, really, and I missed my flight to Taipei, so I arrived late to my IDA meetings, I missed them all. But I arrived on time for the competition, Redbull PAO. Power, Accuracy and Originality are the judging criteria, I am stronger in Originality.

Short story, I won the three battles I had on Saturday, and I classified for the final. I am the first European going to this Last Chance battle, and I classified, so I made history somehow :) I got a 5 stars hotel and quite some presents from Redbull, in the link you can see them + some diabolos I got/bought (

In the Finals I had to face one of the best Asian players, he got 4th in the Asian tournament last year, but I didn’t know the guy beforehand, he is 16 years old. Not knowing he is so good helped not to stress too much. Anyway I had little hope of winning so I decided to put on a good show, and, oh boy I managed.

You can drop only twice, then your round is up. In the Finals there were three rounds per battle, in the Last Chance, there was one round per battle.
In the finals there is a draw, the stick tells, bearing right, bearing left, fixed right, fixed left. This says who starts, left or right, and which prop should be used first. For example: If bearing right is drawn then the battle looks like this
1st round, with bearings: right player first, left player second
2nd round, with fixed: right player first, left player second
3rd round, as you wish: right player first, left player second

[I just want to watch the video, click here] The first round in the Final (Sunday) where I lost (small audio delay in the video)
In my chest I have written in Chinese 'Bearing is for cowards'. I never use bearings and I dislike that they forced me to do so

[That was fun, I want to see the classifications] And here the first three rounds of Last Chance Battle (Saturday). Note I dropped at the beginning almost always in the ‘you cannot drop’ mode.
So I started and had the first battle
First (thanks Alexis for filming and the super funny comments)

Second (this time I remembered and went on stage with Pinkie, a teddy Flamingo I like to have with me, just because I like flamingos. 'Is your lucky bird', said all the Taiwaneses, maybe they are right)

Third (the girl is actually the girlfriend of the guy who won the finals, Tim)
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Re: How it feels to compete in Redbull PAO in Taiwan? - Wis Experience
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Thanks for sharing! You had the right attitude and that made you go so far :-)

What I don"t like about the competition is that you are kind of forced to use bearings...


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Re: How it feels to compete in Redbull PAO in Taiwan? - Wis Experience
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I love how Alexis is losing his sh*t when you're winning! :D
Next year we need more Europeans competing for sure.

Also sign me up for #NoBearings


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Re: How it feels to compete in Redbull PAO in Taiwan? - Wis Experience
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it looks like an amazing experience. #NoBearings too.


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