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Poi Related Diabolo Tricks
« on: January 29, 2006, 11:45:23 PM »
Heya guys... i'm sure there are some more poiple turned diaboloists out there.... I did poi for 3 years prior to bumping into diabolo, and i see some parallels.  Let's try brainstorming and see what can be thought of?

Off the top of my head, and some brainstorming with OLOBAID, we have....

Any Crossover wraps...  - You swing the diabolo, with both sticks in one hand so that it wraps onto a limb.  When it's 3/4 or 3/5ths of the way around, you move the limb 180% of the position it was in, so it's facing the other way, and the diabolo un-wraps....  

This can be done with legs, arms, and neck. In both clockwise and counterclockwise motions.
(will make a video when possible)

I believe weaves are possible, but would be sloppy...  I think due to the nature of the diabolo, you can't just give the handles slack and weave, with the diabolo hanging in the center ( kinda like meteor with a diabolo in the middle)  cause it moves back and forth too much... so i've been experimenting with using 1 handle and the diabolo....  it's like, if you cut the whole diabolo string into thirds....

 you have this normally....

   handle = o                                                                              

  o      o
   \    /
    \  /
   (><)  = diabolo

you hold it like

   o ______o    So you have a section of string, with the diabolo wrapped
    ||                and you grab the string with your hand... So you have a
  (><)             diabolo + handle you can swing independantly

(unsure... the post won't let me leave spacing in, for the diagram..)
(Again, videos will be attempted to be made)

Also, with 2 people, you have the possibility of doing air-wraps...

(unsure of how to explain...)  Will possibly get a video going.

Perhaps with Fans, you could isolate them.... (Unsure, as I haven't gotten to fans yet)

My Explanations leave a lot to be desired I know, so if someone else knows what i'm talking about, and can explain better... Please do...

What else can other people think of?  :)


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Poi Related Diabolo Tricks
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2006, 12:33:29 AM »
If you check out Trash and Lutins section in diabology Lutin (Remi) does his trademark 2d cross and follow move 'swinging', an explanation can be found here . And where as its not technically a poi only move it is one of the standards

At the Manchester convention Paul from the Kent circus school did some lovely staff insiperd moves by holding both sticks in one hand and doing a series of suns, turns and hand swaps. (he also did a funky kneck catch to restart)

Matt, one of the brighton poi/diaboloists at Bristol was doing airwraps by doing a swinging fan (s fan I believe) but stalling the swing centrally and pulling his hands apart. people were insisting on calling them hyperloops but thats asking for a slap IMHO. ;)
Matt has a side on (front on?) stance simmilar to Jgherkin and something I link to people  who have a poi background and are/or into fans

Suns through the legs especially ones with a turn, have a taste of poi about them. There was a bit of chatter about this recently, I'll see if i can find it. (found it, legsling)

Using my (also independently discovered by a French bloke) s-fan floor rocket start (see jgherkins foot thru sfan votw) you can get a poist who is comfortable with isolation moves (especially buzzsaws) to have a decent go at a 2d trick even if they cant do 1d. on a related note Spiegel/wolfie the ledgendary swinger from Pontefract learnt poi isolations from rotating the sticks around 1d to remove twists rather than the regular sun method.

On the meteor front I have pulled a kind of mini g/ genocide meteor move a few times but its brutally fast and not something i like playing about with babache sticks.

Anyone else got any thoughts?


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Poi Related Diabolo Tricks
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2006, 01:35:23 AM »
I've got some nice tricks and variations on poi moves, i'll describe the base move. 1diabolo get into holding string beneath each hand stick witht he diabolo in the middle, toss the diabolo up and do one round of the weave(cross and follow) and catch the diabolo back in the same position. Follow me?


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Poi Related Diabolo Tricks
« Reply #3 on: January 31, 2006, 02:32:37 AM »
Crossover wraps are really nice to flash  :shock:  the audience! My faforite combo is whipcatch to crossover neckwrap to sun behind back to duicide between legs. 8)
I think combos with more cr-wraps are possible but they slow down the diab a lot!

Works! Can you toss the diab every half round too? think would look crazy!!

Is this one you (try to)describe in your diagram? :D i've thought of trying a diagram too but as i see yours...

