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The EJC Diabolo Battle 2018 took place and it was amazing! We have got amazing feedback from everybody that attended.
We had a great venue a bit limited in capacity, but the battle atmosphere was bananas.
We had the first 5 low run that is maintained on stage, thanks Pen Zen for that.

Host (and multiple help)
Priam Pierret

Patty Liao - One of the most famous players from Taiwan, belongs to MHD, performs worldwide, and has many years of diabolo knowledge
Quentin Godet - Amazing yoyo player with great style and judging experience
Ryo Yabe - Legend of the diabolo wolrd and most experienced EJC Diabolo Battle judge
Robin Spinelli - Physical limits destroyer with multiple diabolos, with a great knowledge and dedication towards this competition. All my love to Robin. Champion in 2016
Naoya Aoki - Champion in 2015. Amazing style, and great knowledge of the whole juggling community. Read his Japanese magazine about juggling, Ponte.

The final between Pen Zen and Henri was amazing, extremely high technique against supreme creativity. Both with super clean styles.
Congratulations to both of you! And to all the players that made it to the finals!

Final between Henri and Pen

The video man
Donald The Trekky

Tim Schulze (Finals) and Alexis Levinon (Qualifications, with help from others)

Stage and Dj assistant
Szymon Murawski (thanks for the last minute help!)

EJC Organization team (specially Fred and Pedro)

EJC Diabolo Battle 2018 Visual Design
Chia Hao Yu from Diabolo Walker

Design for the brackets for the finals (based on Chia's design)
Robin Spinelli


Video Blog summary by Luke Burrage

Here Luke saying the the Diabolo Battle was his High of the EJC!!
"The string...the inertia...the hours"


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Re: EJC Diabolo Battle 2018, Ribeira Grande, São Miguel, Azores, Portugal
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big pleasure to participate on it!
Videos coming soon as well! :D

amazing work Wis! this really contributes to push the level of diabolo higher!


just released a compilation of the finals. hope you enjoy it


just released a compilation of the qualifications:


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