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Learning 2 diabolo! keeping the shuffle going

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I've been practicing all day by throwing in to myself, as far as I can tell i'm getting better because I can now keep the shuffle going for 6 or so catches, wheras before I was ounly doing 4 or so shuffles.

Wheras this is an improvement, considering I was working on it solidly for an entire day I dont think ive come much closer to actualy understanding how to do the shuffle :(

I found the best method to be "following" the path of the diabolo on my right with my right handstick, the trouble is that that ended up with one diabolo landing on top of the other after a short while.

From what I know about driving around the leg, I can stop this by driving to the right more with my right handsick as soon as ive stopped following the diabolo down, but so far doing that has just led to the shuffle falling apart even faster.

I'm really fustrated by the whole thing at the moment, I'm hoping that when I get someone to throw in for me later on tonight, that might help, either that or filming my failed attempts might give me some clues.

Matt Pang:
The Shuffle happens a lot slower than people often think, my advice would be to drive with the right hand, by moving it up and down just pushing the diabolo along the string, under the other diabolo, which i'm sure you're doing already, but still to lift with the left just to the pop the diabolo's over the top, as you get more experienced you'll find that you'll use your left hand less and less and it will be the right hand doing all the work.
 Another thing someone told me was to get your first diabolo spinning really fast before you throw in the second so you don't have to worry about the first one as much and it will start to drive its self around. Hope this helps a bit  :?

Keep at it, it will come!

Matt P

don't give up Kragen, I know how frustrating learning 2 diabolos can be. It took me a good 2 months to make the 2 diabolo shuffle and correction of the cups prefect. Its well worth it when you finally perfect it.

I learned with a method (i think its called the rocket start). One thing which helped me when i was learning 2 diabolos was keeping the left hand completely still, and doing all the work with the right hand and stick. Use a little flick of the wrist when the diabolo passes the right stick. This gives the diabolo quite a bit of power and spin.

Also check out Dave Barnes' site its got some great 2 diabolo starts.

Hope this helps,


Yeah I know I'll get it eventually!

The trouble is ive been practicing all day, and ive gotten to the stage now where it feels like im just trying the same things over and over again :(

My right hand even aches when I try and do chienese whipping now from doing cheinese whipping with my more rigid wooden sticks too much lol!

The problem isnt with the start, my throw-ins arent ideal, but theyre not bad.

I will try using the left stick more as well, and keep at it.

Thanks for the encouragement! :)

Matt Pang:
Some times taking a break from something you've been doing a lot can help as well....i know when i was learning to juggle 5 balls (bit different i know, lol.) if i took a break for half a day or a day and went back to it, it always seemed to be better than it was before, dunno why. Just don't let yourself get frustrated...


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