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Think High my new video by Alexis Levillon


Hello Diabolo players

this is my new video. Because of the situation and some problemes before that, I had to be very patient before I can make it.
but finally it's there. I used the new edition of the Soarin diabolo, I love the new color red cherry.
enjoy it

Alexis Levillon


Such a chromatic beauty, that brownish-reddish tone from the altar must be the best color ever.
Best diabolo ever religion-wise.
2:28 leg stick catapult
2:54 oh boy, hard to describe it, but half turn ground sliding between the legs genocide bum!
3:20 no sticks diabolo one hand duicide! <3
4:42 credits pose is a trick itself. Note the timing of first highlight and this. Can't be a coincidence.

Bubbles, bubbles, bullets, bubbles!


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