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Turbo 418 Fest
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Copied from rec.juggling

Check out the video and all the festival information at

or just watch the video directly at:

It's time for the second annual Quebec City Juggling Festival: Turbo 418.
This is a really amazing festival. I haven't been to anything like it in
North America (although I've heard some European festivals are like this).
It takes place at L'Ecole de Cirque de Quebec, the festival is held inside
the circus school itself. The school is in a converted old stone church.
The location is beautiful, there are two floors of juggling and you
couldn't hit the ceiling in the main hall with a club if you tried (and we
have, trust us).

The show promises to incredible this year. We'll have Vova, Joelle, and
The Sharp Brothers. In addition we have some amazing local talent
(everyone on the video is local to Quebec City). We'll have circus acts
from our school (I'll be doing my handbalancing/juggling act) and from
L'Ecole National in Montreal.

The Gym is 24 hours, no kidding. You don't need to find a place to stay
because you can just stay at the school (we have a tumbling floor you can
sleep on and showers in the locker rooms). We have a canteen set up where
you can get food, beverages and even alcoholic beverages if you're over 18
(yes, legal drinking age is 18 in Quebec).

There will also be the usual games, workshops and juggling festival

So, the break down:

What: Turbo Fest 2008

When: 4,5,6 of January

Where: L'Ecole de Cirque de Quebec, Quebec, QC

Who: Vova, Joelle, The Sharp Brothers, The Quebec Crew and many other cool
people (Joe Showers, Laura Ernst, Warren Hammond, and Jeff Peden have all
said they're planning on coming).

What you want to do right now: Go to the Turbo 418 Myspace
( and pre-register). I've been to a lot of
festivals and I'm not lying when I say this is my favorite.

Be there!

Cate and the Turbo 418 Crew.

Who's comin?
Keeping the world safe from boring people,

Tim Ellis

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