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Hello all, just a few reminders of posting etiquette at the forum. Please remember that we are trying to build a useful diabolo resource... this isn't your typical message board.

And without further ado,

Before you post
Before starting a new topic, please do some research first. Use the Search function before posting a new topic.

If you find a thread related to your question or comment, please post in that thread. We try and keep similar topics under the same thread to make the forum a more searchable and usable reference in the future.

Finally, if your topic is indeed new, please create a new thread.

Posting Etiquette
Do your best to choose an appropriate category for your post.

While you're at it, please select a descriptive subject line for your topic. For example: "Infinite Suicides" = useful. "Help me with this" = not useful.

Please do not drag up an ancient thread just to say "nice video" or "me too!".

Please refrain from overdosing on :):) s.

Black text works surprisingly well. Please use coloured text sparingly and appropriately.

Pls rite prperly snce not evr1 speeks n-glsh as there n8tive lnguage.

Please refrain from using any terminology that might not be safe for work.

Keep it kind. Keep it polite. Mind your P's and Q's. We're a friendly bunch.

Be especially polite to new (and impressionable) members. If a post is made about which there is already another topic, please politely suggest that other topic (or list of topics) and briefly answer the question. If a member posts in the "I'm New" section, a response that simple states "Use the search" or "look around" is not appropriate. Please be welcoming and do your best to summarize the best answer to that question - you may in addition offer some links to useful threads on the forum.

Sigs & Avatars
Out of respect for people with slow connections, to keep page size to a minimum, and to keep the forum pretty looking and tasteful:

Please refrain from using flashy animated GIFs in your avatar.

If you host your own avatar, please keep the image to under 100x100 pixels and under 20kb.
Please keep images in your signature to a minimum size. No larger than a small "Get Firefox" button comme ├ža:

And finally: posting and you

Thank you kindly,
-Your friendly forum moderators


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