The left stick stays in the left hand, the right hand holds the string at 2/3 (closer to the right stick), the diab is between the left stick and the right hand on the string. Now start swinging the right stick clockwise(ccw is possible too but then the following moves are also ccw) and parallel to the spin of the diab.
Many diaboloists come to this point with a suicide(right stick) and catching the string instead of the stick.

Now the move begins:
Continuing spinnig the r. stick, start swinging the diab clockwise (180 to the right stick) after a half round(when diab is at 12 and r.stick is at 6 o'clock)cross the left hand over the right and turn the body 180(cw from above) then cross the hands right over left and turn 180 again(cw) to finish 360, uncross the hands and you are where the move begins. The bodyturning and handcrossing is a continous motion, so dont orientate to much on the degreesteps in my explanation, you will see where to turn when you try, just prevent the diab of wrapping around your hands :?  :)
Of course everything can be done in the other direction or several times in the same direction or whatever, depending on the diabolo speed. :)
So, the diab is the left poi, the right stick is the right poi! the whole thing can be treated like poi, only limited through the additional connection between left poi and right hand.
There are many nice exits too but they need no explanation, there are a bunch of vids!
You should be able to do a weave with poi while turning your body 360 before trying this one. :D  

I never seen this trick performed by any diaboloists, or on any videos!
Im very proud of this trick because i figured it out for myself, seems Tye did too! R-E-S-P-E-C-T 8)

I've tried to describe as clear as possible so everybody understands, not just the poi-people. But english isn't my native language, so if anything is unclear, tell me and i'll try to describe more exactly!
Question: did anybody try to catch the diab on the string of a poi? my girlfriend sometimes catches mine and tosses it back to me! But is there any other trick(without leaving one poi useless hanging) maybe something like genocides possible on the poi-string?

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Poi Related Diabolo Tricks
« Reply #4 on: April 01, 2006, 09:00:39 PM »
i do not know much about poi but surely repittive figure of 8 suns would do the trick?
i know it is simple but all i know of poi is that u swing some string, sorry for my ignorance

Shawn Fumo

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Poi Related Diabolo Tricks
« Reply #5 on: April 03, 2006, 02:53:10 AM »
Yeah.. lots of fun  possibilities. Between diabolo, poi, and yo-yos, there's tons of crossover. I think a lot of the wraps probably come from rope dart originally...

One thought.. instead of doing a meteor type weave while the diabolo's in the air, could probably do some reps of tangler if you have enough time.

You could probably grab halfway between the sticks and diabolo and have each side go in opposite direction circles. Is a bolo / "eskimo yo-yo" move which I'm sure meteor people also do and can be done with poi with two in one hand. Some freehand yo-yo players doing that lately too..

Kind of related but coming from devil sticks, you should be able to stick our your index finger out between the sticks and diabolo and have the whole thing rotate around the finger (like how you keep a devil stick spinning). Commonly done with freehand yo-yoing, so I know it can work fine with a non-solid object. I guess the trick is not burning your finger with the nylon though, so might need a glove. I tried it once and the sticks hit me really hard so put it aside.. ;)

Should be able to do tangler using the sticks and diabolo, though it'd probably be easier with a smaller diabolo.. Was that what someone else was talking about with the "hyperloops"? Terminology gets confusing with so many different props..haha.. Kind of rusty with poi terms..

Oooh.. what about this? Could you do a high genocide or mini-geno and do a neckwrap or something and then land the cide? That could look really cool if done in one motion. Or is that what you meant by the meteor move seán_?



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Re: Poi Related Diabolo Tricks
« Reply #6 on: February 20, 2007, 11:44:13 AM »
Sorry for bumping this. I do a start by swinging the handsticks in opposite circles in one hand (I don´t know poi or the name of that trick) release them upwards, throw my Diabolo from my left hand, catch the sticks and finally the Diabolo.

It´s a really cool way to start when it works well, but it´s not easy for me. Maybe someone with better Poiskills could try it out? When it works like it´s supposed to, the sticks go one lap around eachother in the air and are then caught. Possible with two laps as well but it´s way harder to controll as the sticks are repeatedly "tugged" towards eachother and tangle more easily. With one lap there´s just one "tug".

Also, there´s many variations to it as you could catch just one handstick and go into Tres´paces excaliburstart or a genocide or whatever. I´m sure it would look cool in a partneract as well. Someone who could try it out?


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