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2 Diabolos: first tricks and things to consider

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Ok, ive got the 2 diabolo shuffle, corrections are storming along since last week when i spent a load of time working on corrections at uni... But I cant do anything else!!! :P

Where do I go from here? I wouldnt mind learning how to accelerate, but it always goes badly (im trying to loop one diabolo and speed that one up with the other still on the string, then unwrap it and cary on - but it always ends up jumping all over the place and i loose control).

I've also been playing around with hyperloops, but mianly cus I dont know what else to try! I've also heard grinds arent too hard as far as 2d tricks go...

Suicides are fairly easy. They are pretty mcuh the first trick I learnt or single diabolo trapese and escape


Well done Kragen.

A lot of people work through the selection of tricks on  Barnesys 2diabolo.net. I've heard Dave say something along a the lines of that it takes a length of time to get a shuffle going, a length time to keep it going with corrections, and length of time to start getting tricks.

So you have got an idea of whats coming ahead. :)

On the acceleration front one thing to consider is that you can get good speed up purely through shuffling, either by changing the shape of the shuffle so that the diabolos roll longer on the string or by speeding up the shuffle

--- Quote from: DaveP ---As for the speed thing, as Dave says thats just how it was done back in the day, if you want 'em spinnin' faster, spin 'em faster!
--- End quote ---

Check Dave Ps action in a clip in this thread

A few threads on the forum you might want to look at are
[Trick] Standard 2 diabolo sun
Backwraps every pass Martijn has made a great video of backwrap variations


Dave P:
If you can stand the shouts of "old Schooooool!!"Try some stalls(thats sticking and arm/leg/head under the string to separate the diabolos for a moment before shuffling again)

I got the hang of corrections like 2 weeks ago, and pulled that sun that cross the sticks, over the head pirout sun (I don't know how its called) and the sprinkler... I cannot do any stalls and only pulled a stick hook or stopover once each... I find it hard to throw one high enough to make a stall or go into orbits, when I try, either the other one falls of the string or one tilts a lot and makes it impossible to come back from the stall... any tips?


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