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« on: May 02, 2006, 08:14:14 AM »
Hi everyone, I just started having fun with a diabolo within the past two weeks.  The Circus I am using is treating me very well, and aside from some warped sticks I have not had any 'major' problems learning just a few tricks.

Anyway, I was wondering if sometime in the future I wanted to go and get another Circus diabolo.  I currently have a yellow one, and I think I would like to possibly pair it with an orange or purple one.  But lo and behold, seems to not even offer any colors outside of blue, yellow, red, green, and white.  Has anyone seen any other colors sold by jugglingstore?

I'm not a fan of the turquoise/teal that Higgins Brothers sells either.

Firetoys has probably the biggest selection of colors I've been able to find - except for the black one.  Shipping doesn't seem THAT deadly, as I live in the states (California).  Waiting less than two weeks is a good deciding factor.

Maybe it's just me, but I really have not been able to find any land based juggling shops/magic shops that sell diabolo related stuff yet.  

Well, now I can stop rambling, thanks for your help!


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Shipping or nearby
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Go with firetoys, Its worth the wait and its better to get what you want and wait for it then getting what you dont want and getting it the next day
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possibly look here
i dont really know any shops in the Us mainly because i dont live there!
but if theres a shop that sells diabolo stuff it will be on the JDB.


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one thing about firetoys, for us---there is no VAT. yay! that huge tax is gone! but, shipping is pretty much the same price  :lol:

so if you REALLY want a particular color, go to Firetoys. you'll pay more but hey, you'll get a nice color.

also, if you're in the SF bay area, go to the Klutz Store in Palo Alto. depending on your luck, they can have a lot of colors in stock (pretty much all the colors actually). you can probably give them a call and ask too.


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According to the Higgins Brothers website, they list purple as being available and in stock.  Not sure about how their prices compare, but it sounds like they have the colour you are looking for.


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My friend got a purple circus from Oddballs in Camden a little while ago, but they seem to have random stocks
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Thanks for the input everyone!  In the event that I do go ahead and get another diabolo, I'll probably end up at Firetoys.  Unless jugglingstore expands their selection :o

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