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Re: [REQUEST] Integral tutorial
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I just saw a guy I haven´t met for two years doing one of "my" excaliburtricks in a video.
Two whole years after we met he still likes it enough use and to put in a video. What compliment could be bigger than that? That made me so inspired I went out and filmed all of my tricks from that period (video to be expected soon ;)). I don´t see how anything but good things can come from sharing tricks.

Also as a point, I´ve seen numerous times people who come up with the same stuff on their own. I learnt inf. suicides in excalibur in the backyard a year or two before I even heard of Tempei doing the same thing. Almost impossible to know where the tricks come from anyway so who should you ask for permission?

Sorry, just felt strongly about saying that. It is a sensitive matter for some but really it shouldn´t be.

To get back on the subject, a walkthrough of the infinite integrals would be nice too.

What he said.
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Re: [REQUEST] Integral tutorial
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Okay, I'm giving this one more post to get back to integral tutorials - if this doesn't happen, it's getting locked. I'm happy that you guys have strong opinions and wish to see the development of juggling. However, there are other threads that have been used to discuss this, so I'd be really happy as well if you went to those ones. This one is well off topic now.


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Re: [REQUEST] Integral tutorial
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^Sorry :-X.


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Re: [REQUEST] Integral tutorial
« Reply #23 on: March 26, 2008, 05:30:08 PM »
There are other threads about integral tutorials to be fair.


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