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Re: 2 jazz vs. 2 circus
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hmmm jazz or circus. When i began to learn 2D i had 2 circus with an Allround axel tuning-set on each (reducing the weight of each diabolo by 30g) for a similiar reason as the orginal post, because i found the standard circus too heavy and a bit of a handful when controlling 2. This worked well for suicides and simple loop based tricks, however after a couple of months i found myself disconnecting my tuning sets and replacing the old axels because any tricks which rely upon the diabolos exerting an outward force to prevent them from colliding, such as fans and sprinklers are more easy to perform with the heavier diabolos as they have more momentum. To conclude on the topic of weight even though you may feel more at home with the lighter diabolo im sure you'll find yourself wanting a more weighty one in the future.

On the topic of size, i find when correcting smaller diabolos its sometimes awkward to get an accurrate correction because you have to be more precise with your tapping, however i dont actually own any jazz size diabolos and have not used one in a while.

Finally on the topic of other diabolo makes, i own 2 Ryo Yabe - Sundia Fly, due to their solid cups less spin is lost during accelerations through cup distortion than say with the rubber cupped circus (unnoticable, but it must happen, must it not?). However there are two disadvantages to hard cups, my Sundia cups are quite beaten and as a result very rough to touch. I think this must occur more intensely with a rachet Sundia rather than a fixed axel Sundia. As a result ive been left grazed on the face multiple times when attempting arm combos. Secondly i find hard cups harder to correct, but this may just be me.

Bit of an essay, but i hope that helps in some way or form.  ;D
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