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Forum guide
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(I'm going to try keeping this here instead of on the blog site)
If the forum seems like a scary place to dive into, perhaps these links may be of help...

2 important stickies that are your link to almost anything on the forum
Trick Archive

Below are a selection of some of the definitive threads on some frequently discussed topics
The two largest threads on learning 2 diabolos:
Starting and correcting 2 diabolos
Learning 2 diabolos: keeping the shuffle going

The largest thread on 3 diabolos:
3 diabolo shuffle: wrap start and shuffling

Largest and most read thread on the forum (160 pages, 100,000 views and counting) - a place where diaboloists can share with each other when they've learned something new:
I just learned to...

Looking for inspiration after learning a few tricks?
The next step? Where to go for ideas and help

One of the main threads about the basics of the sprinkler:
The 4 sprinkler entries: a short tutorial

A tutorial and useful thread about learning the 2d vortex:
Vortex tutorial: Base trick and advanced variations

The main thread about learning the basic fan:
Fan tutorial on

2 large s-fan threads:
S-Fan corrections, stability, tips?
S-Fan Exits: A Video Tutorial (with 2 new exits)

The main thread about learning the basics of excalibur/vertax:
Excalibur: a basic tutorial

An excellent thread on 1 diabolo sequences. Don't miss Eric's response partway down the first page. This is the definitive post on 1d sequence theory:
[WJF] Eric and Antonin's 1 diabolo workshop

And a few threads about gear
One of many threads on making your own sticks:
Making your own sticks

Although a bit dated - a poll and discussion of people's favourite diabolos: (Note that this poll was mainly conducted before some of the newer diabolo brands emerged)
Favourite diabolos

A continually updated equipment guide
Guppygould's Equipment Guide


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