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Projekt NMN:s [heresy] at Russian Juggling Convention
« on: April 20, 2018, 04:15:37 PM »
Project NMN asks everybody to join us to go RJC2018. From Helsinki you can take a ferry to St.Petersburgh and stay there for 3 nights without visa. I bet You all want to do this. Visit St.Petersburgh and see [heresy] on one weekend trip. We just made it possible! Join us and hey ho let's go!

📌Juggling theater at the convention

🎉This year, with the support of Finnish consulate, we’re bringing to Saint-Petersburg a Finnish troupe. Last fall, they amazed us so much that this year we invited them with a full-size theatrical play.

🎭NMN Project (Fin) is a Finnish circus company established in 1986. It specializes in performing arts. NMN Project artists believe in trespassing borders , constant deepening of knowledge and love.

“Heresy” is their new show directed by Samuli Männistö, who is a juggler and a master of visual arts. He is among the most active promoters of circus arts in Finland. Samuli vigorously promotes contemporary Finnish circus and participates in building important entities such as the Information center for Finnish Circus.

The name of the show means researching any belief or theory that diverges from the mainstream. It is a study of humility, essense and sanctity, inspired by the art. The show is about religion and belief that relate to the Nature and the Universe. It mixes physical theatre and juggling, live music and laugh.

The show will be performed as a part of Gala show, on the last day of the convention.


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