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Diabolo Websites
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Discussion Forums  (Sean, Canada)  (Sean, Canada) - Videos of the Week  (Yahoo Diabolo group) - the precursor to this forum, rarely used now  (Rec.Juggling, International) - some decent diabolo information in the archives, diabolo rarely discussed there anymore  (, France) - best French diabolo forum, our sister site  (, France) - Trick of the Week website Martin S, Germany (Spanish language) Diabolo - Facebook Group

Planet Diabolo

Wiki Diabolo videos

扯鈴-扯铃-空竹 影片交流網 - Diabolo Video Exchange Network Group on Facebook for diabolo videos, mostly from Asia

Australia - Excellent diabolo tutorials  (Yoho) - loads of little trick clips (manufacturers of Yoho diabolos)

Belgium  Dai & Bertrand

Brazil Tutorials by Lucas Abduch

Canada  (Paul Isaak) - animated GIFs of diabolo basics  (obvious) (Sean's older videos)

Chile Diabolo Chile - Facebook group Diabolo - ORGANIC JUGGLING - Facebook group VIDEOS DIABOLO ! - Facebook group

Czech Republic  (Yufi)  (Roman)

Denmark  (Morten, Denmark) - Future site

Finland  (Aaro, Marko, Finland)

France Online diabolo museum by Reno  (, France) - best French diabolo forum, our sister site  (Diabology DVD, Mad French Posse)  (Priam, MFP) - Personal promo site, video montages of original performance pieces by Priam  (Eric & Antonin, MFP)  (Trash, MFP) - new site  (Tony, MFP) -Professional diaboloist  (Diabolumberto)  (Thierry)  (Ludovitch) (Nico)

Germany  (Pranay) Kevin Knoche - ejc2014 diabolo battle champion (Sascha-Jacob / Facebook page) (Sascha-Jacob / Website)  (Lena)  (Tr'espace, Germany/Switzerland)  (Axel-S)  (Martin S, Germany)

Israel  (Shiltons - Ofek and Segev)

Italy  (Busk)  - alternative site, has diabolo vids including Lena performances; might be a free host for videos; Italian   - must be registered, some diabolo videos including some of Tetsuya

Japan  (Takashi)  (Team D.I.A.)  (Ryo Yabe)  (YU-SA)

Mexico Diabolo Mexico - Facebook group

Poland Diabolo Team Poland - Facebook group Polish Juggling Forum - Diabolo section

The Netherlands  (Huub)  (Michiel van der Ros) - Learn juggling one or two diabolos online through interactive video

Spain  - CircoForum's Diabolo section  - CircoForum's Facebook group

Switzerland  (Jonas Zeller)  Jan Diabolo Hair Gel - Facebook page  Jan Diabolo Hair Gel - website

UK  (Dave Barnes) - one of the best resources for learning 2 diabolos and basic 2 diabolo tricks - Practice club in Halesworth, Suffolk

US  (Jim) - great database of animated GIFs and instructions for many 1 and 2 diabolo tricks

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Archive of off-line websites - Updated 10/05/2014


UK  (John)  (Norbi)  (Diabolo Arts Community) - group of diaboloists with a DVD  (The Idle Hands)  (Leo Gould) - the world's first, and only site dedicated to diabolos with ball bearings (still under construction)

US  (Matt Hall)  (Dracodragon)


France  (Priam, MFP) - Priam's original site. One of the originals, still one of the best. March 2003.  (JiBe, MFP)  (Trash, MFP) - old site  (Vux, MFP) - old site  (Vux, MFP) - new site  (Diabolox) (Greg) (Antoine Terrieux and Tom Lacoste)

The Netherlands  (Circusplanet, Netherlands & Belgium) - Dutch website about diabolo (by Martijn), juggling (Daan), devilstick (RoB), balancing (Janklaas), unicycling (Janklaas) and ballspinning (Tim)

Belgium  (Niels)  (Martin)

Germany  (Alexander Xelo)

Israel (Ofek Shilton)

Spain  (Catalandiabolo group)

Australia  - Diabolo Maestros performing group: Michael, Evan (stroevey), Damien and Joshua

Finlandk  (Elmeri, Finland)

Sweden  (Pontus, Sweden) - 24 videos of Lena, Swedish/English content

Japan  (Wes)

Czech Republic  (Rezi)  (Davvid)

Estonia (Diabolo Mania)


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